Georgia gubernatorial candidate Abrams visits Augusta


Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams knows that everyone in Georgia didn’t have the same opportunity she did growing up.


Abrams’ parents wanted their six children to succeed and instilled in them the values of working hard despite their socioeconomic status. Abrams’ father was diagnosed with dyslexia and struggled to read until he was 30, but was able receive a bachelor’s degree from Tupelo College and a Master of Divinity from Emory University, she said.

Now, the Democratic leader in the state House is making it a focus of her campaign for governor to see that all Georgians have that same opportunity.

“I’m tired of having conversations about survival and just getting by,” Abrams told a crowd of supporters at the Julian Smith Barbecue Pit on Saturday. “It’s time for prosperity.”

More than 80 people attended the forum – some seeking solutions, some seeking information on the candidate and some, like Mary Wallace, were just excited to be there.

“I’m excited for a woman to be running, and I’m hoping she will be able to become our next governor,” she said.

Jewell Couch was interested in finding out what Abrams might be able to do for female veterans, particularly those with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“There are lots of programs for men, but not many for women,” she said.

Others are just ready for change.

“It’s time we have some new blood in the governorship. Goodness knows we need more diversity in the state and national government,” Larry Komp said.

Retired A.R. Johnson High School teacher Herbert Caudle was interested in Abrams’ policy on education because “what Trump is doing drives me crazy.”

Abrams said education will be a focus in her campaign, calling for “not adequate but excellent education in our state.”

“We have to focus on education, on economic development and good government, and I have experience in all three,” Abrams said. “Augusta is one of the economic engines of the state and one of the places where you can see extraordinary progress but also pockets where families are being left behind and left out of the economy.”

Abrams assured the crowd that she is the person for the job of governor.

“I bring to the table unmatched skills and unmatched enthusiasm for the work that has to be done,” she said.

Jerry Whitcomb 7 days ago
“We have to focus on education, on economic development and good government, and I have experience in all three,” Abrams said. “

I've only heard about 50 thousand political candidates make that statement. 

Now tell me EXACTLY what actions you would take to accomplish that.

When I hear a Democrat talk about focusing on education and economic development it usually translates into giving teachers pay raises, throwing more money at the failed educations system without making any substantial changes, and raising taxes on the few working people we have left. And NONE of that ever works. 

BE SPECIFIC on how you would "focus" on education and economic development. 

My guess is you do not have a clue.

They only politician I have ever seen that campaigned on specific actions to accomplish something and actually DELIVERED is Trump. 

So don't tell me that you are going to focus on education and the economy. TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO. 

You sound like one of those bimbo beauty pageant contestants answering their question with "the children, the downtrodden, and world peace".

Your "focus" speech probably works for your Georgia Democrat constituency who are easily lied too and led but Republicans want to hear more detail. 

BETTY TUTT 7 days ago
So what exactly did you think the OSD republican initiative would do other than "throw money" and less than qualified educators into failing schools?
Jerry Whitcomb 7 days ago
All I know is that OSD will NOT throw money at the problem.

"Schools in the OSD would receive a per student share of all local, state, and federal funds coming into the school districts in which the schools are located."

I personally think that an OSD school superintendent should fire all staff, replace them first shot out of the gun, and if they don't perform fire them all again and get new staff the next year too. In addition, I think they should hire "disciplinary" personnel to thump a few of our "children's"" heads when they disrupt the classroom. Any self-respecting teacher has already quit the Richmond County school system because of all of the uncontrollable heathens in the the classroom. Our teachers fear for their lives and get NO support for discipline from the administrators or BOE. 
William O. Darby 6 days ago
Whatever It does, it can't be worse than the status quo. 

Who knows, they may even force schools to go back and start teaching the basics, rather than political correctness, victimology,  and social engineering.
William O. Darby 6 days ago

Jerry used the words, "gun" and "school" in the same sentence.

Zero tolerance, Jerry. Zero tolerance.

Go sit in the principal's office while I call the cops on you.
Marcus Mackenzie 7 days ago
She did go into detail at the event. The Chronicle can't print her whole speech, but I was there. She had specific approaches for each of the issues you mentioned, and she was able to answer questions very knowledgeably and practically. For one, she mentioned how many breaks, incentives, and money we give to companies coming into Georgia, but how reluctant we are to invest similarly in Georgians trying to start their own businesses here. That wouldn't be spending money we don't already spend, but moving it from one place to another. On education, she said that if we are going to let government take over public schools (like Governor Deal wanted to do with his Opportunity School District legislation), we need to study and understand what the problems are at each school before we get there, not just have the private sector take over failing schools without having a plan. On good government, she noted that the governor has the power to veto redistricting maps, and that she plans to end the ludicrous gerrymandering Republicans in this state have forced on us for too long. She is very knowledgeable and has a savvy business and political sense. I'd suggest you check someone out a bit more before judging them.
Jerry Whitcomb 7 days ago
I have always said voting districts ought to have to have four 90 degree corners.........except those that include the state border line and they should have to have at least one 90 degree corner or be a straight line from state border to state border that encloses a "bulge". That would make gerrymandering almost impossible. 
William O. Darby 6 days ago
And your idea is totally unworkable. Washington and the Justice Department would immediately declare such a configuration as "discriminating" against minority voters.

The reason we are caught up in this conundrum is Justice's fascination with drawing districts that cannot in anyway be suggested to be "suppressing" the Black vote.  

Those districts, therefore, are ALWAYS paramount and always come first when the time come to redistrict. 

And even then, many plans are sent back to the states to be redrawn. 

That's why, in some cases, you get districts that are miles long and yards wide, snaking along highway and rivers and even running through the middle of another district. (That's how we came to be blessed with "geniuses" such as "Mad" Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee)

In politics, good deeds seldom go unpunished. 

William O. Darby 7 days ago
As with every Democrat-Socialist, the "focus" will be on your wallet.
William O. Darby 7 days ago
"......end the ludicrous gerrymandering Republicans in this state have forced on us for too long"
Marcus - Is either a Democrat plant or a naïve newcomer.  The Democrats in Georgia pioneered and regularly exploited the gerrymandering process.  They ruled the state legislature for more than 120 years before Sonny Purdue  upset their apple cart and became the first Republican Governor of Georgia since Reconstruction.  (And HE had to switch parties to do it!)

The Democrat speaker of the Georgia House, so confident of Democrat omnipotence,  (A really nasty little man named Tom Murphy ) said at one point that Republicans only existed to be stepped on by Democrats.

So please, Marcus, spare us the BS about Republican "gerrymandering".   

Georgia Democrats aren't victims. If anything, they are the product of their own abusive and ruthless rule. 
Marcus Mackenzie 7 days ago
Just because I said Republicans have gerrymandered the current map doesn't mean I don't know that Democrats do it, too, or that I'm okay with anyone doing it. We need compromise between R's, D's, and independents to get a fairer map. If we have a Dem governor and a Republican assembly (I don't imagine it will flip, or at least both houses probably won't), we'll have a better chance for one.
William O. Darby 6 days ago
".......doesn't mean I don't know that Democrats do it, too"
Then you could say it up front, rather than imply that's it a Republican construction.

"We need compromise between R's, D's, and independents to get a fairer map."
You're such a dreamer. Things are SO polarized, both in the states and in DC.  You're saying the same thing that most of us have been saying since the 1960's.  

In the meantime, all those dipsticks we send to represent us, end up representing themselves.  

Am I cynical?  YOU BET YOUR SWEET BIPPY I AM. The only thing I can see that would help would be term limits and criminalizing and enforcing those acts (in office) that financially enrich a politician.  

Neither of which will ever happen. 

William O. Darby 7 days ago
“I bring to the table unmatched skills and unmatched enthusiasm for the work that has to be done,” she said.
And she forgot to mention, unmatched modesty.
William O. Darby 6 days ago
The  "problem" with our schools, if you talk to just about anyone involved in state and local education is.....

......that in their opinion, other than not enough money,  and bad parenting, THERE IS NO PROBLEM!

And THAT never seems to change.


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