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Concerning the on-again, off-again subject of a drag strip: Do certain Augusta Commission members believe that if a drag strip was such a big demand, the private market place would have built one years ago? Twelve miles from downtown Augusta, the town of Jackson has a drag strip. Does the market demand another drag strip?


Cosby apparently behaved like a cad and lowlife toward women for years, essentially doping them up to take advantage of them, and yet what does he say about his accusers? “It’s about racism.” Wow, what a cheap play on the race card. No, Bill, I think it’s about you being a jerk and a predator, two characteristics anyone can be, no matter what race they are.


It’s interesting that the commenters who know they have to sign in with a name then object to it being published. Then don’t write in your obvious lies.


Why do WGAC’s Drew and Nolan tell us about rodents, hair, surgical gloves found in fast food? It is not appetizing since they tell this in the morning show. The air time could be used more to help us all.


The news media sat on their backsides during the eight years President Obama ran this nation into the ground. Hillary Clinton continued to get passes on her glaring scandals. Now, the cheerleaders for the anarchists on the left are going after Trump with a vengeance. P ut a muzzle on the lot of them.


For those who claim Obama received better treatment from the press than the present president, Obama never said they were fake, even when there was contention between them. He never tried to bully the press, or stay up all night tweeting absurd, insulting lies.


Getting around road paving is a chore, but the roads sure ride smoothly afterward. Thanks, guys, for working these hot days and nights to get the job done.


The New York Times writes a story about a Comey memo. Part of the memo was read to them over the phone by an anonymous source. They nor anyone else has actually seen the memo. This from a company that said during his campaign they would pay any amount for anything negative about Trump. And for some reason the rest of the media are giving this credibility?