Proposal to get rid of personnel manual on commission agenda

One Augusta commissioner’s agenda item to “scrap” the city personnel manual and all proposed revisions Tuesday met with mixed reviews by his peers.


Commissioner Sammie Sias confirmed by text message the agenda item would have the effect of getting rid of all written human resources policies and procedures, as well as a set of proposed revisions to the document, and let the commission decide all discipline cases.

Asked if he wanted to do what the item said, Sias did not respond. He was hospitalized for emergency surgery last week, missing Tuesday’s committee meetings.

“I don’t think Mr. Sias would put something on the agenda that he didn’t feel very strongly about,” Commissioner Dennis Williams said.

Williams said he disagreed with having the commission weigh discipline cases.

“Commissioners shouldn’t have any deciding input on any personnel matters,” he said.

Others on the 10-member commission suggested Sias was going out on a limb.

“Some of the moves Sammie has made in the past year have not been popular,” Commissioner Grady Smith said. “I’m going to have to see a lot more than ‘Sammie doesn’t like it.’”

Asked if he thought the commission would do away with the manual, Commissioner Marion Williams said no.

Williams took over a committee charged with revising the manual when former chairman, Commissioner Bill Lockett, left office in December.

“I’m for getting the PPPM right, rather than throwing it out,” Williams said.


Other matters going before the commission Tuesday include:

- A presentation from Peed Bros. Inc. Vice President Angela Lance on her firm’s protest of a bid award for a landfill construction project

- A vote on having the city law department draft an ordinance limiting the wearing of sagging pants. Marion Williams and Smith said Monday they still support the ban. Dennis Williams said the city can’t “legislate how people wear their clothes” but could regulate how they’re worn in city facilities

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