Suspect wanted in armed robbery at GameStop

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a man involved in a Thursday armed robbery.

An armed robbery took place at the GameStop store at 3209 Deans Bridge Road on Thursday. The suspect is believed to be in his 20s and used a black revolver. He was last seen running towards Kipling Drive.

People with information on the case can contact Investigator Daniel Madden, or any violent crimes investigator, at (706) 821-1020 or 821-1080.

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B. M. Michales 10 days ago
Someone will turn in this lowlife, pretty good picture.
B. M. Michales 10 days ago
The 12 % strikes again.
ROY WHITLEY 10 days ago
The "12%" either need to leave America or become an American. This African crap is bulls**t.
Donald Sterling 10 days ago
He looks suspicious being dressed in that manner since the weather is HOT!  Hopefully if caught he gets stiff jail time and not just a slap on the wrist!  
Jerry Whitcomb 10 days ago
Too bad there wasn't a CCW person there to kill him on the spot. He will do it again and eventually shoot somebody. Best to kill them early on. When I see a hoodie coming in the door of a business I am in, I put my had on my gun. Especially if they are wearing a mask and all you can see is the white of their eyes. That is your first clue that you've got a good target. Take cover behind the canned goods and take your shot. 
B. M. Michales 10 days ago
This low life has on 2 hoodies in 90 degree weather, a sure give away to someone being up to no good.
Will Jones 10 days ago
Darn !  There is that pesky Deans Bridge Road, coming up again in the criminal conversation. Deputies can't be everywhere, so I guess we are going to have to "help" with this. 
ROY WHITLEY 10 days ago
A democratically supported Storm Trooper hired to riot on college campuses. The boy is just working a second job.
ROY WHITLEY 10 days ago
I know there MUST be some decent blacks out there in America but where do you look other than the Stanford staff, President Trump's cabinet or the U. S. Supreme Court. The rest always want a white man's money.


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