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Trump and his people keep on lying and lying, making up nonsense. We can have no trust in these so-called higher-ups and need to impeach the lot of them. They are ruining America.

By today’s progressive logic, Sonny Perdue, an old white guy from Georgia, must be a racist; therefore, he should not be approved as secretary of the Agriculture Department, which oversees the food stamp program.

Those of you who bash President Obama and can’t see the lunacy of the present occupant of the White House, reflect clearly what your mindset and motives are. I will always remember the class and dignity Obama brought. I was always feeling truly American and whole during his terms. However, the president-in-residence is ensuring that another president, in the vein of Obama, is in our future. Will he be Asian, Latino, white, Native American or a combination? But he or she is on the way; thanks, President Tweeter.

I just had to watch again the news conference with U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters. She stated President Trump wanted to stop people coming to our country from North Korea. What? Now I know why she depends on a paid staff.

The liberals have nothing, other than they don’t like Republicans, to back up the negativity they spout about the right. Can any of you verifiably cite any ill effects that have occurred or will occur from the conservative administration other than the trite accusation that they are racists – without a shred of proof of that, either.

Thanks to WGAC for their long-term terrible morning programming. Even as a conservative, I found Beck to be horrible, but Deke “Kumbaya” Copenhaver finally caused me to seek and find a good country music station, 106.3 FM, on weekday mornings. I heard the phrase “when I was in office” one too many times in a short period of time.

An illegal Hispanic woman was arrested and is being deported, creating another riot. She falsified a Social Security card, had two children while living in the U.S. and received benefits because of the forged card. If an American citizen stole someone’s ID and used it for monetary gain, prosecutable crimes, that citizen would go to jail, not to mention she illegally crossed our borders.

Every day I wake up afraid of what I might read or see in the news.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

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