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Kingston defends remarks on doing work for school lunches


ATLANTA — U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston is defending comments he made suggesting that poor students who are part of the nation’s school lunch program should sweep cafeteria floors.

Speaking at a meeting of Jackson County Republicans on Saturday, Kingston said making children do janitorial work would help them learn that there’s “no such thing as a free lunch,” the Huffington Post reported.

Chris Crawford, a spokesman for the Sa­vannah Republican and U.S. Senate candidate, told WXIA-TV that it’s sad that trying to have a “productive conversation” about instilling a strong work ethic in the next generation “so quickly devolves into the usual name-calling partisan hysteria.”

Former principal, teacher plead guilty in Atlanta cheating case

ATLANTA — A former Atlanta principal and a teacher pleaded guilty Thursday in the school system’s cheating conspiracy.

Prosecutors say former Gideons Elemen­tary Principal Armstead Salters pleaded guilty to making false statements and writings. He was accused of giving teachers access to exam answer sheets so they could change incorrect answers, and falsifying exam certification forms.

Former elementary school teacher Wen­dy Ahmed pleaded guilty to obstruction for giving students the correct answers during their exams. Both were sentenced to perform community service and pay restitution.

Thirty-five educators have been indicted in the case, and eight have pleaded guilty.



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