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Deniers of 2016 voter fraud, please explain how (a Republican elections official claimed that) Chicago had only 1,101,178 registered voters, but have 1,115,664 people cast ballots in 2016? My old school math say 14,486 votes were illegally cast.

It wasn’t Trump. It was Obama who created the problem with illegal children of immigrants. He alone signed an illegal executive order on DACA, allowing children of immigrants to stay in this country. They are no longer children but young adults competing in the market for your jobs.

I moved away from Augusta because of the increasing amount of crime, the flood into south Augusta of criminals and the increase in taxes.

Good thing the kids stayed home from school today. Don’t want them to trip over the leaves and branches lol.

So Trump says to pull DACA but then says Congress has six months to fix their situations? He’s trying to sound nice to some people but he really sounds very, very bad, which is what he is.

I saw someone from the Red Cross on TV say that they are using the funds to give gift cards for people to just use them as they need for clothes, foods, etc., that people know best how to use the money.



Mon, 01/15/2018 - 19:32

Rants and raves