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Isn’t the health insurance industry responsible for the rise in health care premiums? I don’t believe the Affordable Care Act requires premium increases. It’s just corporate greed.

President Trump has had very successful meetings with Germany and France in building and keeping our coalition that we desperately need against the Russians. We also need relations with Russia, in order to deal with them – they are a world power. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

Apparently a lot of (the president’s) supporters are not bothered by the Russian situation. Seriously?

Invasion of privacy: At what cost? How much information collection is necessary to protect us from indi-vidual radical attacks? Sometimes collecting information on suspected criminals involves some degree of invasion of privacy. Could we prevent an attack by use of modern technology?

For the person driving west on I-20 near Aiken: As the Jeep came up alongside our truck and horse trailer, he gave a sharp military salute and continued on. On the back window was an Army Ranger sticker. He had recognized my officer sticker on my back window. His action honored me, Army traditions and our great country. Thank you, soldier.

These American people buying foreign cars and trucks are giving foreign people jobs. But American people do not have jobs because American people are not buying American cars and trucks. American cars and trucks are just as good and better.

We continue to give and give to healthy, physically able-bodied people, they turn in massive numbers to get the freebies; they should be ashamed and have enough pride to provide for themselves. This country has the most entitled-minded citizens of any other country in the world.



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:23

Rants and raves