Shooting threats writtten on Jefferson County High bathroom wall

An arrest was made Thursday, a handgun confiscated and an investigation is on-going into shooting threats written on a bathroom wall at Jefferson County High School.


Sheriff Gary Hutchins said his office is proceeding with an investigation into the threats written in two different places. Both warned there would be a school shooting and would happen on 0202, Thursday.

Superintendent Dr. Molly Howard said the threats were discovered by students, who then informed teachers. Law enforcement was then notified.

“We had a presence there Thursday morning with our drug dog and Richmond County’s bomb dog,” Hutchins said. “We didn’t really find anything in the school, but when we swept the parking lot a dog hit on a vehicle.”

A .380 pistol that had been reported stolen was found in a student’s car.

“We arrested the student but after analyzing his handwriting and interviewing him it does not appear he was involved with the threat,” he said.

The sheriff said officers will be present at the school Friday and that the investigation will continue.

“We don’t take these threats lightly,” he said. “Even if it is just a prank the students at our schools expect to go to class without this kind of disruption. This is a felony and we are going to take this to the extent of the law.”

Investigators are offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest .

The school system alerted all staff and parents in an all-call Thursday evening.

“Please know the safety of our students and staff is of utmost concern today and every day,” Howard said in the call.