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T.H. And Teresa Horne $100

Ronald Crawford $30

Bath Presbyterian Church $500

Arthur and Dorothy Biggs $50

In memory of Jeff Weeks. We miss you Love your Family $50

In memory of “Biggie” $25

In honor of Brennan Simkins $100

Edward and Gabrielle Eno $50

John and Kendra Gogick $100

David and Ann Keller $150

In memory of Louise K. Dickson $1,000

Vivian and David Kinder $25

In memory of Mr. And Mrs. O.B. Washington, Sr. $25

Shirley Hermitage $35

Jane and Michael Webb $60

Anne Cato $25

In memory of loved ones $25

David Clark $25

In loving memory of Wenoma Mercer Carter $100

Danny Aycock $35

Anonymous $25

A.E. and Mrs. A.E. Swetman $10

In memory of Martha McCray $250

Jim and Deana Spangler $100

Go Big A $100

Edward and Barbara Stapleton $20

In memory of Mary and Max, Rachel and Fred $50

Roy and Karen Davis $50

Russell and Mary Ellen Jacobs $100

Gordon and Carole Meek $100

Debbie Vincent $20

Lillie Bynes $25

Thomas Schumacker $25

In memory of Robert Todd $25

Kathleen Cook $100

Annibee and Mdly $100

Elizabeth Frank $25

In honor of our grandkids Nicholas, Jonathan, Anna, Will, and Sammy $50

“In loving memory of Ivie and Jimmy Lee” $20

In memory of Davis and Florrie Toole $30

In memory of “Buster” and “Daisy” $30

Keith and Mary Blevins $50

Summerville Business SVCS $50

Jack and Jackie $25

John and Megan Mask $100

In memory of Steven Boileau $25

In loving memory of Libby York, Ruth Taylor Gay, Clarence Hayden Gay, and Howard Hayden Gay $500

In memory of Ryan Lariscy $100

In loving memory of my husband, Thomas Wingard Anderson from his wife, Rosalyn E. Anderson $50

In memory of Ed Occhipinti from wife Barbara grandchildren Samuel, Elaine, Annalaura, Will, Heather, Ethan and Conner $100

Kelley Appliance Center, Inc $300

In loving memory of my husband, George Kelley by Joyce Kelley $200

Richard and Anne Marie Lamb $100

In loving memory of Ann Chafee Turbyfill $25

Mike Rucker $50

Daniel and Linda Severance $50

In memory of Betty and Dick $100

P & P Sales, Inc $100

Pat and Steve Hungerpiller $100

In memory of Abby $100

In loving memory of Raymond E. Dufrense $20

Precious $100

Fred Lachman $10

In memory of Margaret Holley and my Sister Elaine $10

David and Melinda Carter $50

From Brandy, Louie, and Ludwig $60

In memory of Allen Tudor from Martha Tudor $100

In memory of my wife Mary Catherine Sullivan $25

Jack and Becki $50

The Gilmore Family $50

Gold Mech Serv $500

American Concrete Employees $500


Total today $7,365

Total this year $70,074.81



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