One killed, 2 injured in Wrightsboro Road accident

Police say a taxi driver was killed in a two-vehicle accident on Wrightsboro Road.

The driver of a Speedy Cab Company taxi van, driven by Monika Christa Lowe, 59, of Augusta was traveling east on Wrightsboro Road before the driver of a 2010 Acura, identified as Abraham Mohammad Mazhar, 26, of Grovetown, attempted to turn left onto Hamilton road into the taxi cab’s path.

Police said that the taxi overturned down an embankment on the south shoulder after striking the side of Mazhar’s vehicle. Lowe was killed. Two passengers inside the taxi, Axel Mclean, 40, of Augusta and Irene Cangelosi, 74, of Evans, were transported to the AU Medical Center with injuries.

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Mazhar has been charged with vehicular homicide in the second degree, failure to yield while turning left and marijuana possession.

Val White 3 months ago

Hurry up and legalize marijuana.  We don't have enough DUIs now.  Let's encourage even more high drivers on the road.

Jennifer Willis 3 months ago
He isn't being charged with DUI or DWI. He was charged with possession, not being under the influence.  Not defending him, but stating the facts as they were reported.

Johnny Rio 3 months ago
The photo is not anywhere near Wrightsboro Rd.
B. M. Michales 3 months ago
Condolences to the family of the victims. This is the same picture used a few months ago in a similar circumstance, like others have posted, no where near the scene of the accident. If this is the best the AC cab do just don't use a picture.
Morris Jones 3 months ago
Maybe the writer doesn't know the difference between Wrightsboro and Washington Rd. or could be high.
Arosi Lopez 15 days ago
It was on wrightboros Rd 
Arosi Lopez 15 days ago
Grr the killed my mother in law y'all worried about legalizing marijuana 
Arosi Lopez 15 days ago
Y'all some stupid people it was on wrightboros Rd in grovetown dumb idiots. Get ur story right 
Arosi Lopez 15 days ago
My darling mother died
Arosi Lopez 15 days ago
Post the pic of cab 
Arosi Lopez 15 days ago
Abigail i have pics of the accident 


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