Georgia gubernatorial candidate Abrams visits Augusta


Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams knows that everyone in Georgia didn’t have the same opportunity she did growing up.


Abrams’ parents wanted their six children to succeed and instilled in them the values of working hard despite their socioeconomic status. Abrams’ father was diagnosed with dyslexia and struggled to read until he was 30, but was able receive a bachelor’s degree from Tupelo College and a Master of Divinity from Emory University, she said.

Now, the Democratic leader in the state House is making it a focus of her campaign for governor to see that all Georgians have that same opportunity.

“I’m tired of having conversations about survival and just getting by,” Abrams told a crowd of supporters at the Julian Smith Barbecue Pit on Saturday. “It’s time for prosperity.”

More than 80 people attended the forum – some seeking solutions, some seeking information on the candidate and some, like Mary Wallace, were just excited to be there.

“I’m excited for a woman to be running, and I’m hoping she will be able to become our next governor,” she said.

Jewell Couch was interested in finding out what Abrams might be able to do for female veterans, particularly those with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“There are lots of programs for men, but not many for women,” she said.

Others are just ready for change.

“It’s time we have some new blood in the governorship. Goodness knows we need more diversity in the state and national government,” Larry Komp said.

Retired A.R. Johnson High School teacher Herbert Caudle was interested in Abrams’ policy on education because “what Trump is doing drives me crazy.”

Abrams said education will be a focus in her campaign, calling for “not adequate but excellent education in our state.”

“We have to focus on education, on economic development and good government, and I have experience in all three,” Abrams said. “Augusta is one of the economic engines of the state and one of the places where you can see extraordinary progress but also pockets where families are being left behind and left out of the economy.”

Abrams assured the crowd that she is the person for the job of governor.

“I bring to the table unmatched skills and unmatched enthusiasm for the work that has to be done,” she said.



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