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Columbia County’s explosive growth deserves a commission chairman with knowledge, experience and the ability to communicate well with fellow citizens; someone like Commissioner Doug Duncan. I hope he decides to run for the job.

Looting: When free food, housing, cellphones, cable, and health care are not enough. Note: Some versions of this comment add education, but with an education, most people just buy what they need, not steal it.

Don’t tell me justice is blind and equal under the law, when facts show Hillary Clinton repeatedly violated federal laws and numerous subpoenas. And she still walking around free with $200 plus million she skimmed in her pay-to-play scheme while Sec of State.

What Richmond County commissioners have to remember is who elected them to office and who will re-elect them when they decide where to put the new center.

In this day and age of wrongful hatred against people due to the color of their skin, it is only right and fair that any such words or symbols (Confederate and other monuments and statues) be removed from public view or any opportunity for public worship of these things.



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:23

Rants and raves