Board of Regents voted Tuesday to increase tuition for most undergraduate students

The University System of Georgia Board of Regents voted Tuesday to increase tuition 2 percent for next school year for most undergraduate students.

The increase works out to $27 to $98 per semester for full-time students paying in-state tuition, the system said in a news release. At Augusta University, this differs by campus.

For those on the Health Sciences Campus, it means an $85 increase from $4,239 to $4,324. For those on the Summerville Campus, the rates will vary based on when they first enrolled because of consolidation and the transition of some of those programs to rates at a research university level.

Graduate programs do not appear to have been affected by the tuition increase. Fees will rise $25 for both campuses next fall semester, according to the release.

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Bill Pinot 6 months ago
Keep raising fees and hiring liberal/socialist professors and giving them tenure so that they can't be fired and wonder why your enrollment drops!!  Idiocy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  You're pricing education out of the realm for people who really want it and your staffing with a bunch of socialist professors who teach disruption of our constitution and how to find a puppy and sit in a safe space if that doesn't accomplish your socialist agenda!.. The regents need to wake up and address the real problems with higher education or maybe we should call it institutional brainwashing!!
Steven Jackson 6 months ago
an it just happened when the  Gold Dome is set to instruct the GA Lottery to lower the odds of willing from 31% to 21%, because of another major shortage of HOPE $$$$$. Mainly because of the all the things they have added to HOPE over the Years. But also because they keep increasing the ODDs of winning and lowering the payouts for any lottery $$$$$.

Maybe it is time that the GOLD DOME required a discounted Tuition Rate for HOPE Scholarship students and Cap the amount of Hope funds or students per college per year. Also set verifiable graduation rates with a 3.0/4.0 average

Some of the even BIG colleges are just milking the system.
Knowing they will dump 2/3's every year.

BTW: what was the latest Graduation rate for Hope Students.
Has the AC or AJC done a recent study?

By many reports about 2/3's of all UGA students lost their HOPE
scholarship at the 30 hour semester ( 1 year ) credit mark due poor grades.


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