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Concerning the on-again, off-again subject of a drag strip: Do certain Augusta Commission members believe that if a drag strip was such a big demand, the private market place would have built one years ago? Twelve miles from downtown Augusta, the town of Jackson has a drag strip. Does the market demand another drag strip?


Cosby apparently behaved like a cad and lowlife toward women for years, essentially doping them up to take advantage of them, and yet what does he say about his accusers? “It’s about racism.” Wow, what a cheap play on the race card. No, Bill, I think it’s about you being a jerk and a predator, two characteristics anyone can be, no matter what race they are.


It’s interesting that the commenters who know they have to sign in with a name then object to it being published. Then don’t write in your obvious lies.


Why do WGAC’s Drew and Nolan tell us about rodents, hair, surgical gloves found in fast food? It is not appetizing since they tell this in the morning show. The air time could be used more to help us all.


The news media sat on their backsides during the eight years President Obama ran this nation into the ground. Hillary Clinton continued to get passes on her glaring scandals. Now, the cheerleaders for the anarchists on the left are going after Trump with a vengeance. P ut a muzzle on the lot of them.


For those who claim Obama received better treatment from the press than the present president, Obama never said they were fake, even when there was contention between them. He never tried to bully the press, or stay up all night tweeting absurd, insulting lies.


Getting around road paving is a chore, but the roads sure ride smoothly afterward. Thanks, guys, for working these hot days and nights to get the job done.


The New York Times writes a story about a Comey memo. Part of the memo was read to them over the phone by an anonymous source. They nor anyone else has actually seen the memo. This from a company that said during his campaign they would pay any amount for anything negative about Trump. And for some reason the rest of the media are giving this credibility?

Jerry Whitcomb 5 months ago
"Obama never said they were fake, even when there was contention between them. "

Well, first of all Obama never had any negative stories in the lamestream media so he had no reason to complain about them.

Secondly, Obama did frequently and insultingly complain about FOX news when they did stories in opposition to his policies. 
Val White 5 months ago

No matter how many disastrous, destructive and restrictive Executive Orders BHO wrote, the press never criticized him. 

BHO had the press wrapped around his little finger to the point that they would NEVER report anything negative even when it slapped them in the face.

Johnny Rio 5 months ago
It’s interesting that the ranters who know they  don't have to sign in with a name call commenters liars and say they shouldn't object to their names being published.
There is a suspect in the stealing of classified information from the White House. If this suspect is being paid by the NY Times or Washington Post shouldn't those at the newspapers involved in these thefts of classified info be prosecuted?
J. Paul Griffin 5 months ago
THE WORD:   So then,  since we have a great High Priest who has entered heaven,  Jesus the Son of God,  let us hold firmly to what we believe.   Hebrews 4:  14   NLT
[removed] 5 months ago
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Val White 5 months ago

When law enforcement investigates an allegation and comes up with several persons of interest, they investigate ALL of them to eliminate those who have proof of innocence.  How much leg work has been done to clear Mr. Rich or Assange of these Russian leaks?

Mr. Rich, DNC employee, was murdered for no apparent reason.  An investigation of his life (I hope) is being done and may reveal that he indeed was the leaker.  

The sad truth is that they have already started more "leaked" B.S. that will be again be pushed by the dems for investigation.

Mr. Trump and the rest of the GOP need to stop letting themselves be bullied into constant investigations unless the dems can show some proof of their silly accusations.

In real life, a person cannot be persecuted, prosecuted or convicted by mere speculation or unconfirmed gossip.  

Val White 5 months ago
#3 - your constant accusation that I and other commenters tell lies is not only childish and foolish, but cowardly.  Until you can provide VERIFIABLE proof of any lies and then print your name, I'd suggest you stop wasting time and ink.
Val White 5 months ago

Front page news - another negative story about Trump based on "leaks", a sports story and a story about a local feud between two of CC's officials.

Metro - on the obit page the story about an historic trip to Saudi Arabia by Trump.  Of course, the word "World" was placed above it to make it seem that's where it belongs.

I thought Metro was for the local news like a local feud that certainly doesn't meet the excitement, urgency, or earth-shattering importance.  The same with the  sports stories, wouldn't that belong on the front page of the Sports section. 

The picture of Trump and wife de-planning should have had the historic trip story instead, the AC chose a long, drawn out story about another NEGATIVE, MADE UP LEAK  which should have been buried in the obits.

Has the AC gone over to the dark side.  With all the help the AC is giving to the ruination of Mr. Trump, no wonder we are still getting so many idiotic R&Rs.

Val White 5 months ago

Will we see the wonderful pomp and circumstance reception Mr. and Mrs. Trump received in Saudi Arabia on our newspaper's front page.

 The Arab band played our National Anthem for them, they had American flags flying and even shook Mrs. Trump's hand which is so against the Arabs' ideology.

They have shown a warmth and genuine interest in what Trump is trying to accomplish.  Quite a different attitude than they had toward the former president for whom they had no respect.

Val White 5 months ago

We all hollered for something to be done about the roads, now we are getting them taken care of.  Just didn't expect they'd all be done at the same time.

Too bad Ford and Toyota haven't invented cars that have wings.

Roland SASSER 5 months ago

Rant # 1: I agree, if there was money to be made, private investment would have built one already.

Rant # 2: I used to look at him as a positive role model for black men, what an imposter!

Rant # 3: I have no objection to my name being posted as a commenter. If the AC would require R & R commenters to post their real names, it would greatly reduce the incoherent, poorly written, and totally inaccurate rants.

Rant # 5: The main stream media had their head so far up Obama's rear, I'm surprised they didn't suffocate.

Rant # 6: See Rant # 5's response.

Rant # 8: Got to love the completely biased media.

Val White 5 months ago
"Life is tough!  It's even tougher when you're stupid."  John Wayne.
Steve Klopfen 5 months ago
Understanding of the Congressional & Federal Agencies that are   conducting dozens of investigations . Some are investigating the the investigations ,

Only in the DC Swamp......

Warning !!! You may have to play it a few times to understand all of the investigations .
Jerry Whitcomb 5 months ago
A link to a good article about why Mueller should resign, recuse, or in fact should never have been appointed as special investigator.

Basically Mueller cannot be impartial because he and Comey are butt-bottom buddies from way back. Anything negative he might find will automatically be suspect as revenge against Trump for firing his buddy. 

Val White 5 months ago
Let's hope you're wrong.
Gage Creed 5 months ago
Anybody else get the sob story email doubling the subscription rate for AC?

I guess I will have to do the same thing as when Netflix decided to double their price... I'll take my business elsewhere.

Looks like I will be signing off on Monday when the subscription office opens...


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