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Within a few days, Atlanta has two major eruptions on the interstate. Can two be coincidence?

The editorial in Wednesday’s paper, suggesting America is becoming ungovernable, is laughable. We have a president who will not release his taxes, lies with impunity and calls the news fake unless it favors him. Who in their right mind would stand for this? The protesters are loud and obnoxious, but so is our president. We take our lead from our fearless leader, who is so brave, as long as others are putting their lives on the line. This draft dodger needs to take a chill pill.

The media and police report that actions and words against people because of race, headwear, misinterpretations of symbols, LBGT status and perceived races have increased since Trump and his Breitbart and other supremacist pals have shouted out from the start of the campaign. We will continue to protest all the bigoted and racist nonsense.

Another Trump big-time lie: He dares to sign an executive order to push others to buy American-made items but he imports items for his hotels from Canada, Bangladesh, Mexico and other places for everyday items such as bathrobes and towels. Then he dares to say he buys things that cannot be made in America. What a way to support American-made goods. The executive order is like a lie, which is just as bad as the illegal ones he tried to push through like the Muslim travel bans.

Another truth outs about Trump supporters: Ivanka was included in a session during the Chinese president’s visit because she now gets to sell her stuff in China. Are they the same items that were made in China that she’s trying to sell expensively here in the U.S.?

(It is) interesting that a story about a project that “stays on budget” never mentions how much.

Some want to waste time reporting and counting the Rants &Raves but say we should not count the errors by Spicer or Trump and other Trump supporters. Hah, we will keep that count up. Has Bill O’Reilly now lost enough ads for the lying Fox News as United Airlines lost in stock (over $250 million per the one-day data)?

Each weekend, we all should walk the streets of our neighborhoods, greeting our neighbors and picking up the trash that mindless dolts toss out. That’s a win-win, and another win if we count the exercise we get from the walk.

Val White 8 months ago

Last rant - We should all chip in and keep our neighborhoods clean and safe.

However, we need to catch the careless, selfish persons who litter and fine them.  Parents have either failed to teach their children to respect our Earth or they are also contributing to the trash piles along the roads.

Val White 8 months ago

MSM claiming Mr. Trump was "getting ahead of the facts" when he said it LOOKED like a terrorist act in Paris.  Turns out it was!

A little double standard when they do nothing but report false facts then have to retract those erroneous reports, i.e. the NY Times.  At least they had to apologize after posting false news about Mr. Trump.

Val White 8 months ago

DACA boy who is suing the government.

What the democrats are not hearing on their news stations or on their liberals websites:

This young man has been in trouble with the police several times, and has been scaling the wall (going back and forth to Mexico) WITHOUT permission.  These are in violation of the rules of being in the DACA program.

Of course, the liberal MSM is not telling the whole story, they are making it appear as though he is a model child and is being picked on by the Trump administration. 

He has been given an opportunity of a life time with this DACA program and has spit in the face of America's laws.  Is this the kind of person who will become a model citizen and obey the rest of the laws of the U.S.?  I'd be willing to bet NOT.

Johnny Rio 8 months ago
The snowflake, neoMaos, are sweating in the R and R's like Ashley Brown grilling pork chops on his pellet grill.
[removed] 8 months ago
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Val White 8 months ago
I imagine the MSM keeps these things low key.  If Sharia law is allowed in muslim communities, how long will it be that even those muslims living amongst non-muslims will be allowed to also practice it?  And how long will it be before a muslim kills his neighbor because s/he is gay.  In a liberal courtroom, he may be able to get away with it.
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Jim Hall 8 months ago
So kissing a frog did have scientific implications way beyond just romance and life change.  LOL
Roland SASSER 8 months ago

Rant # 1: Are we talking volcanoes?

Rant # 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7: "The editorial in Wednesday’s paper, suggesting America is becoming ungovernable, is laughable".

What's laughable is your command of the English language.

If Trump is a draft dodger, what about Clinton and Obama's military record? Fact is, there are many things that are no longer made in this country. Don't blame that on Trump. Take a look around your own house and see how many things you have that weren't made here. Bottom line, you want cheap stuff, odds are it's made elsewhere.

Jerry Whitcomb 8 months ago
Holy crap.

Lowell Greenbaum.......the Chronicle called.......your paycheck for writing the R&R's is ready. 

Clickbait mania. Time to let the Comments go to ZERO.
Val White 8 months ago

I will not be commenting on any R&Rs that are liberal tripe.  My comments will be on real news, what is happening that has or will effect our safety, security, finances, environment and livelihood. 

BTW, I submitted an R&R about a week ago and have yet to see it.  Must be too conservative.

[removed] 8 months ago
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Jerry Whitcomb 8 months ago
"this country is goose-stepping towards white genocide and assassinations. ................mirror exactly the pre-Nazi climate of opinion"

And we should learn from history what happens to you if you don't shoot back early in the process..

"Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

Val White 8 months ago

The democrats, especially the young, well-indoctrinated college age democrats, have not quite figured out one of he main objectives of their liberal leaders.  Open borders are not just because we are compassionate, not just because these poor people have problems living in their own countries.

The goal is to effect Globalization.  Europe and a few other countries were all in on this concept "one big happy world".  But, it looks like Europe is beginning to see how dangerous this would be.

Day one, the first time a cave man stood upright, man has always wanted more territory, more access to resources, more power/authority, and in today's world - lots more wealth.

As long as there are Putins, Assads, Maduros, Castros, Mussolinis, Hitlers, Idi Amans, and all the others throughout history, there will be wars for more stuff.

The U.S. has allowed muslims to create their own communities and they never give up the quest to be allowed to practice their own laws.  Eventually, no mistaking it, they will not be able to tolerate the infidels and will become a major threat to U.S. Christians and other non-muslims. 

There is never going to be successful, peaceful globalization.  Each country should be its own sovereignty, protect and secure its own.