2 to be held without bond in Augusta homicide case; second victim is presumed dead

Two men suspected of killing a man whose body was found in a Peach Orchard Road shed are also suspected of killing a second man, District Attorney Natalie Paine said Friday.


At the conclusion of a bond hearing in Richmond County Superior Court, Senior Judge J. David Roper denied bond for William J. Krepps, 23, and Vaughn A. Verdi, 23, who now only face one charge of murder.

The men are suspected of killing Chad V. Garner, 27, whose bullet-riddled body was found June 11. Garner, who had been stripped to his underwear, was shot several times, including twice to the back of his head, Paine said. The shed is on property owned by Krepps’ family.

Investigators believe Garner was likely killed between 11 p.m. June 8 and 4 a.m. June 9, Paine said. The last person Garner was seen with was his friend, Preston Overton, 28, who was reported missing in Burke County.

The vehicle Overton was driving when last seen was recovered on Tybee Island, Ga., on June 10. The vehicle had been washed down with bleach, Paine said.

Overton is presumed dead, Paine said. Investigators are still looking for his body.

A witness told investigators that Krepps and Verdi intended to meet with Garner and that Krepps had borrowed a weapon, Paine said. Later, Krepps asked the witness to burn the clothes he had been wearing, Paine said. Garner’s and Overton’s clothing was found bloody and with bullet holes in a burning pile at Verdi’s home, she said.

That pile of burned clothing was in a common area of Verdi’s mother’s property and could have been disposed of by Krepps, said Verdi’s attorney, Robert Homlar. Verdi is a witness, not a participant in the crime, Homlar said.

Paine responded that Verdi’s statements are inconsistent, at minimum; Verdi knew Krepps killed someone; and instead of going to the police Verdi stayed with Krepps for a methamphetamine-infused weekend.

Defense attorney George Davis asked the judge for a reasonable bond in a case that still has a lot of unknowns. It’s likely to take a long time to figure out what happened, Davis said.

Roper denied bond, finding that Krepps and Verdi could pose a threat to the community, commit additional crimes, obstruct the investigation and flee.

Krepps was sentenced in February to 10 years for kidnapping. He had served nearly three years in jail while awaiting trial in connection with accusations of choking and binding a woman who said she was forced to have sex with another man. Verdi was prosecuted in Juvenile Court for first-degree arson, and he has adult convictions for theft and entering an automobile with intent to commit a crime, Paine said.

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John Smith 30 days ago
"Krepps was sentenced in February to 10 years for kidnapping."

Why was this guy not in prison, and I quote, "between 11 p.m. June 8 and 4 a.m. June 9"? Whatever the reason, two people are now dead because of it.
J. Paul Griffin 30 days ago
JS:  If criminals had to serve 100% of their sentence, the crime rate would drop 50-60%.  Our liberal justice system and the bleeding heart liberal Judges are as much to blame for the high crime rate as are the criminals,  most of whom are recidivist. 
John Smith 29 days ago
I think what the journalist was trying to communicate is confusing. The first half of that last paragraph makes absolutely no sense.
Kay Kirkland 30 days ago
I just want to know why they can't make them tell what happened to Preston? I am sure they could offer one or the other something and they would flip on each other. I realize these guys are THUGS, but they should have the decency to allow this family to bury their loved one. Anyone involved with this case should be in jail...including the girls.
B. M. Michales 29 days ago
Kay, I do hope the body is found. I think you fail to see that these low lifes have NO DECENCY, they have been criminals all of their lives, and will be until the day they die. You and I think with common sense and decency, they don't.
Carol Krepps 7 days ago
They are both innocent until PROVEN guilty!  Or have you all forgotten that part of the constitution?  Stop with all the hateful comments!  William Krepps is MY SON!  And it may take a bit, but he will be proven innocent.  Have you ever even considered what it's like to be in the place of the mother of any of these victims???  Do you think the hateful comments help anyone? You know nothing of my SON!  He was raised in a home where both parents are together, And have been for his entire life.  Our judicial system is indeed broken! With  the lead culprit in this particular case being the female DA heading up the prosecution!  She is as crooked , In my opinion, her only interest is in creating a political career for herself.   She has attempted to have people involved with this case, thrown in jail,at her own whim.  In my opinion, one day she will be facing a judge and jury for her own acts of manipulating a case.  At the very least, because of her vile temperament, she will likely cost the county thousands of dollars in lawsuits, due to her own unjust accusations and possible doings.  Oh, and in regards to William's 
Prior criminal history, even the victim came forward and told the prosecutors office, that she did not believe the person who held her captive was William Krepps . She believed it was another person person who was living in the house hose, and decided to abruptly move at 5am, that morning, and took the bedsheets that the rape occurred on with him.  AND HE NEVER PLEAD GUILTY IN THAT CASE! There is a legal term for it, but basically, what it amounts to is this:  I maintain my in once in this entire mess, but after being held In local jail for 2 and a half years, I'm ready to go home to my family!!  That my friends, is NOT AN ADMISSION OF GUILT!
Carol P Krepps 
Kay Kirkland 1 days ago
I realize this is your son, and for that I am sorry. If he is such a good boy he will tell the police where Preston is. That is all.