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Actually, Trump does not help the U.S. at all no matter what he does, not even to spend time golfing. I’m glad he’s opening his mouth and his fingers, because then we know how awful he really is.

I guess we have to set up like a war zone of some sort with ballasts and concrete barriers in order to block vehicles from being used to kill, maim and otherwise harm large numbers of people at public gatherings.

Why on Earth were torches permitted in public like that? What if these haters next want to conveniently burn people instead of just running into them with cars? Are you going to permit big knives and axes to be carried around like that?

It’s interesting that some want a name change for the Calhoun Expressway because of Calhoun’s values and actions many years ago. The city, however, has no problem with erecting a statue, naming a civic center, and a boulevard, for a convicted felon.

If the protesters stop and think, they will realize that they aren’t affected by slavery and have never known a slave, and that times have changed. Will our descendants protest our steakhouses and leather-seated cars and remove mentions of those everyday things from the Encyclopedia 2050? To everything there is a season.



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Rants and raves

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