Resigned environmental services director set to lose paycheck

Former Augusta Environmental Services Director Mark Johnson is set to lose his paycheck Tuesday.


Johnson submitted his resignation last week after City Administrator Janice Allen Jackson put him on leave with pay pending an investigation into employee use of government equipment at a private job site in Lincoln County. Upon resigning, Johnson asked the commission to give him severance pay available under 2011 city policy for senior executive staff members who resign – six months’ pay and benefits – and to erase references to the investigation from his file.

The commission voted 7-3 to accept Johnson’s resignation, waiving the three months’ notice he must give to receive severance pay, and cut his severance pay to three months.

As of Friday, however, Johnson had not signed a release accepting the settlement and waiving his right to sue, officials said.

General Counsel Andrew MacKenzie said federal laws give Johnson 21 days to sign the release due to his age.

Commissioner Sammie Sias is calling Tuesday for the commission to change Johnson’s status to administrative leave without pay due to him not executing his resignation “within a timely manner.” Sias did not respond to a reporter’s requests for comment.

Commissioner Dennis William said if Johnson doesn’t accept the commission’s terms, “we may have to terminate.”

Jackson’s investigation was ongoing as of Friday when she posted comments about it on Facebook.

In other matters, the commission has a called 1:30 p.m. meeting with attorneys to discuss personnel issues. At 2 p.m. Lincoln County resident Al Gray, who lives in the same remote area and sent photos of the equipment and Johnson to law enforcement, is scheduled to speak to the commission.

Commissioner Marion Williams has called for the commission to formally request an investigation of the equipment matter by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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B. M. Michales 4 days ago
Maybe the biggest story, and certainly the dumbest, is that ARC gives anyone severance when they resign. Why do they do it?
Val White 4 days ago
I'm with you B.  This just happens in government jobs.  How can someone who is let go or asked to resign - especially under a cloud of wrong doing - get a severance package?
Jayce James 4 days ago
There is a suppression of information going on at this WH and Trump that would not be tolerated by the Augusta Chronicle at a city council meeting. 

The White House press corps vented frustration Monday with press secretary Sean Spicer for conducting off-camera briefings in place of the usual publicly broadcast briefings.

Spicer conducted an off-camera briefing with reporters on Monday in which the press was told it could not film or broadcast audio of the proceedings. Spicer conducted the last on-camera briefing last Monday.

“The White House press secretary is getting to a point where he’s just kind of useless,” CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta said after the briefing. “If they’re getting to this point where he’s not going to answer questions or go on camera or have audio, why are we even having these briefings or gaggles in the first place?”

So the Chronicle is all over the local government but gives a pass to Trump, Spicer and the White House? Since the Chronicle is "the press" shouldn't they be pro-press?
Val White 4 days ago
Maybe because the AC doesn't always publish all the made up stories or innuendoes.  Mind telling us what information is being suppressed and how you became privy to it?
Jayce James 4 days ago
Ms. White, I'm not going to do your research or thinking for you--I'm leaving that all up to you. But I can give one word of advice: STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS! The recently departed misogynistic a-hole Roger Ailes set up Fox News and built an empire with a goal of making people more angry and more stupid. Don't fall into that trap.
B. M. Michales 3 days ago
You don't even do your own research, most of what you post is hateful far left misguided brainwashed liberal dumocratic talking points passed on from your out of touch leaders. No facts.
B. M. Michales 4 days ago
A press briefing each day is too many.
David Jefferson 4 days ago
Because Trump is Jayce's answer for everything?
Jayce James 4 days ago
My prediction: Spicer will resign and turn over the duties to Sarah Huckabee. Good luck to Trump with that. Every time I've seen her at a briefing, she strikes me as a sad alcoholic. If your dad was Mike Huckabee, wouldn't you be an alcoholic as well?
Jerry Whitcomb 4 days ago
I don't imagine she would be too impressed with you either Jayce. You would probably strike her as a sad, whining, angry little liberal loser. 
B. M. Michales 4 days ago
Looking at your picture and reading your post may drive me to drinking.
B. M. Michales 3 days ago
Its obvious from your ramblings you should have had a better male role model than you did, someone like Huckabee.
Jerry Whitcomb 4 days ago
I certainly don't know all of the good or bad about this story or Johnson's involvement. But somehow I get the feeling that if we don't give him the full 21 days of leave with pay and his 6 months severance we will be paying off another lawsuit settlement. We have paid that 6 month severance to people who have done worse than this......and it is a written policy in the city policy manual. 

I do not understand why we pay severance to people who resign...and even sometimes to people who get fired......and all of that needs to be done away with......but it's there now and Johnson could well win a lawsuit if he doesn't get it. 
John Booth 4 days ago
Way to go Jerry!  Johnson deserves what others have gotten and what has been the norm.  I hope he gets the same as others and if he doesn't I hope he makes a formidable foe for the Commission.
Jayce James 4 days ago
Now it looks like Flynn is cooperating with the FBI. If he flips on Trump, this could be over even before we thought. Trump has a new signing bonus for those willing to join his team and sing his praises. A 5 year personal guarantee to pay legal fees if needed.
B. M. Michales 4 days ago
You are sick.
David Jefferson 4 days ago
Having the downfall of another human as the focus of your life is incredibly sad. 
Vanessa Rhodes 4 days ago
This stuff has been going on for years. I am amazed now that it is just finally coming out in the open.
Roland SASSER 4 days ago
"I'm not going to do your research or thinking for you--I'm leaving that all up to you." liberal speak for I got nothing!
Vic mccoy 4 days ago

In the meantime, my driveway is in need of crush-n-run.  I need a couple of county guys to come on out and take care of my needs. (I still pay taxes!)

PS Bring a shovel.  I'll supply the kooool-aid

John Booth 4 days ago
Al Gray is milking this for all it's worth!  He didn't get satisfaction from the city with his little nit nothing pictures so he got in cahoots with the High and Mighty (so he thinks) Sir AH Rhodes.  Now he wants the stage again.  Sure hope it doesn't blow up in ways not expected!
B. M. Michales 3 days ago
Someone should go to jail, and it should not be Al Gray.
John Booth 3 days ago
B M, I wasn't saying Al should go to jail.  I was just poking a little fun at him and the "mouth of the South."  As far as anyone going to jail, I'll leave it up to the judicial system because I have faith in them..  


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