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Isn’t the health insurance industry responsible for the rise in health care premiums? I don’t believe the Affordable Care Act requires premium increases. It’s just corporate greed.

President Trump has had very successful meetings with Germany and France in building and keeping our coalition that we desperately need against the Russians. We also need relations with Russia, in order to deal with them – they are a world power. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

Apparently a lot of (the president’s) supporters are not bothered by the Russian situation. Seriously?

Invasion of privacy: At what cost? How much information collection is necessary to protect us from indi-vidual radical attacks? Sometimes collecting information on suspected criminals involves some degree of invasion of privacy. Could we prevent an attack by use of modern technology?

For the person driving west on I-20 near Aiken: As the Jeep came up alongside our truck and horse trailer, he gave a sharp military salute and continued on. On the back window was an Army Ranger sticker. He had recognized my officer sticker on my back window. His action honored me, Army traditions and our great country. Thank you, soldier.

These American people buying foreign cars and trucks are giving foreign people jobs. But American people do not have jobs because American people are not buying American cars and trucks. American cars and trucks are just as good and better.

We continue to give and give to healthy, physically able-bodied people, they turn in massive numbers to get the freebies; they should be ashamed and have enough pride to provide for themselves. This country has the most entitled-minded citizens of any other country in the world.

J. Paul Griffin 8 days ago
THE WORD:   Teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart.  Psalm 90: 12    NRSV
Johnny Rio 8 days ago
The last rant stands out among the others. It is far too easy in this country to obtain free food, housing and disability payments to those with minimal problems. Make them do something, anything. Work from home if necessary.. Give them the pride that work brings. 
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Steve Klopfen 7 days ago
BTW: For those that have not read the Bird Feeder Story....


Gary McNeal 7 days ago
Steve, if this ranter doesn't know foreign cars are made in the US, I seriously doubt they know what Wally World is. You might need to spell it out for them.
Steve Klopfen 7 days ago
Suggested Reading to better Understand Obama's Muslims Refugee Goals .

Hijrah: Migration for the Cause of Allah

Val White 7 days ago

Thanks for the reference.  The conservatives were pretty much exactly aware of BHO's purpose for flooding the U.S. with refugees. 

This should be mandatory reading for high schoolers to prepare them for the brainwashing they'll get when they go to college.

Val White 7 days ago

#1 - Hopefully you read the comments under the R&Rs.  Mr. Klopfen offered an intelligent explanation to someone who obviously only listens to the left-wing news that claims corporations are greedy.  The MSM will not tell you the truth about the failing o'care program.

The insurance companies (the few that remain) were forced to raise premiums because of the FORCED ACA coverage requirements, one size fits all policies. 

Last R&R - the last few decades have not taught responsibility or accountability, only government dependability.  It's like the stigma of out-of-wedlock births, it's no longer shameful to steal from taxpayers. 

Steve Klopfen 7 days ago

FLASH MOB GANG Calls for ‘Beatdown’ of White People
at 7pm at the Memphis, Tennessee Wolfchase Galleria Mall.

It seems a group of Racist Black teens and Young Adults calling themselves the Memphis Flash Mob Cartel took to social media saying they’ll be at the Wolfchase Galleria mall beating down people because of the color of their skin (WHITE) . 

Whether it be Real or just stupid Hoax, we know it would result in others reading such calls for attacks and showing up to join in.

 The Video and The threats posted on "FACEBOOK"  were pulled down after being flagged. However, the images of the gang members are there for police to find them.

So YES they can be ID'd to bring these guys in for questioning.
Val White 7 days ago

With all the hatred ginned up for white people by the left that creates these angry, violent, racially charged riots, it is still not obvious to the democrat voters of who is really responsible for all the divisiveness.

BHO started this and his followers are still carrying on with the BHO catastrophic behavior. 

Clive Barker 7 days ago
The media has been calling any protests involving black people a "riot" all the way back to MLK.  Obama didn't start that.
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Clive Barker 7 days ago
Now, I can't really dispute there are a few nuts like that on the Left.  Actually, a friend of mine has started posting propaganda in support of violence after Trump's election, and I'm sincerely worried for her, but that's neither here nor there.

You look at a place like Ferguson, and the media typically focuses on something like fires being started.  Crimes like that, obviously, require only a few people breaking the law.

Now, I hate to tread into the minefield that is comparing Ferguson to Stonewall, but in Stonewall we had people physically battling police officers until even the riot police were forced into retreat.  Obviously, that kind of action required that a very large number of the protesters turn to violence.
Clive Barker 7 days ago
Other people have said they intend to actually have a Purge.  People threaten to do stupid things.  Don't get me wrong, they should be punished for making threats, but the idea that we needs to actually worry about such things is just silly.

I mean, maybe Val believes it, but Val believes Hillary only won 57 counties.
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Clive Barker 7 days ago
Funny how you always leave Sovereign Citizens off your list.
Val White 7 days ago
And you believe in communism.  I got that 57 from a left-wing site and you never gave the correct count.  Must be you didn't know where to look to find factual information.
Clive Barker 7 days ago
Only your definition of "Communism," which seems to be "the government actually doing anything ever."

And yes, I did.  You just ignored the link.  But, here you go again:

Jerry Whitcomb 7 days ago
"I don’t believe the Affordable Care Act requires premium increases."

What an idiot. No it doesn't require premium increases..........pre-natal care for men, birth control for 80 year olds, and sex change hormones and surgery is FREE little Democrat.....it's all FREE. 

The Affordable Care Act requires every policy to cover those things so THAT REQUIRES premium increases. 

And if there is so much GREED involved then why are insurance providers dropping Obamacare all over the nation.They cannot make all of that wonderful money if they DROP OUT......which they are all over the country. 

The only reason YOU like Obamacare is because I have to pay for YOUR insurance. 
Clive Barker 7 days ago
I heard a theory recently that Spider-man reflects America at the time of a given movie's release.

Tobey McGuire was the Hard Power of the Bush years.

Andrew Garfield was the Soft Power of the Obama years (he was also very underrated).

...and our new Spider-man is an arrogant, headstrong child who rushes into situations and makes them worse, won't listen to anyone, thinks he's too good for an education, and is obsessed with impressing the "Iron Man."
Jerry Whitcomb 7 days ago
"Apparently a lot of (the president’s) supporters are not bothered by the Russian situation. Seriously?"

You mean the Russian situation where Hillary sold the Russians 1/3 or our Uranium and then took a ton of money from them for the Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea SLUSH FUND Foundation. Yeh....that bothers me a lot and Hillary should have been prosecuted for taking bribes while in office.

If you are referring to the Trump/Russian investigation where the only crimes discovered have been committed by the Democrats......I sure hope they prosecute the Democrats. 

Trump's staff may, or may not, have talked to some Russians. THAT IS NOT ILLEGAL. Am I bothered.....not in the least.

If you want to talk about colluding with foreigners to influence an election you had better go talk to Obama about using State Department money and employees to attempt to influence the Israeli elections......now THAT is a crime.  

Clive Barker 7 days ago
#8: Most people on welfare are off within 3 years.


I wasn't able to find specific stats on the percentage of welfare recipients who live in households with at least one paycheck (I recall Jon Stewart claiming it was the majority at one point, but I don't want to say that for certain without a source).

However, a quick Google search does show that the total spent on welfare is $158 Billion, which is a little more than 4% of Federal spending:



The claim that there is a significant amount of money being spent of able-bodied people who don't want to work is a lie.
Jerry Whitcomb 7 days ago
Wrong again Clive.

"recent report from the Cato Institute, which argues that the federal government spends $668 billion dollars per year on 126 different welfare programs (spending by the state and local governments push that figure up to $1 trillion per year)"

Federal spending on the usual suspects....welfare, SSI, SNAP/Food Stamps, and housing is OVER $212 billion a year and that does not count other "poverty" programs and state and local programs. 

Add it all together and it's $1 trillion a year, much of it going to healthy working age freebie sucking scum. 
Clive Barker 7 days ago
Firstly, you add in local and State spending, but don't tell me the total amount local and State governments spend, so I have no way of assessing what the percentage is now.

Furthermore, your final statement about "healthy working age freebie sucking scum" is without citation, and such an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence.
Val White 7 days ago

I call BS.  Even 4% is way, way too much of our tax money to pay out - ONLY $158 BILLION? 

Any amount paid to those who collect welfare other than elderly, mentally ill, or extremely physically disabled.  When vets come back missing half their limbs or someone like Steven Hawking, who has to blow in a tube to even move, can be productive there's absolutely, positively no excuse for anyone with less disabilities to get free stuff.

BTW - Huffington Post is so left, how can anyone who is looking for any objective information/stats even consider that site. 

Clive Barker 7 days ago
...the guy who believed Hillary only won 57 States is complaining about people "looking for any objective information?"
[removed] 7 days ago
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Clive Barker 7 days ago
Okay, fair point, but there's a big difference between living on welfare, and being on-and-off it.  The latter implies an attempt to improve their situation, and evidently a failure to do so. for an extended period of time.

If a large portion of people work, get off welfare, and then return, then the whole conversation changes.
Jerry Whitcomb 7 days ago
"healthy, physically able-bodied people, they turn in massive numbers to get the freebies; they should be ashamed and have enough pride"

They have NO pride. They are subsidy sucking scum and our liberal government, particularly Food Stamp Obama, has cultivated a bumper crop of them. They laugh at us working people because we are stupid enough to give them free stuff and not require them to even get out of their rocking chair and off of the porch to get it. 

Welfare was invented because it quickly became obvious that there was a certain segment of the population that we could not educate and make them competitive in the workplace. It was easier to just give them everything free and keep them out of the workplace and from bothering working people It was the new Plantation where everyone lived off of scraps from the master but nobody had to work. We have finally made "poverty" too comfortable and now they are all piling on for the freebies. 
Roland SASSER 7 days ago

Rant # 1: Insurance companies are for profit entities and if they cannot pass on their cost increases, they go out of business. Dumbo's Abomination Care required insurance companies to insure preexisting conditions which is an automatic money loser for the companies and they have to make it up somehow. The individual mandate part of the plan was a complete bust. Insurance companies started dropping out reducing competition and the rest is history.

Rant # 2: How in the world are you supposed to lead the most powerful country on earth and not deal with the second most powerful country on earth or at least it used to be.

Rant # 3: See # 2!

Rant # 4: Hate to break it to some people, everyone one of us are profiled and on multiple data bases. If you purchased a car, house, insurance, enrolled in school, applied for a license, filed taxes, applied for credit card, made purchases or searched on line, on Face Book, medical records, hospital records, your life has been recorded.

Rant # 6: You have not kept up! Right to work states broke the back of the UAW and foreign companies have been building plant in this country for years. Why not build an assembly plant where your market is at? Back when the UAW was strong and most of the assembly plants were in the industrial north, you would be amazed at the percentage of component/parts that were manufactured outside the US. The unions and car companies didn't want to discuss that side of the coin.

Rant # 7: "This country has the most entitled-minded citizens of any other country in the world."

Thank a Democrat for that. When a Democrat is losing the argument, they always resort to either the "R" card or slavery. On the new Democratic plantation everything is handed to you and you don't have to work. It's all other people's money!

Joke from an ex Democrat who voted for Dumbo once:  Want to starve a Democrat, hide their food stamps in their work boots.


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