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I see several dictators want to force colleges to have to host lying political Trump supporters as speakers. No, our democracy cannot be dumped by them. Pay for your own forums at private, non-educational locations. In fact, go pay for your own online forums since you are unhappy with freedom of speech by The Augusta Chronicle, where offensive and racist thoughts and language are edited out.

Big thanks and raves to Dr. Sam Sullivan for all his efforts these past few years helping out Paine College and Painites. You have uplifted it to where it would not have gotten if not for you and your hard work. I look forward to the next new president to be able to go onward and upward.

Thank you all at the Saturday Market. I really appreciate all those delicious goods sold there, plus the various homemade soaps. I look forward to more months of happy shopping.

High praise to first lady Melania Trump for her wonderful visits to kids and at the Easter Egg event at the White House. And for poking the Donald to put his hand to his heart during the anthem.

The Republicans should have known better than to put forth Trump as president, considering it took him some years of bankruptcies before he could get on to being a successful multimillionaire. Our government and country are nothing to play with and certainly not with a bunch of friends who do not have the skills or know how to deal with their positions, especially when they lie to get into those jobs. Now they keep flopping on their faces with big losses such as the illegal travel bans.

I wonder if University Hospital, the Augusta area’s hospital of choice for 18 years, is going to continue to help deliver the babies of our military since they bought Trinity Hospital or kick the contract to the curb because it doesn’t make them enough money?

I don’t look forward to another Augusta summer, but I am really loving the outdoors this spring.

J. Paul Griffin 5 months ago
THE WORD:  Protect me from wicked people who attack me, from murderous enemies who surround me. They are without pity. Listen to their boasting! Psalm 17: 9-11   NLT
Griff Griffin 5 months ago
Looks like Hillary of ISLAMS cronies are on here slandering our president. None of them had a bad word to say when Obama sank US in Trillions of dollars in debt, and invited terrorist in to rape kill and take over. Are Dems not traitors, since they operate as a group should they not be indicted on Conspiracy to overthrow the US government???>?>?
Val White 5 months ago

You would think so, they certainly meet all the criteria.

The left claim Mr. Trump and his administration are traitors, but can't see the horrible things they are saying or doing as terroristic or treasonous.

Val White 5 months ago

Venezuela and socialism. 

Venezuela slowly left the world of semi-capitalism and went all the way to the word of socialism.  In 2012 their dictator, errr I mean, President stopped the sale of  weapons to private citizens.  Then confiscated all the weapons already owned by them.       

Sound familiar?  Kind of like what the democrats have been trying to do right here in the U.S.A.

Maduro, the current dictator, is now in the process of arming his loyal supporters to take care of those who oppose him. Sounds like many other "socialist/communist" countries.

The Venezuelan government and their loyalists are rich, well housed and well fed.  The rest of the Venezuelan citizens are living in abject poverty.

Even many European socialist countries are in financial trouble, their people are sick of the government taking all their money and dictating how they should live - can you say BREXIT. 

Snowflakes and those who continue to think the liberal democrats know what's best for you so you continue to ignore the facts the rest of world experiences offer for your enlightenment and continue to vote for the same way of life as so many other fallen countries. 

Val White 5 months ago

#3 - The outdoor market is good fun.  Reminds me of the many that popped up in my home state at the first sign of spring.

#4 - Finally we have a first lady who is as gracious as Jackie Kennedy, as intelligent and humble, yet very engaged, as Laura Bush.

Last rant - It's great to get outdoors without jackets and gloves, just seems like we're having some pretty warm weather a little too early.  Hope that's not indicative of a summer that will get the global warmer crowd's knickers in a twist.

Karen Goodwin 5 months ago
I'm sorry, how is Melania engaged?  She stands like a statue and never smiles.  How can this robot be engaged.?  And to compare her to Jackie Kennedy, or Laura Bush is really a stretch!
Bill Pinot 5 months ago
Melaina Trump is fluent in 6 languages.  Yes, I do know this for a fact.  How many other than Democrat do you speak?
Karen Goodwin 5 months ago
Here we go, attack me?  how much republican do you speak?  silly comment
John Smith 5 months ago
Ehkä puhuu ehkä ei silti se on ihan aivoton paska hyi helvetti. It's really not at all special for Europeans.
Steven Jackson 5 months ago
1st up a several week old and previously warned ongoing IT Security Problem that the AC seriously needs to access. 

Security Warning:
The AC login page does not have a secured connection (no SSL Lock) .
This means what you type in for your user name and password can be stolen by eavesdroppers and attackers. If you are using FB, GM and etc accounts to log in, this data can easily be captured by the AC IT Staff and or others.

1 Possible Security Protection Solution:
I use a HideMyA____ email address, not tied to my other accounts and the password used here is NOT related to any other accounts.

John Smith 5 months ago
You are partially correct, but not about the fb etc. accounts because they use oauth2. That aside, AC should use https. 

Bill Pinot 5 months ago

The Numbers

1-A socialist who believes that only democrats are allowedfree speech!

2-Dr.Sullivan deserves praise for doing what few otherscould do. Let’s hope the new president understands how to balance a checkbook!

3-Something all political factions can agree on, (I think!)

4-The White House now has something that has been lackingfor the last 8 years, CLASS!

5-Same old KoolAid!

6-Yes, I would hope University does honor that contract,especially since they’ve kicked out the a lot of what made Trinity special inthe first place!

7-Welcome to the South!

Val White 5 months ago

The poll manager in Cobb County who left his vehicle unlocked while shopping and had voting machines stolen needs to be FIRED!  He broke several rules, first you never stop to run errands when transporting voting materials, supplies, equipment to or from the Board of Elections' office.  Second, two persons are required when transporting these items - either in the same vehicle or one vehicle following the other.  If this had been the case, this would have been prevented.

There are several checks and balances so the BofE would most likely catch any anomaly.  But, I agree, the timing of the crime certainly seems suspicious added to the fact that this was not reported for two days???

Karen Goodwin 5 months ago
I agree Val!  Something stinks.
[removed] 5 months ago
This comment has been deleted
Karen Goodwin 5 months ago
No need to apologize, we can agreed to disagree.  I would never attack you personally, but some on here do.
Johnny Rio 5 months ago
The violent mobs preventing conservatives from speaking on college campuses and other places equal Brownshirts. They will be breaking the windows of conservative owned businesses next. Oops, that's already begun. 
Charles Bowles 5 months ago
It would be nice if some of the ranters above would actually fact check their own blatantly outrageous comments before posting. Spewing facts from whatever political 'commentator' they listen to is boorish and wrong. How hard is it for people to do their own research? We are in the internet age with the worlds knowledge fitting in the palm of our hand.
Val White 5 months ago
CB - they probably do fact check, just that it happens to be on a liberal web site.
[removed] 5 months ago
This comment has been deleted
[removed] 5 months ago
This comment has been deleted
Val White 5 months ago
As I mentioned in one of my posts, he is the second coming of BHO for the liberal democrats.
Vincent Di Girolamo 5 months ago
Rant 1 I think is proof that the Chronicle has a sense of humor. The entire post is ludicrous.
Roland SASSER 5 months ago

Rant # 1: Liberals love free speech until you disagree with them.

"In fact, go pay for your own online forums since you are unhappy with freedom of speech" What part of freedom of speech do you not understand?

Rant # 2: Paine College needs to live within it's means and somebody that knows how balance it's budget.

Rant # 4: I agree! Compare this to our last first lady who publicly stated that she was not proud of her country until she became first lady. This is what Democrats worship?

Rant # 5: Obviously you have no clue how business works. Many successful people have had to declare bankruptcy alone their journey to success. Even Warren Buffet declared the secret to success is more good decisions than bad ones. Obama surrounded himself with a bunch of buffoon politicians, Trump is surrounding himself with successful businessmen.

Morris Jones 5 months ago
I agree. President Trump is doing it the right way with business people and not politicians. For all the liberals who see their agenda slowly going away, I feel sorry for you because you cannot see past your nose. What I earn is mine and mine to keep. I get more bitter about all the money I pay in taxes each year to support all those checks to people who will not work to better themselves.
Jerry Whitcomb 5 months ago
"I see several dictators want to force colleges to have to host lying political Trump supporters as speakers."

Oh no......we don't want to force them. But since they already allow lying Democrat left wing liberal political speakers we just want to cut off ALL federal funding. No  loans, no student loans, no grants, no federal money in any form if they don't allow conservative speakers in equal numbers. Don't allow our speakers.....don't get our money. No free speech for all.....no federal money for any. That's not forcing....that is choosing. I could care less what they do......but I do care if they are doing it with MY money. Most of them are joke liberal arts educational institutions anyway so who cares. Just don't be a joke financed with MY money. 

Same situation as with sanctuary cities. They can do anything they want but not one damned taxpayer dollar for anything unless they comply with federal law. 
Jerry Whitcomb 5 months ago
"Columbia County deputies are searching for a theft suspect at the Grovetown AT&T store.............The male is described as a black male, about 6'0" tall, 185 pounds, with dreadlocks. The female is described as a black female, wearing jeans and a floral shirt."

Ah....another couple of typical CSRA undocumented shoppers. And they still wonder why they get watched........apparently not close enough. 


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