Rants & Raves

When you make a product for too many markets (China, etc.), what you’ll get will be bland and uninteresting. That’s why the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies have been terrible,the new Mummy seems to have been made for an audience who never saw the Karloff version, and we can’t get a sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road (only Americans liked it).


The accumulation of silt flowing down Rae’s Creek and water pollution killed Lake Olmstead as a once-beautiful, in-town recreation area. Like so many other quality of life needs it ignores, the Augusta Commission has stuck its collective head in the sand and done nothing about it.

Is it not disturbing that the president appears unconcerned about Russia’s cyber attacks but is obsessed about whether he is under investigation? If all the people around him are under scrutiny, then he, by association, is tainted.

With the president’s approval rating dipping below 34 percent, I wonder who those 34 percent, are? What do they see? Am I missing something?

Attention. Georgia gun permit citizens. In New York they just arrested one of our people for having a weapon in his hotel room. He has been charged with a felony. No doubt he will do more prison time than a repeat felon New Yorker. Avoid these Northern anti-Second Amendment states like the plague.

I’m starting to wonder if Trump’s real goal is to end the age of partisanship by creating a common enemy and uniting as much of the electorate against him as possible. I really can’t really imagine Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz having a civil debate about health care policy before the Angry Orange was commander-in-chief.

Another group of hack Democratic-appointed federal judges has stopped President Trump’s attempt to keep potential Islamic terrorists out of the U.S. It’s time for the president to pull an Abe Lincoln and begin arresting these so-called judges. They are guilty of treason.