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The Augusta Commission should run bus service to the new GreenJackets ball park in North Augusta when it gets built. Why did they let North Augusta have our baseball team?

Shame on the person who abandoned a precious dog on Ascauga Lake and Ridge roads in North Augusta. There are numerous no-kill shelters in the area that would have helped you. Why do this to a defenseless animal?

Sean Spicer stated that James Comey was released because of his mishandling of the Hillary Clinton situation. However, the president said he let him go because of the Russian investigation. This is on tape for all to see, not fake. This president lies without ceasing.

Obstructionists are in opposition to anything the other party does, even if it would benefit them or the general public. Health care would benefit all and both parties should develop a plan that would hold down the cost, increase the availability, cross state lines, limit liability, etc. Just vote on what is good, not along party lines.

I think Comey’s testimony confirms the media were “dead wrong” about Trump’s involvement with the Russians. Do you think they will print a retraction, or just continue to explain their lying?

Supporters of the president have what they wanted. An alt-reich, leaning, lying, greedy, degenerate who defends our avowed enemy, Russia. This, over the man of color, who didn’t do a modicum the damage of his predecessor, but had the wrong skin hue.

Sean Hannity calling Joe Scarborough disgusting and unhinged in response to Scarborough’s opinion that the president is deranged. If a president is incapable of telling the truth, even if he is on record, there have to be questions as to his mental state.

Those of you who voted the president into office shouldn’t complain. You have allowed the fox into the henhouse.

Look at a historical graph of our national debt. Yes, it shot up during the financial crisis (caused by Bush) under Obama, but the rate at which it was growing decreased for the entire Obama administration. Try looking for the point at which it started rapidly increasing: Reagan’s tax cuts.

Steve Klopfen 6 days ago
Because the 1st thing in the morning should be

J. Paul Griffin 's

THE WORD:   Wise people treasure knowledge, but the babbling of a fool invites disaster.  Proverbs 10:  14   NLT
Maxwell P. Coltrane 6 days ago
I've actually reached the point where I enjoy the rants about Trump. They are, truly, entertaining.
Johnny Rio 6 days ago
It is kind of fun watching them decompensate in public, as they say They are doing swan dives into empty concrete swimming pools. They are demonstrating in the streets, disrupting conservative speakers, breaking windows and robbing liquor stores. Heh, heh, heh.
Val White 6 days ago
Yeah, ya wonder if the left can get any crazier and then they prove they can.
J. Paul Griffin 6 days ago
THE WORD:   Wise people treasure knowledge, but the babbling of a fool invites disaster.  Proverbs 10:  14   NLT 
Val White 6 days ago

One of the posters asked yesterday why we don't get a different perspective on the news by watching MSNBC, ABC?

Looking at the nonsense the R&R submitters put out is the biggest reason.  They are repeating those MSM stations phony talking points.  There's no Russia, yet the MSM won't let it go.  There hasn't been a single lie by Mr. Trump that has been confirmed by any of those who continue to call him a liar.

There were multiple reasons Comey was fired.  If one listened to real news you would have heard the many infractions committed by Comey. 

The MSM either reports false news or omits the real news.  That's why it's not another perspective, it's bull poop.

#9 is a good example - s/he blames the bank scam recession on Mr. Bush when it was democrat policies that created it long before Mr. Bush came along.

Maybe #9 would care to tell us where the doubling of the debt dollars went under BHO.  Nothing was fixed, BHO invested little to no money in our military to fight the war on terrorism.  The problems we had when he took office only worsened, yet he spent twice as much as was already owed.  So where did the money go?

Val White 6 days ago

Last rant - Reagan cut taxes, but GWH Bush raised them, Clinton raised them and BHO went crazy raising taxes on everything but the air we breath - and he almost succeeded in that with the Paris accord.

2016 set a record for money received by the government.  Yet, NOTHING was fixed, the debt was NOT reduced in spite of it.  Taxpayers have no idea where our money went and that explains why the democrats have NEVER wanted a budget.  It's like giving credit cards to a shopaholic and then wondering why you have to file bankruptcy.

Johnny Rio 6 days ago
Someone asked who Al Gray, aka Arrow Flinger, Many Arrows, is and I immediately thought of the lyrics of the song, "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown." Meaner than a junkyard dog,  He got a thirty two gun in his pocket for fun
He got a razor in his shoe.


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