Rants and raves

A big rave for the efforts and history lessons by Dr. Mallory Millender. If only Trump and his ignorant higher ups had such lessons when they were younger, they would not be making all the racist gaffes they have been doing since before the election. The need for the history lessons so that we no longer honor those who had made heinous moves in the past such as promoting slavery is the right way to progress. We cannot taint our future by leaving wrongful promotion of what is known to be bad and sad ways.


I think it makes more sense to name a portion of Interstate 20 in honor of a fallen member of our military, such as Staff Sgt Alex Earles, instead of some politician who was not dedicated to this state and nation, as a member of the military was. No offense, Gov. Sanders, but share some mileage with our guys who gave their lives either abroad or domestically.

Wasn’t it irresponsible of CNN not to ask Peskov it was in the Clinton campaign in contact with the Russian ambassador after his statement recently considering their badgering of the Trump team over this nonsense?

The truth about insurance for all Americans run by our federal government is the problem. It is not about Obamacare or Trumpcare at all. The federal government could not run a national hot dog stand much less insurance for all. There are so many variables that there is no possibility of having a insurance plan that will work.

Is columnist Star Parker ashamed of her ethnicity? Defending Jeff Sessions, with his documented racial baggage, suggests possible self hatred. There are several black Republicans who seem to follow this sad narrative. Colin Powell, a Republican, is not one of those individuals. Regardless of your political affiliation, don’t sell out to insulting nonsense.

You never wrote such a Kumbaya editorial when Obama was elected president. You’re still hammering Hillary for so-called security risks. I never heard anything about what these risks were about. Maybe cameras in microwaves?

John C. Calhoun Expressway should be renamed Barack Obama Boulevard.

This is a big rave to the man that picks up trash on Dixie Clary Road. He does a wonderful job. Keep doing it and we really appreciate it. And God bless you.



Wed, 02/21/2018 - 21:34

Rants and raves