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After all the names of everything named for a Confederate soldier or a slave are changed, what’s next? Imprisoning all their descendants.

Matthew 22:20-22 makes it clear Jesus expects Christians to live not only under God’s laws but also under those of the government. Moving into and residing in a country contrary to their laws is violating the path Jesus set down for Christians.

Final Tour book tour kicks off for Hillary Clinton to squeeze every last penny out of supporters of the Democratic Party, to give to her. Will it be used to do good, or to purchase more pant suits for her?

North Korea and the threat of nuclear attack are the biggest threat we face. That story should be our lead story in newspapers, and the evening news, yet we are fed stories with no depth and real journalism needed to create them.

Rant to all the local people who are running out and filling their tanks and not going anywhere.

Thank you to logical and fair-minded officials for the possible Regency Mall site. Many people couldn’t care less about going downtown Augusta for events.