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I ask every Trump voter in the area to reflect on Trump’s actions as president and imagine how they would feel if Hillary Clinton were in office doing the exact same things.


Of course there is some controversy on the Augusta Commission for using inmates as labor. They’re probably afraid some of their known associates or family members will be seen out there. They don’t want to make them do something so vile and hateful like work.


GOP incumbents have canceled town halls because of voter dissatisfaction with Trump’s performance as a president and the House shooting itself in the foot as it attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare.


Let’s put the revisionist history aside: Republicans started the fight over transgender rights. Trans individuals were using the restrooms of their preference for the past half-century, until Republican lawmakers saw an easy target for bullying and then somehow blamed the Democrats.


I find it interesting that Augusta Commissioner Hasan wants a drag strip, but won’t do anything about Boykin Road in his district; especially the section between Parkwood Drive and Peach Orchard Road.


The cruel and heartless Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to take away health care from tens of millions of Americans, including some of our nation’s most vulnerable people. The party of death was so desperate to pass Trumpcare, they added deadly amendments that put sick people’s, women’s and seniors’ lives at risk and called a vote before Congressional Budget Office could review the bill.


Imagine all the Trump voters eager to believe the hoax that Obama was born in Kenya but are willing to overlook Trump’s refusal to release his taxes or his campaign’s ties to Russia or his leaking of classified information or his family’s profiting from his position. What shameless hypocrisy.


I am relieved that the people who blindly put Trump into office are now having their sight restored as the nation goes downhill so rapidly.



Wed, 02/21/2018 - 21:34

Rants and raves