Crisis in Black Education theme of Ft. Gordon Black History Month observance

J.A.M.P. performing James Brown’s “I Feel Good” Thursday at Fort Gordon’s Black History Month observance.

Fort Gordon’s 706th Military Intelligence Group hosted a celebration Thursday in honor of Black History Month featuring local performers, a historian with expertise in African-American History throughout the Augusta region, and recognition of a local eighth grader as winner of an annual essay contest.


The 2017 theme was overcoming the crisis in Black education. Deanna Brown-Thomas opened the event with an introduction of entertainment by the James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils, or J.A.M.P. She said music and fine arts education is important in shaping the minds of children, something her academy prides itself on.

The band began to play music by her father, James Brown, and Sharon Jones, both influential Black musicians from the local area. Dressed in patriotic costumes, the young entertainers drew raucous applause with songs like Brown’s “I Feel Good,” and Jones’ rendition of “This Land is Your Land.”

Col. Thomas E. Toler, commander of the 706th, then introduced the featured speaker Corey Rogers and highlighted the importance of this year’s Black History Month theme.

“The crisis in our education system is not an African American issue; it’s not an ethnic issue. It is something we have to solve together,” Toler said.

Rogers is an Augusta native and is currently the Staff Historian at the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History. He has also been an educator in the Richmond County school system and at Paine College. Rogers focused on Laney’s education and service to educate children whose parents had been slaves.

Rogers called Black History Month, and its predecessor, Black History Week, important to help not only African Americans learn about cultural history but also to educate the larger American society.

Rogers said part of what they do at the museum is to welcome and educate children. He said many times schools don’t have enough funding to bring students to the museum, so they will take the information to the kids.

The celebration closed with the presentation of a certificate to a Freedom Park Middle School student. Jordyn Tremallo was recognized for winning an essay contest about African American contributions to education. Her essay focused on former First Lady Michelle Obama.

All speakers told the crowd that the crisis won’t be solved without their actions. To solve the crisis in Black Education, Brown and Rogers called on everyone to get involved through donations or by volunteering at community schools. They said the future success of our community and the entire region depends upon quality education.

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Roland SASSER 11 months ago

Black parents have got to get involved and demand better schools or a choice of schools. Teachers cannot do it by themselves, they are there to teach subjects, not behavior. My sister taught in a predominately minority school and many parents did not want to get involved or hear about problems with their kids. She really tried, but these parents would literally throw their kids in the car and run away. She never had a kid even the one the teachers called grumpy that she did not try and improve their lives. She could not do it by herself!

Many teachers are overwhelmed and just pass problem and underperforming kids along. Some teachers are completely unprepared and should not be teaching period! A coworker's wife is a teacher in Greenville and she is not allowed to fail a student under any circumstances. These kids come to class, refuse to participate, refuse to complete homework, refuse to take tests and she is forced by the administration to move these kids along with a D. And we wonder what is wrong with the system. By the way, she's had enough and retiring!

Val White 9 months ago

Way late in posting so no one may see this.

But, this is why so many poor and/or black children drop out of school or graduate with no more than a first-grade education.  Yet, the democrats seem intent on keeping their base, blacks especially, UN-educated.    When oh when will black persons finally open their eyes - stop taking money to have kids you don't want to or are unable to take care of.  Get off the government dole and set an example for your kids that education and hard work will bring them success and keep them out of prison.


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