Tucker supporters kick off campaign season

Nearly 50 volunteers gathered for a campaign kickoff meeting and dinner in support of Pam Tucker, the longtime emergency services director in Columbia and Richmond counties, on Thursday night.


Tucker, who is running for the position of Columbia County Commission Chair, discussed and coordinated different duties ranging from installing and collecting yard signs to making phone calls and knocking on doors.

“Tonight kicks everything off, then we will start doing our big fundraiser in October,” Tucker said. “Then, after that, we’ve got fashion show fundraisers, and all kinds of ideas and wonderful things that we are going to be doing.”

Tucker’s campaign team is being lead by campaign manager Johnny Hensley and co-managed by Lynda Williamson.

“When you go out and you represent her, you do it with all the courage in the world because it’s true, the person that you are representing, she is everything you have ever heard that’s good,” Hensley told supporters Thursday. “As I was looking over all the talent in here, this is amazing, and I know a lot of you and what you do.

“We’ve got enough talent right here in this room to change Columbia County.”

Tucker announced her candidacy for the commission seat in March, one week after submitting her resignation as Columbia County’s director of Emergency Management Services.

Tucker said she plans to run on a platform promoting transparency and uniting the county through collaboration. Other than her “Tucker Time” supporter chant, Tucker said she embraces her slogan that she will “bring fresh air and sunshine back to Columbia County.”

To date, current county commissioner Doug Duncan and small business owner Mark Herbert have also submitted declarations of intent to run for the county commission seat currently held by Ron Cross. Cross has not announced whether or not he plans to seek re-election.

The primary election will take place May 22.



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