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Thank you, Augusta Chronicle, and Road/Bridges for the fast cleanup on Settlement Drive. Our area appreciates all the hard work.

Yes, Trump can deal with North Korea; however, too many innocent lives would be lost. That is why it was necessary to get all U.N. countries to sign on for imposing sanctions, before any last-option-action by our military. Having China show some support by sailing their ships in North Korea’s direction should rattle some cages.

People keep looking to the government for answers to our growing debt. The government is the problem, not the solution.

John McCain a hero? Senator for Arizona for the past three decades serving on the Senate committee residing over the VA, over 42 veterans died waiting for care at the Phoenix hospital. For 30 years, McCain has failed the pleas of veterans and families in Arizona for help, and that hospital is still rated one of the VA’s worst.

If you are a liberal, I can understand why your party would be against the presidential voter fraud investigation.

Health care in America, comes under too many systems: Medicare; Medicaid; veterans; federal employees; employer insurance; private insurance; federally qualified health care, etc. The root of all health care problems is exploding expenditures and costs.

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