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RANT TO NORTH AUGUSTA building code department. I have repeatedly reported an abandoned house that is trashed on the inside and nothing has been done about dead trees. Whoever has this house needs to be penalized. It has been like this for six years.


I DON’T UNDERSTAND why there is not a law requiring that everything is cut back from the wires. If there had been pre-emptive cutting of trees next to wires, we wouldn’t have had a loss of power at all.


PEOPLE, PLEASE VOTE NO to SPLOST. Save your money; lower taxes; just vote no.


IT IS VERY APPROPRIATE that the city administrator job announcement was located on the obituaries page. What do you think of that?


I’M TIRED OF THE DRUGS in my area near Dyess Park. I’m going to help the police get rid of the drug dealers and users.


TODAY MY LIMBS were picked up by county employee Curtis Crump and his assistant. They were very professional, and they did an outstanding job. I’m proud our county has such good employees.


I’M AN 80-YEAR-OLD youngster who ate at a Clearwater restaurant and was told God paid my bill. Thank you to the angel who did. I appreciate it.


ARE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES two different prices in Georgia and South Car­o­lina?


OUR PRESIDENT IS NOT the president of the world. I think he is protecting the bankers.


LET THE UKRAINIANS and the Russians solve their problems themselves. We don’t need Obama sticking his nose in it.


FOR THE PERSON WHO stole the 4-day-old baby goat from the Appling yard, you will be caught and prosecuted because someone may be able to ID your vehicle. Anyone who would do something so heartless should spend time in jail.


THE WOMAN WHO WAS too big to sit in a chair may have had a thyroid conditions. How dare the ranter make fun of people who are overweight? He should be ashamed of himself.


IT LOOKS LIKE ALL OF THE politicians are turning up crooked. They should all be investigated. We pay their salaries. We need to know.


TO SOLVE THE Ukrainian situation, I think Obama and Putin should fight like the Romans in the old days.



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Rants and raves

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