Summer could be hot one

It looks as though this summer is going to be a hot one.


Though May temperatures have been on par with historically expected levels after an unseasonable hot first four months, the next three are expected to be scorchers, according to a state climatologist. Summer officially starts June 21.

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“The three-month forecast shows above-average temperatures all throughout the Southeast,” Georgia’s deputy state climatologist, Nyasha Dunkley, said this week.

The new year brought with it an unpredictable January, with temperatures fluctuating between chilly winter norms and uncharacteristic peaks well into the 70s. Thermometers in January 2016 never topped 68 degrees. This year was a much different story with a 10-day stretch of highs over 70, hitting a high of 80 degrees on Jan. 18.

February boasted an average high of 70 degrees, close to a 10-degree increase from the previous year and a 15-degree jump from 2015. These anomalous temperatures continued through April, the hottest on record in years.

The beginning of May was relatively mild compared to the past few years. The rest of the month can be expected to bring highs in the 80s and 90s with nighttime temperatures dipping no lower than 50 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Val White 9 days ago

Nothing new. Fluctuating temperatures and climate conditions have happened as long as I can remember.

One 4th of July, my family went on a picnic and had to wear coats.  I'm sure this will fuel more climate change theory nuts.

Jerry Weakley 9 days ago
Late June, July, August and early September are hot and humid in Augusta...WRITE IT DOWN...It will happen again next year!


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