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Is the name of Washington Road going to change, too? President Washington also was a slave owner.

Well, we had a choice between Trump and Clinton. Both of them extremely crooked people. With Clinton, we would be at war with Russia right now. With Trump, we are dealing with him sucking up to the Russians. Everything ends up with the Russians.

Why does the GOP hate most people of this country? Is truly affordable health care too much to expect? Seniors, women and the less financially secure will be hurt the most by the GOP plans.

Thanks to Obamacare, 20 million more Americans now have health care coverage. But instead of building off of his groundbreaking legislation, Republicans are determined to GUT Obamacare and leave millions without the care they need.

Since there are still problems with elevators at Aiken Library, why can’t a gradual incline ramp be built? Lot cheaper than an elevator they can’t get repaired. There are so many in Aiken who know how ramps are built for the mobility- impaired. County board needs to do something so everyone can use the library.

Shame on that doctor who believes health care is a privilege.

Starting fires, breaking windows, stealing, refusing conservatives the right to speak on college campuses, verbal assaults. Democrats. NOT REPUBLICANS. You must be very proud to call yourself a Democrat.

It was a felony to leak Trump’s 2005 tax returns. What’s so funny? They show he paid more than Comcast (NBC’s parent company), Mitt Romney and several other critics. $38 MILLION. I’d say his fair share.

Whoa! Augusta commissioners now want to borrow millions of dollars to demolish 400-plus houses on private property? What is wrong with these elected officials? The first order of business would be to get a clear title to these properties. My goodness, y’all, the taxes are not being paid on these parcels, so let’s get them to the delinquent tax sale.

If pro-life forces in Georgia and elsewhere were serious about reducing the number of abortions in our country, they would support – rather than vilify – groups that make affordable contraception available to women and reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies. But their real agenda lies in policing women’s sexual behavior.

Bill Pinot 8 months ago
I see the Democrat picked today's posts!!
Jerry Whitcomb 8 months ago
Yep. The resident Chronicle snowflake.
J. Paul Griffin 8 months ago
THE WORD:                                                                                                                                          Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.   Proverbs 1:  7   NLT
J. Paul Griffin 8 months ago
MEMO TO Steven Jackson.  I tried to reply to your comment yesterday, but for some unknown reason (happens quite a lot lately with this "new format") I could not reply.  It is ironic that the passage you quoted was the exact same passage that My Preacher used for his sermon last Sunday. 
J. Paul Griffin 8 months ago
The rants and raves are becoming more and more, shall I say, catering to the left wing radicals. Same thing is happening to the rest of the newspaper with the Associated Press being the dominate source for news. How long can the AC survive with this type of garbage.  Sylvia Cooper, Bill Kirby and Glynn Moore, please speak up for us Patriotic and Conservative subscribers!!
Steven Jackson 8 months ago
Given what appears a Minimum Level of Effort we are seeing with the AC since Jan 2016.

I am seriously wondering what the End Game is for the
AC Business plan or model?

Jim Hall 8 months ago
Smart phone and I-pad business only.  Get the APP.  Get it now.  The AC, like everyone else wants to be with you all the time.

Get the bank app.  Get the sheriffs app.  get your doctor's app.  Put your entire private life in cyber space.

Big Brother has gone way beyond the parabolic cameras every room in every building and outside.
Dee STAFFORD 8 months ago
We still have a great editorial section.  One of the best.
Steven Jackson 8 months ago
A fair and equal request.
Would the AC name the AC Staff Member who picks the R&R's and start posting the Submitter's name also?

It would seem fair and equal treatment after all the AC demanded it of the commenters and clearly told us NAMES, not handles were required.

Bill Pinot 8 months ago
OK Just change the name from Augusta Chronicle to  CNN ARC and you'll be perfectly lined up with the Hillary/Pelosi Network folks! 
Val White 8 months ago

#2 - Trying to come to a mutual respect and peaceful resolutions with our enemies is NOT sucking up.  It's called diplomacy and  good business.

During BHO's term, he DID suck up to the Middle East and look what we have to deal with now. 

#3 - Once again, Obamacare is NOT affordable except to the same people who received it free before.  

#4 - Where does the 20 million people number come from?  It was picked out of the air by the democrats.  The 20 million include those who got it free, those who are subsidized, and most of those were people who signed up with Medicaid.  Now the dems are using the same 20M number without telling us WHICH 20M those people are.  What about the millions of WORKING people who actually paid for their healthcare and still lost their insurance. 

Last rant - PP was supposedly offering forms of birth control and supposedly giving guidance to those young women to keep them from having multiple children and encouraging adoption - somewhere down the line, PP dropped the ball because way too  many kept having multiple children and way too many chose the other services PP offered.

Jim Hall 8 months ago
PP apparently was successful in the goals of Wilson and Sanger.  The population has been kept at 13-14%.  The agrarian workforce is no longer needed.
Steven Jackson 8 months ago
I was not going to respond to the LIBERAL Picked R&R's today.
Because basically they are  same Liberal themes and agenda talking point many of us have factually disproved too many times over the last year.

Then I remembered the AC  New AC E-Format makes
it near impossible to review the 1000's of times these Liberal News bites have already factually been disproven. (was this part of the plan?)  

Whatever the Liberal Agenda plan today,  I plan to quickly address them and move on.

#1 Already addressed at least 100 time in the last 150+ days
#2. another semi-disguised left handed Anti-trump Russian comment
#3 Another of the same lame emotional non-factual arguments.
#4 A misleading lie we have already disproved a few 100 times.
#5 Ok it needs fixing what are we to do?
#6 I pay for mine, so why should I pay for yours?
#7 Finally the 1st NON-Liberal comment buried 7 deep.
#8 2nd Non-Liberal Rant near the bottom.
#9 don't look at the $$$ to demo the properties, look at who grabs them dirt cheap and the taxpayer expense for the clean up costs.

#10 Same Anti-life agenda statement worded differently. PPH needs Taxpayer $$$$$ to stay in business. Over 1/2 it $$$$ is Federal $$$.

How about somebody release their Tax Returns and let us see how much they make killing viable birth babies.

BTW: A condom costs $1 do we have to hire people to put it on also?
Val White 8 months ago


Even if Russia was responsible for releasing Hill's e-mails, would anyone change their mind about who they voted for?   The democrats will have to prove that everyone who didn't vote for Hill would have voted for her if her corruptness hadn't been revealed.

Since there was absolutely NO evidence that any voting machine was tampered with, no illegal Russians sneaking in the polls and voting, no Russians holding voters hostage, would some of you democrats like to explain how they "influenced" our elections? 

How is revealing the truth about the candidates a bad thing?  Democrats must have different ethics because if the corruptness revealed about Hill was revealed about a Republican, you can bet we would be more concerned about the prosecution of our candidate than who revealed the truth about him/her.

Just goes to show where the dems priorities lie.

Val White 8 months ago

#6 - Pursuing life, liberty and happiness is a right.  But NO where does it say you are OWED life, liberty and happiness at the expense of someone else.

Healthcare is NOT a right, but all those who are verifiably unable to work and care for themselves are GIVEN healthcare, thanks to Americans' compassion and generosity.

It is NOT a right for those able bodied Americans who decide not to take care of themselves.  MOSTLY, IT IS NOT A RIGHT FOR NON-CITIZENS.  

Val White 8 months ago
I see the TDer is back, wonder if it's the same TDer from the old format?  Must be - they click the TD and run.  No attempt to present a logical or factual rebuttal. 
Jim Hall 8 months ago
You don't work, you don't eat.  

A man who does not PROVIDE for his family is worse than an infidel.   Infidel, that is bad.   Muslim death penalty.
Steven Jackson 8 months ago
Ah! Those Sneaky Liberals .

On Sunday night just before the confirmation hearing started for Gorsuch the SCOTUS pick, and because naturally the Lib's have been digging since the day Trump announced his SCOTUS pick.

It seems the Univ Colorado claimed Grad named Jennifer Sisk sent a two-page letter describing an incident to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, where she felt Gorsuch views needed to be brought to light.

It was posted Sunday night by 2 extremely Liberally Supportive and
Bias groups "The National Employment Lawyers Association and the National Women’s Law Center

The Liberals in the Senate have already played the media and are trying to use it to discredit and at the least smear Gorsuch as the SCOTUS pick.
The Liberal marching News bites say Jennifer Sisk's letter shows the nominee is against women having special work place rights.
The Liberals insinuated and tried to play it as if she was forced to endure and attend the UC Law Class to graduate.

AH ! the sneaky part .... now.
Jennifer Sisk  isn’t just a former UC Law student.
She worked for Mark Udall (D-CO) before his defeat by Cory Gardener (R) in 2014.

Another important part the Liberals want left out is,
Jennifer Sisk went to college in Massachusetts, at Wellesley,
then worked as an aide in Mark Udall’s Senate office in Washington.
Which is a rather important fact to leave out when judging the source of the attack.

So her letter now turns out to be clearly Politically Tainted,
if not just another planned Liberal Party developed Attack.

This now accuser back on Ja. 31, 2017 also offered an endorsement of Gorsuch saying:

"Supreme Court Nominee Gorsuch was my ethics professor last year. He is someone who has a sharp judicial mind and believes in Facts and Legal reasoning...."

Steven Jackson 8 months ago

Regarding Juan Jesus Castillo-Reyes  from Mexico.

The person we have been trying to get a definitive word on his legal status in the USA. The one that is/was under ICE investigation now for 15 + days.

The one that was illegally driving without a License, speeding in a work zone, and was arrested for vehicular homicide of a US Solider,

The list of charges did NOT include Driving Without Insurance ,
so he must have been driving a COMPANY Vehicle.

IF So, who was the company that FAILED to E-Verify as required by law?
The story has gain Nationwide attention already, and has been picked up in Englandand etc..

Maybe it is better to break the story BEFORE Masters week,to avoid deflection from Augusta's biggest $$$$$ Sporting draw.
Jerry Whitcomb 8 months ago
Wouldn't we know the answers to all of these question if we had a REAL news media with REAL reporters in Augusta?

None of the news sources in Augusta dig for facts. They all simply regurgitate the police blotter and minutes of Commission meetings. Nobody peeks behind the curtain. 
Jim Hall 8 months ago
But this PC tragedy did not interfere with the CC sheriff sending out a "buck slip" requesting at least $20 for the Sheriff Association.
David Jefferson 8 months ago
RE; the selection of R&R...click bait. Ad revenue is driven by clicks. AC thinks their readership will remain if they keep the controversy rolling. I'm skeptical.
Maxwell P. Coltrane 8 months ago
Which is why I go to the R&R's at the most... twice a day.
Jerry Whitcomb 8 months ago
"Is truly affordable health care too much to expect?"

Don't you really mean "is it too much to expect ME to pay for YOUR health care"? The answer is YES it is too much to expect.

"Thanks to Obamacare, 20 million more Americans now have health care coverage."

Don't you really mean that 20 million more Americans now have THEIR health care paid for by the 85% of American families that USED to, but NO LONGER, have good health insurance at an AFFORDABLE price. 

Health care is NOT a right. Buying your own health insurance without a subsidy from some other American family paying the largest part for you is a RIGHT......exercise it. You DO NOT have a RIGHT to make ME pay ANY PORTION of YOUR health care or insurance.

Val White 8 months ago

During BHO's terms:

1.  China built at least two man-made islands in International waters, armed to the teeth.

2.  North Korea built and tested numerous weapons - claiming they could reach American bases in Japan.

3.  Iran was given billions of dollars and the ability to continue building nuclear weapons all the while chanting "death to America".

4.  Syria killing their citizens and then crossing BHO's red line.

5.  Arab Spring a complete failure and created more unrest.

6.  The Middle East became increasingly unsafe as radical Islamist terrorists were left to destroy and murder hundreds of thousands of innocent muslims.

7.  Israel was thrown under the bus and with Iran still pursuing the nuclear weapons will be vulnerable to annihilation.

8.  America not only lost respect from other nations, to include some of our allies, but our credit rating and our education rating declined sharply.

9.  Our debt and deficit under BHO became so great as to threaten the solvency of the U.S.A.

10.  The loss of funding and training of our military has made us vulnerable to the terrorists who want to do harm to America and its citizens.

There are more disastrous actions or lack of actions, but these are some of the more serious ones that pose a very real threat to America.

But all we hear is that Russia is such a threat to our democracy, we must impeach Mr. Trump because the left falsely believes he asked Putin to interfere with our elections.

Val White 8 months ago
TDer - go ahead and give me one, but be sure to let me know which of these claims is false AND prove it.
Val White 8 months ago

The true irony is the dems trying to tie Mr. Trump to Russia when Hillary actually admired one of the "fathers" of communism - Saul Alinksy.   She even based her thesis on him and his teachings - why don't you libs who are so misinformed by your party research Hill a little more on a REAL historical site. 

Maybe if you bothered to read Saul Alinsky's guide book that details the steps that must be taken to transform any country into a socialist/communist country you could actually recognize that  the democrats are following those steps to the letter. 

Steven Jackson 8 months ago
Internet sites deemed Conservative are being examined by investigators. Yes you read that correctly .

It is unclear whether the investigation is targeting sites because of their content or possible evidence? But either way it raises some serious privacy and freedom of speech political issues that must be respected.

BTW: when was the last time you reviewed the APP's loaded on you Andriod Tablet or Iphone?

There have been a increased number of reports of an APP called
"surveillance_client" or variations of the name being found on devices.

It allows REMOTE operation of your device camera..

David Jefferson 8 months ago
Freedom of speech requires agreement with the PC contingent. All others shall be silenced.
Roland SASSER 8 months ago

Rant # 3: Where have you been, Obama care is not affordable. Health care is not a right and you do not have the right to force me to pay for yours.

Rant # 4: The only people who benefitted from Obama Care are those that received tax payer subsidies. That's right, my tax dollars going to pay for someone else.

Rant # 6: Health care is not a right! You do not have a right to force me to pay for your health care. You do have the right to stay in school to enable you to get a job so YOU can afford your own health care, food and shelter. You have the right not to get pregnant and expect others to pay for your kid. You have the right to not break the law, end up in jail where my tax dollars fund your incarceration. You have the right to stay married, hard work, but doable. You have lots of rights, but free stuff is not one of them!

Rant # 10: I was not aware of any groups that were restricting women to preventative measures. The last time I checked, I believe the guys have a role in this too!

"But their real agenda lies in policing women’s sexual behavior."

How about these women police their own behavior. The vast majority of pregnancies are the end result of CHOICE!

Roy Whitley 8 months ago
William Morris must have secretly sold out to jeff bezos.
Angie Hicks 8 months ago
Ranter 6.....healthcare IS a privilege.  You do not have a right the the services of another person.


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