Large debris piles to be removed by secondary hauler at no extra charge to Augusta homeowners

Augusta homeowners with debris piles too large for city waste haulers will see them removed by a secondary hauler at no extra charge, a city official said.


Garbage pickup is delayed one day this week for all customers due to Tropical Storm Irma, which left many residents with fallen trees and limbs in their yards.

The city has restrictions on the amount a homeowner can place at the curb - a five- by five- by 10-foot pile, with no items longer than five feet or heavier than 50 pounds.

Anything larger will be tagged by the hauler, who will notify Augusta Environmental Services, which will dispatch the city’s secondary pickup service to pick up the load, according to Jim Beasley, city public service and information officer.

“All of this will be performed at no additional cost to property owners,” Beasley said.

The process does not apply to debris removed by contractors, who are supposed to handle the loads themselves, Beasley said.

Augusta currently has about 60 staff members performing repairs and cleanup around the city and they will work overtime and weekends until the job is done, Beasley said.

All inoperative traffic signals are now functioning, but the signal at Riverwatch Parkway and Alexander Drive is currently running on a generator, he said.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office will direct traffic at the light when the generator is turned off at 10 p.m. to cool, unless power is restored, Beasley said.

For more information, residents can call 311, the city information line.

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