My dating life in school was difficult

We don’t usually do Valentine’s Day up big at our house, so this month has been uneventful except for birthdays. In years past, we would go out to dinner, but even that took a back seat this year to work and sickness.

That wasn’t always the case. JoAn has two constants in her off time: reading and chocolate. The books stay pretty much the same, though she complains that writers don’t churn out novels fast enough to keep up with her page-turning.

Chocolate is another story. She goes through phases, each starring a particular kind of candy. In the recesses between phases, she falls back on her old favorite, Hershey’s Kisses.

One Valentine’s when we were dating, I knew she was in her Snicker’s period, so I bought a large heart-shape box of fancy chocolates, dumped the candy into a bag and refilled the box with common Snickers. It was the perfect gift. (Thank goodness her constants don’t include jewelry.)

I count my blessings for having coerced JoAn into marrying me, and the fact that she’s my forever valentine is not lost on me.

Before meeting her, my dating life was spotty at best. Although I had a lot of friends in all the social cliques of high school, I was not the most athletic guy in the group, nor the richest nor the best-looking. Not even close. That means each date was an adventure in social learning.

Once, for example, I took out a girl who lived across a mountain from me. As I was taking her home that night, my old Chevy hung up in its manual transmission’s high gear. That occurred regularly enough that all I had to do was stop, open the hood, and unstick the linkage.

I was embarrassed to do that while trying to appear cool with a girl in the car that night, so at every stop sign and red light, I had to rev the engine and slowly release the clutch to get the car crawling. The trip over the mountain was especially frantic. She must have thought I had learned to drive from my grandfather.

After dropping her off, I stopped down the road and fixed the linkage. I should point out, though, that it was our last date.

JoAn was another story, from all the accounts I have heard at her high school reunions. She was slender, beautiful, popular. A majorette and and trombonist in the band. An officer in the Beta Club who was voted the wittiest girl in her “Class of.”

JoAn and her friend Edith wrote a teen column for the town newspaper (she worked at a newspaper when I later met her, too). One assignment was to interview a former drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis. He was 21, but they ended up becoming engaged. (She didn’t want a husband, just a ring to show her friends.)

Valentine’s Day is over, but today is Presidents Day. Neither one of us has any dating stories, happy or sad, that involve presidents. Thank goodness.

Reach Glynn Moore at (706) 823-3419


Reach Glynn Moore at (706) 823-3419


John Booth 6 months ago
Memories for me Glynn!  We had a 57 Chevy with a six cylinder motor and "three on the tree"  just like you had in your car. And it too would hang up in a gear.  I remember one time when I was about 10 that it hung up on Broad Street.  Didn't bother my Mother a bit.  She just got out raised the hood fixed it and off we went.  I would say that that situation was one of many family "adventures" that I cherish.  
Glynn Moore 6 months ago
Thanks for not making me feel so different, John. If I had had the space, I would have mentioned the night a young lady -- again on a first day -- pulled the floor-mounted shifter out of another of my cars when she begged to shift gears and I moonstruckedly let her. I'm sure there's a lesson there, but I never learned it! Thanks for sharing your story.


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