Rants & Raves

If you really want to solve the health care problem, take away the Cadillac health care insurance that all of Congress enjoys and give them Obamacare. The problem will be solved within a week.


I am outraged after reading Sonny Pittman’s letter “No secret where to put it” on July 15, 2017. If the Augusta-Richmond County Coliseum Authority used SPLOST 7 funding to pay for a “secret” study on where “they” intend to build a new James Brown Arena, the Augusta Commission should release that study to the public immediately.

Corporate greed is another one of those fundraising slogans, somebody to blame and hate. Their are many reasons health care has spiraled out of control. We don’t practice preventive medicine very well, only on a few things. We need tort reform to end all the lawsuits. We need to be able to cross state lines to sell insurance. Waste and duplication.

How does the Augusta Commission get away with charging fees to property owners for services they don’t provide in our areas?

Many Americans do not have jobs because they are not educated for the jobs of today. Lots of jobs are available, but applicants lack the skills or qualifications. Get an education or skill that is needed in today’s workforce.

My heart sings because of your picture of Mr. Garcia and the care that the Augusta nursing students gave to the poor migrant farmworkers in Trenton. I have seen them working in the blistering sun, both male and female. Kudos to all the young students who participated.

This Thursday is the quarter-way mark of the 115th Congress, and Obamacare lives! Tick-tock, Republicans.



Fri, 02/23/2018 - 19:39

Rants and raves