Former commissioner Todd to challenge Sias for District 4 seat

Former Commissioner Moses Todd speaks during a rally to repeal Augusta’s stormwater utility fee on April 21, 2016. File/Staff

Just making a one-year residency requirement, former Augusta Commission member Moses Todd said he is moving to District 4 to challenge Sammie Sias for his commission seat next year.


“I’m going to establish residence in District 4 before the 22nd,” said Todd, who’s been living in District 5. “I’m very unhappy about the way the government is going, and I’m making the move so that I will be in the right location.”

Todd served on the Richmond County Commission from 1993 to 1995, then was elected a commissioner of the newly consolidated Augusta-Richmond County. He resigned the seat in 1998 to run for mayor.

After placing fourth in the six-way race, Todd relocated to New Jersey, then Nebraska and other states building power plants and oil refineries. He returned to Augusta in 2011 for a stint at Savannah River Site, then left again for work before returning permanently in 2014.

Since coming back, Todd has campaigned vigorously against the city’s new stormwater utility fee, collecting petitions and speaking out against it at public forums.

Todd, 66, is the president of the 13-county Augusta Central Labor Council and was an area coordinator for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Sias, who did not return a call seeking comment, is among the stormwater fee’s champions, and he served as spokesman for it at public forums held around the city.

Todd said Sias “is strong on giving PowerPoints” but “I can’t see where he has contributed a lot to the county, city and the taxpayers.”

He said some on the commission “don’t have a big-picture sensibility,” and “when it comes to managing and setting policy, it seems they are lost.”

Todd said he supports Mayor Hardie Davis as “a decent caretaker for the first three years” despite some initial missteps.

The mayor’s office and five commission seats – District 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 – are up for election May 22, 2018. District 8 Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle and District 10 Commissioner Grady Smith are subject to term limits and can’t seek third consecutive terms.

Qualifying for the local nonpartisan races will be March 5 to March 9.

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Harry Bailey 3 months ago
Todd always impressed me with his knowledge and energy.  I was thinking that this would be a good thing.......that is, until I saw he was involved with backing Hillary.  Moses....Moses...Moses???  What happened to you, buddy??  Did some chain hooked to a big crane and steel girder snap, and the girder fell on top of your head??
Oh, well.  It ain't my district.  Heck, it's not even my town!
William O. Darby 3 months ago
You can't blame Moses for being a Democrat. It's one of the most difficult addictions to break free from.  I should know. It took me thirty years. My mom kept a photo of FDR in our living room just as many today feature images of JFK and OzBama.
Liberalism is much more a religious cult than a political stance.

The indoctrination begins early in life and is viciously relentless. Maybe Todd just doesn't want to hear the accusation, "Uncle Tom" or "Oreo", which would be inevitable were he to stray too far off the socialist plantation.

If we're gonna have lefties on the Commission, better one who's not a complete loon. I'd vote for him if I lived in his Democrat heavy district.
BRAD KYZER 3 months ago
I prefer my life sized portrait of Trump with his arm around his campaign manager Vladimir Putin.
B. M. Michales 3 months ago
Your statement shows how disillusioned you are. That is what we have come to expect from the far left misguided brainwashed liberal dumocrats like you.
Jerry Whitcomb 3 months ago
Moses.....I was wishing you luck buddy..........until they mentioned Hillary. 

Well......I guess you would still be better than Sias. At least I know you have good intent and a feeling for the people.........ALL of the people. 

I think nobody should run for Guilfoyle's District 8 seat. We should leave it open as a protest. If we elect somebody it just gives them the cover of saying we had representation..........when we really don't. They are just going to keep screwing us either way. 
B. M. Michales 3 months ago
I thought you had to be smarter than a 6 TH grader to hold a commission seat. My bad, after looking at the clowns on the commission now I see I was wrong.
BRAD KYZER 3 months ago
Speaking of clowns and wrong . Yesterday you stated that most imigrants had 8 kids and were all on welfare. Even in Trumpland where would one get such and idea? 
B. M. Michales 3 months ago
I thought you had to be smarted than a 6 TH grader to read and comprehend post, but after reading your above post I see I was wrong.
Donald Sterling 3 months ago
Todd's support of Hillary and our current mayor is enough for me to work against him.
Val White 3 months ago
I always enjoyed Moses' comments and thought that he was one of the more sensible democrats.  In spite of his supporting Hillary, he will be a better choice than Sias.
William O. Darby 3 months ago
Roger that!


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