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There are those that desire to eliminate all statues and memorials of the civil war, slavery and all other items that glorify those ideals. The libraries are filled with books and documents that glorify this era. Some are fiction and some are factual and historical. Are we to also purge all of these?



Why is it that every Republican rant about Hillary’s “loss” cites her appearance as a reason not to vote for her? That makes me wonder how many Republican votes the Democrats could win over if we ran one of Trump’s own beauty pageant contestants against him.


I would like to thank a wonderful young man that works for Hefner Pools for paying for all our breakfasts.


For almost 15 years, we have read and demanded the Augusta Commission do something about the white elephant eyesore called Regency Mall. Now something is finally being done, which benefits specifically Richmond County. So now we read about the west Augusta Columbia County gang whining about locate.


Watching the D.C. administration is like watching one of those old casinos in Las Vegas implode and collapse.