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I ask every Trump voter in the area to reflect on Trump’s actions as president and imagine how they would feel if Hillary Clinton were in office doing the exact same things.

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Of course there is some controversy on the Augusta Commission for using inmates as labor. They’re probably afraid some of their known associates or family members will be seen out there. They don’t want to make them do something so vile and hateful like work.


GOP incumbents have canceled town halls because of voter dissatisfaction with Trump’s performance as a president and the House shooting itself in the foot as it attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare.


Let’s put the revisionist history aside: Republicans started the fight over transgender rights. Trans individuals were using the restrooms of their preference for the past half-century, until Republican lawmakers saw an easy target for bullying and then somehow blamed the Democrats.


I find it interesting that Augusta Commissioner Hasan wants a drag strip, but won’t do anything about Boykin Road in his district; especially the section between Parkwood Drive and Peach Orchard Road.


The cruel and heartless Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to take away health care from tens of millions of Americans, including some of our nation’s most vulnerable people. The party of death was so desperate to pass Trumpcare, they added deadly amendments that put sick people’s, women’s and seniors’ lives at risk and called a vote before Congressional Budget Office could review the bill.


Imagine all the Trump voters eager to believe the hoax that Obama was born in Kenya but are willing to overlook Trump’s refusal to release his taxes or his campaign’s ties to Russia or his leaking of classified information or his family’s profiting from his position. What shameless hypocrisy.


I am relieved that the people who blindly put Trump into office are now having their sight restored as the nation goes downhill so rapidly.

Steve Klopfen 10 days ago
A Joke that hits home about Personal Privacy.

Such is life on the INTERNET if you don't understand basic privacy safe guards and how to use them,  anyone can purchase your life.
The Federal and some state governments spent $$$Millions purchasing large collections of data that did not require a warrant to acquire.

Look up CISPA - Back in December 2015 a version of CISPA was hidden in the total federal budget and finally passed after 3 years of rejected trying.

Big $$$$ In Cookies and cross data correlation.
BTW: The AC collected the following cookies from my add on that generates bogus cookies, just for posting this realistic joke example. 


Maxwell P. Coltrane 10 days ago
And we're back to the same ole stuff.
Maxwell P. Coltrane 10 days ago
If Hillary Clinton was in office... she wouldn't be doing the same things. That's why Trump was elected. 
Maxwell P. Coltrane 10 days ago
#3 As far as I've seen? Events are being canceled because of the threat of disruption and violence by the party to your LEFT.  
Val White 10 days ago

#1 - if Hillary would do the good things Trump is doing, it would probably mean an alien life form took over her body.

If you're implying Trump is doing something he shouldn't, just exactly what is he doing that you think is wrong?  'Splain yourself. 

#3 - Do you have access to news?  Events have been cancelled because of the violence and vandalism for which your democrat party is responsible.

#7 - BHO could put that rumor to rest if only he would release his college transcripts so we can see if he applied as a foreign student or American and if he could explain why he changed his name.  Speaking of hypocrisy, BHO was caught red-faced telling plenty of lies and the dem voters pretend they didn't hear them, but will believe the MSM when they lie about Trump.

Well, I see the lefty loons are at it again. 

Jerry Whitcomb 10 days ago
Boy....the Chronicle put the fruit loops in charge today didn't they.. Nothing factual, as usual. No response required. 
J. Paul Griffin 10 days ago
THE WORD:   It isn't my responsibility to judge outsiders, but it certainly is  your responsibility to judge those inside the church who are sinning.   God will judge those on the outside; but as the Scriptures say,   "You must remove the evil person from among you."  1 Corinthians 5:  12-13   NLT
J. Paul Griffin 10 days ago
I just have to break my silence on my decision to not post comments any more.  RANT 2: You have nailed it!  Those relatives who are not on the County payroll are probably incarcerated, and GOD forbid they have to work for their upkeep.   I refuse to get down into the SLOP and wallow with those left wing democratic, socialist Anti-Americans that have hijacked the Augusta Chronicle "news department."  In my opinion, The Augusta Chronicle is no longer worthy of being called a "news source."
Johnny Rio 10 days ago
Nobody took health care from anyone. They told working middle class Americans who pay their own way they won't have to support free loaders. Those who are getting free health care will have to learn how to budget for important things like the rest of us working stiffs.
Karen Goodwin 10 days ago
I am so glad that you have the finances to do that, even with your pre existing conditions.  You are a lucky guy.
Johnny Rio 10 days ago
No pre-existing condition with me and if I had one I would expect my insurance to be higher. Since you apparently don't have the finances to pay your own way, you've been a lucky girl. That's about to end.
Karen Goodwin 10 days ago
You are assuming a lot about me.  Try thinking about the less fortunate for a change. 
Johnny Rio 10 days ago
You were assuming a lot about me, actually. Try thinking about those who pay the bills for a change.
Jerry Whitcomb 9 days ago
I think about them all of the time......and how much it is costing my family to support them from cradle to grave.
Bill Pinot 10 days ago
States are losing health care insurers and several are down to only one insurance company and those are considering dropping out because they can't afford the mandates of Obummacare!  The people who actually work for a living and pay for everything have gotten tired of paying for people who squander their money on junk food, beer and lottery tickets instead of their family obligations!~!  Who instituted the programs that pay them to be able to do so,  DEMOCRATS.  It was Johnson who said, with all the benefits they are now giving away, a certain segment of the population will always be voting democrat. 
Steve Klopfen 10 days ago
The Augusta Chronicle Transgender PC drive.

Yesterday / Today the AC had 2 Pro-Transgender Articles that were confusing, and contradicting within itself.


Could someone please explain why a person can be call a MALE, just because they FEEL like male, but all the original stuff is still there saying they are female?

Please explain how why the AC chose to call a Female a Male, when explaining the person died from a Hysterectomy operation?

Please explain how a US Army Hospital came to preform the operation to begin with. Was She married to an active duty US Military solider?
Or was the she granted a discharge to service related issues? Or was under her parents service to our country?

To me this whole acceptance and main streaming of Tyrannies is just another Liberal push to blur the sexual and social Norms of American Society. 

As I said yesterday I can support a Transsexual for making their total decision.

Johnny Rio 10 days ago
Steve, she was in the Army Reserves I think I read. The military has no choice but to aid in their quest to change their sex due to Obama directives. It's the stupidest thing to have these confused people in the military.
Val White 10 days ago

We have a new choice in life - what sex we want to be and we can have it at taxpayers expense if you were lucky enough to serve a short stint in the military or if you're lucky enough to get sentenced to prison.

BHO did one thing he should have in his legacy - he turned America into a place where the loons, the deranged, the depraved, and all criminals are now considered the norm by the brainwashed democrat followers. 

John Smith 9 days ago
I hope you find delight in knowling that the younger generations in general do not find these thing weird at all. BTW the lipid encrusted arteries cost a whole lot more to the average taxpayer. I see the lines at the drive thrus. And your shopping carts rimmed with sodas. Let that be your choice that others must pay for sooner or later. 50% chance it applies to at least one of you.
Val White 10 days ago

Fox news has been traveling many of the states that Hillary lost interviewing patrons of businesses there.  It seems almost 99% of them were democrats who voted for BHO, but after his 8 years of destroying America they voted for Mr. Trump.

Hillary didn't lose because of Russia or any other silly excuse.  She lost because of BHO's failures and the fear that she would continue to carry out his goal of the destruction of America and takeover of communism.

It no longer became an issue of capitalism versus socialism, it was and is no longer a secret that the democrats are full blown communists.

If anyone is colluding with Putin, it is the left.  Too bad the dem voters are not smart enough to compare the actions and behavior of Putin to themselves.

Steve Klopfen 10 days ago
The Rehashing the Augusta Check the Box issue.

Example of why those boxes are important.
"City officials in Texas temporarily removed a municipal judge from the bench Wednesday after learning that she never received U.S. citizenship after becoming a legal permanent resident in 2007."

It seems the city was playing with the Check The Box Wording and it Bit them. The new Employment application only asked whether the candidate was eligible for legal employment in the state. The part of being a US Citizen was deleted.

BTW: She was a Legal well qualifed Legal expert but still a Korean citizen, that just was not pushed into asking for US Citizenship yet.
Also despite what the city said, expect any good lawyer to appeal her previous court judgements for their clients.


Johnny Rio 10 days ago
Important point from article about University Hospital President Jim Davis resigning from the State Hospital Commission. He made a revealing statement about Columbia County paying the health care costs for Richmond County.:

Davis said Columbia County “is an almost 100% insured county that University and Doctors Hospitals depend on to offset the poorer payers in the rest of the market."

What if Columbia County demands profits be kept for the facility built in the county and not go to support operations in Richmond County?
Robert Sheffer 10 days ago
If Hillary were in office doing the exact same thing as Trump is doing now  I would support her re-election in 2020. 
Val White 10 days ago

The dems keep pushing for an independent investigation of the Russia connection hoping one tiny smidgen will be discovered no matter how ambiguous it may be can be used against Trump.

They may rue the day though if this investigation happens upon something more incriminating of Hillary's, BHO's or anyone else in the BHO administration's crimes and corruptness.  Which have been evidenced but the dems never called for independent investigations when their party was involved.

Would one of you moonbats who still believe after a year of investigation and with no evidence of Russian collusion, why you don't realize that with all the leaks that have come out that if there was ANYTHING at all to prove Russia and Trump colluded, it would have been leaked already.  Or it would have been discovered by all the dems investigating under every leaf.

The left's indoctrination of their sheep is definitely deeply embedded.


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