Rants and raves

There seems to be some confusion about what civil disobedience is. It doesn’t mean violence or rioting. It means simply refusing to cooperate with the government, while understanding the consequences.


There’s something rotten in the Trump administration, and it’s clearer now more than ever that and independent investigation is needed to follow the truth wherever it may lead.

I would like to know who I send the bill to for repairs on my car from the road work being done at the intersections of Lumpkin and Wheeless Roads crossing over Deans Bridge Road. Instead of the sign reading “Bump,” it should read “Deep Holes.”

The only thing that surprised me about President Trump firing James Comey is that he didn’t do it sooner. Mr. Comey would have been fired within 24 hours or less after I was sworn in as president.

Democratic and certain Establishment Republicans are going after President Trump over what have proven to be bogus issues. Their continued attacks on Trump are nothing less than an attempt to remove a lawful sitting president. This is called a “coup.”

They must have pulled the road crews off of Robinson Ave in Grovetown to work on the Bridge on I-85.

Pulling out of the Paris accord was about stopping the huge, ridiculous flow of our tax dollars to all other countries (redistribution of wealth), when they were under no contract to make any “clean air” improvements for 20-30 years. We Americans can continue to do all we can to improve air quality, without sending all that money to other countries. I call that a smart move.

Let’s find better ways to save money and increase tax revenue in Richmond County. I can think of at least one way-collect unpaid taxes by city officials and businesses. The Chronicle used to print the list of those city officials and business that owe delinquent taxes; let’s see that list again.

I’ve said for quite a while now that Bernie Sanders is the Donald Trump of the left. A populist with nationalistic tendencies, who wraps it up in nicer rhetoric than Trump.



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Rants and raves

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