Rants and raves

A big rave for the efforts and history lessons by Dr. Mallory Millender. If only Trump and his ignorant higher ups had such lessons when they were younger, they would not be making all the racist gaffes they have been doing since before the election. The need for the history lessons so that we no longer honor those who had made heinous moves in the past such as promoting slavery is the right way to progress. We cannot taint our future by leaving wrongful promotion of what is known to be bad and sad ways.


I think it makes more sense to name a portion of Interstate 20 in honor of a fallen member of our military, such as Staff Sgt Alex Earles, instead of some politician who was not dedicated to this state and nation, as a member of the military was. No offense, Gov. Sanders, but share some mileage with our guys who gave their lives either abroad or domestically.

Wasn’t it irresponsible of CNN not to ask Peskov it was in the Clinton campaign in contact with the Russian ambassador after his statement recently considering their badgering of the Trump team over this nonsense?

The truth about insurance for all Americans run by our federal government is the problem. It is not about Obamacare or Trumpcare at all. The federal government could not run a national hot dog stand much less insurance for all. There are so many variables that there is no possibility of having a insurance plan that will work.

Is columnist Star Parker ashamed of her ethnicity? Defending Jeff Sessions, with his documented racial baggage, suggests possible self hatred. There are several black Republicans who seem to follow this sad narrative. Colin Powell, a Republican, is not one of those individuals. Regardless of your political affiliation, don’t sell out to insulting nonsense.

You never wrote such a Kumbaya editorial when Obama was elected president. You’re still hammering Hillary for so-called security risks. I never heard anything about what these risks were about. Maybe cameras in microwaves?

John C. Calhoun Expressway should be renamed Barack Obama Boulevard.

This is a big rave to the man that picks up trash on Dixie Clary Road. He does a wonderful job. Keep doing it and we really appreciate it. And God bless you.

Val White 8 months ago

"Starr Parker's" ethnicity:

No, she's an educated woman who has not been led down the democrat path of lies and doesn't have to live in the slavery mentality . 

Sessions does NOT have any documented racial baggage and you should be sued for libel for spreading such a rumor.

Val White 8 months ago
What you democrats consider "documented" is just liberal rhetoric that reporters claim something is so. 
J. Paul Griffin 8 months ago
THE WORD:                                                                                                                                         Jesus replied; "If you only knew the gift God has for you and who you are speaking to, you would ask me, and I would give you living water."
Steven Jackson 8 months ago
John 4:5-42
Applies to many issues we face in America today.

J. Paul Griffin 8 months ago
Today's Editorial:  I can not even begin to say how angry and disgusted I am about a certain paragraph in  today's Augusta Chronicle Editorial. "with so-called entitlement spending - such things as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security." How dare they call Medicare and Social Security an entitlement. It was bought and paid for with my working for over 50 years. I did not have a choice on opting-out, it was a mandatory deduction from every pay check I ever received.  To lump  Medicare, and Social Security,  with Medicaid,  (which is an entitlement) is a slap in the face to all hard working taxpaying citizens who are receiving a SMALL portion of what we have paid in. I have got to stop, I have to take a double dose of my Blood Pressure medicine.
Val White 8 months ago

All of us who worked for a living paid into SS and Medicare so feel your anger also.  What makes me even angrier is the fact that they are using OUR money to pay for those who have broken the laws by coming into our country illegally.  Also, they fraudulently dole it out to many citizens because the SS offices fail to verify the applications thoroughly.

They steal our money then tell us they will run out of it in 10 years.  I guess when they're paying it out to those who did not, can not, and will not pay into it, it surely will run out.

Elizabeth DeRolf 8 months ago
Medicare is NOT an entitlement. I pay for it every month out of my retirement check. It is not free!
Angie Hicks 8 months ago
Medicare IS an entitlement.  Entitlement is not a dirty word.  You are entitled to it, because you paid into it.  Welfare and food stamps are NOT entitlements because the recipients, for the most part did NOT pay into it.  Those are hand-outs.
Val White 8 months ago

It's amazing!  Trump is such a racist that he has a very intelligent, lovely black woman. Omarosa, as his assistant whom he trusts to handle his affairs and speak for him.

Such a racist is he.

Val White 8 months ago

Picking up trash -  It's a shame there are those who feel someone else should have to clean up their trash.  Probably the same ones who feel someone else should pay for their existence, too.

Thanks to the many decent people who try to keep our planet clean.  Maybe if you and your neighbors are able bodied enough, you should all help him when you can.

[removed] 8 months ago
This comment has been deleted
Val White 8 months ago

As deceptive as the democrats are - now much evidence coming forth to prove their corruptness - they are mean enough, vengeful enough, and immoral enough to treat the citizens of America in the same fashion as those who rule Venezuela.

The millennials had better stop listening to these Hollywood types who visit Cuba and Venezuela and are treated to only the elite sides of town.

Val White 8 months ago

Trump haters are having trouble sleeping because of his presidential win.

Could this possibly be the result of the liberals "no winners and no losers" program.  Kids growing up getting trophies for participation, winners not getting a winners' trophy, don't hurt anyone's feelings.

These people cannot handle loss and expect to get everything that makes them feel warm and fuzzy.  Maybe they should get psychiatric treatment to help them learn to live with the fact that you don't always get your way.

Jerry Whitcomb 8 months ago
"John C. Calhoun Expressway should be renamed Barack Obama Boulevard"

Well.....now that might be very appropriate. Since Obama was half and half, they could pave the inbound lanes to the racially run WNNA city of Disgusta in black asphalt and the outbound lanes in white cement that lead to prosperous West Augusta and dumps out onto the path to exploding growth Columbia County. The contrast would be even more symbolic than the Honorable John C. Calhoun and quite appropriate.
Steven Jackson 8 months ago
Renaming the expressway.

Richmond & The City have dozens of streets named after Whites and Blacks already. Some where even convicted of felonies. Lets removed all of the convicted politician names.

How about some streets named after Augusta's Asian Leaders?
eg Madison Woo.

Or, are our Black Commissioners only interested in BLACK Related Names?

If true, some might call that RACIST.

Option #2
Naming streets after Famous DEAD Masters Golfers.

Roland SASSER 8 months ago

Rant # 1: I don't need a history lesson on slavery, but you could sure use a lesson in English composition.

Rant # 2: Totally agree!

Rant # 3: CNN is not a credible news organization!

Rant # 4: The single payer aka federally run health care does not work that well either and it is very expensive.

Rant # 5: Star Parker is an educated black women which is a real danger to the Democratic Party, they like them dumb!

Rant # 6: Have you forgotten about Hillary's e-mails already, that's one of the reasons she LOST.

Rant # 7: Obama, talk about a lying racist. I believe as time goes on history will not be kind to O.

Rant # 8: How about a rant for those who throw trash on the roads. 

Roy Whitley 8 months ago
The Augusta Chronicle's censorship lies on the border of infringement of the 1st amendment and communism.
Angie Hicks 8 months ago
"If only Trump and his ignorant higher ups had such lessons when they were younger, they would not be making all the racist gaffes they have been doing since before the election."

Ranter #1.  People might take you serious if you could have listed at least one.
Angie Hicks 8 months ago
"Defending Jeff Sessions, with his documented racial baggage, suggests possible self hatred."

Care to name just one?
Maxwell P. Coltrane 8 months ago
Seriously! Why can't the Augusta Chronicle maintain a constant format?? It's gone beyond stupid and annoying to just unprofessional. It's obvious that different people are in "control" of the R&R's. Sometimes there is bold lettering at the beginning of the comment, and sometimes there is an ^ arrow in between posts. Sometimes... there is both. What there is NOT is... consistency. 


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