Defendant denies any role in Augusta homicide

All Carl Logan wanted was to work and be left alone, he told the jury from the witness stand Wednesday.


Just like he didn’t stab two women in Danville, Va., he said he didn’t kill Anthony G. Olivet in Augusta in March 2012. It was coincidence that, after both crimes, Logan immediately left town.

Logan, 35, has pleaded not guilty in Richmond County Superior Court. Olivet was a 43-year-old disabled man.

According to the blood evidence, Sgt. Steve Fanning told the jury Wednesday, Olivet never moved from the floor of his living room after he was incapacitated with a blow from a board or knife.

Olivet, who needed a cane to walk, suffered a potentially lethal blow to the back of his head as well as other strikes to his face, back and shoulders. He was stabbed in the throat multiple times, and he was stabbed four times in the chest after he was dead.

Logan testified he didn’t argue with Olivet over a drug purchase but his cousin did. His cousin smokes crack cocaine every day and Logan said he didn’t want to be around that.

His cousin testified earlier this week that Logan, a distant relative, argued with Olivet, a mentally and physically disabled man who often visited his business. He said he was very concerned that Olivet was upset with Logan because of Logan’s demand for money to buy drugs. Later that day he went to Olivet’s Fleming Drive home to check on him but got no response when he knocked on the door and a window. He saw Logan walking on the street as he left, and gave him a ride to the bus station.

On cross-examination, Logan said he was exercising his right to free speech when he used a false name to buy a ticket to Texas.

In September 2012 in Texas, Logan was convicted of felony assault for hitting, kicking and stomping a cellmate.

In February 2012 in Virginia, Logan stabbed one woman in the back after she decided she was no longer willing to have sex with him in exchange for crack. She testified Wednesday that Logan also stabbed her roommate in the face and stomach.

The jury will continue deliberations in the morning.

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