Empty Stocking Donors 2013

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The Augusta Chronicle Empty Stocking Fund has helped people such as this for 83 years. The Chronicle would like to recognize those who have helped fill the stocking this year. 


Previously acknowledged $96,739.27


St. Anna’s Society Philoptochos ladies of Holy Trinity GOC $100

“In memory of Denver” $30

In memory of Mercer Leftwich $100

William and Laverne Holmes $100

Stephanie L. Evans $50

In memory of Wade, Ag and Pop, and Maima $100

W F K and C A K $25

“Feliz Navidad” de parte de unos “JIBAROS” de Utuado Puerto Rico $20

Allen and Barbara Zagrodnik $50

In honor of kind Augustans remembering others $100

Andrew and Jean Brejda $100

In honor of Glover R. Bailie, Jr., Bowdre P. Mays, Jr. In loving memory of Donald and Harold M. Boardman, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Conger, Alfred Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Henri C. McGowan, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Sanders $200

From Blanchard Woods in memory of Gwen $100

Elim Baptist Church $182

Lance J. Caspersen $50

John and Melinda Hoverkamp $50

In loving memory of Dan, Lillian and Pete Smoak $200

We care $20

In loving memory of Matt Miklas $50

Jeffrey L. Hendry $52

In memory of Rebekah Bowers, Paul and Dorothy Bowers, T S Heath and Mrs. OH Bentley $200

John Hebbard $200

Merry Christmas-Rodney Sheppard $2

Norman and Ruth Evancic $50

Dennis and Catherine Beckenhauer $50

In honor of our grandchildren Mack and Mattie $200

In honor of Sara E. Williams from B. Brashear $50

M.B. and R.S. Dudley $200

Susie and Amy Hagler $100

Craig and Margaret Ellis $50

G. and C. Abell $50

In memory of Sarah E. Williams $50

In memory of Howard P. Jolles and Henri Schlifka $50

Merry Christmas Ryan Casey Creech. We love you and miss you very much. Love, Daddy, Tracy and new lil sister Maddie, Nana and Granny B. $12

In honor of Caleb and Hannah Dodson $35

In memory of J.T. Richardson and Julane Davidson $25

Lloyd and Jeanie Brown $25

Anonymous $50

Kay I Hays $200

In memory of my mother Loma $100

In memory of our Daddy’s; Gene Berry and Bill Britton $50

In loving memory of my father, Angelo Ruvo Ellen Hinz $100

In honor of the owners of W.A. Bragg and Company, on behalf of their employees. $130

Anonymous $100

Anonymous $50

Bigelow Family For 3 grandchildren $78

Audrey Binet $120

Thomas and Barbara Kiernan $100

In memory of Saba, sweet-face baby girl love puppy of all time $150

 Total today $4,256


Run previously in error

In honor of our fathers, James Woolington and Jim Finley $25


Total this year $100,995.27


Previously acknowledged $89,369.81


In memory of Dr.G. Lennard Gold and Hobart Newton $30

In memory of Eleanor, Larry, William Murphy, Joe and Ruby Meredith $25

For Mama, Daddy, Henry, Larkin, Max and Putney $25

Honoring James, Sullins, Bennett, and Marion Becton $100

In honor of our grandson Hayes $50

In honor of our grand blessings:MacKenzie, Laleigh, Madison, Felicity, Alden, Dawson, Jared and Max $40

In loving memory of “Papa T”- Terry Lunceford $50

In memory of Arthur Yelverton $25

In loving memory of my husband Eugene Graf $50

In memory of Andrew and Robert from Carolyn and Langdon Atkins $50

In loving memory of my son Greg Schweitzer $50

In loving memory of Ward Claussen $25

In memory of Anna Lois and Johnny Sims $25

In memory of Newton Theodore “Ted” Gilmer from Hazel Gilmer and Family $25

In memory of Lawrence J. Murphy $100

In honor of all veterans $35

Jane and Jim Quarles $100

In memory of Charlie and Reba and Biba and Pink $100

Anonymous $19.06

Shirley Ann Cody $50

Pete Hobgood $10

In appreciation to Teacher Education faculty and staff at GRU $100

In honor of our grandchildren: Mason, Madden, Britton Kate, Callie and Cullen $50

Sheila Crosby $100

Anonymous $20

Cristol Johnson $50

Philip Zapp $100

In loving memory of my grandparents, Cecil and Ruby Earp $100

In thanks for our blessings, Rob and Lori Turner $50

Y.A.M. You Always Matter $10

Stephanie Lipecky $100

In loving memory of Stephania Szocinski, Doris Paul and Eugenia Lyles $75

In honor of T.W. and Lucy Elizabeth Keith Millican $750

Episcopal Day School Dress Down $661

In appreciation of the Rev. Kelsey L. Hutto by Adam Wray Tylen $10

In memory of “Happy Patterson” $35

In memory of Pop & Tracy $50

In honor of the Lakeside Band $50

In loving memory of Grandma Irma, Love Natasha & Peter Flores $50

In honor of Bridge lunch group Trisha, Sadie, Louise, Shell, Mamie Susan & Evalyn $150

Amy M. Jerome $52.40

Lewiston Elementary Third Graders $140

“Merry Christmas” Ken and Richard Baily-Bailey Development, LLC $250

Anonymous $50

In memory of my husband Reuben, son Randy, parents Harve and Maggie Quarles, and brother Kinzel $50

Jessie and Tammy Dees $25

The Dunbar’s $25

In loving memory of my husband Charles V. Odom - Love Louise Odom $50

In loving memory of Gerald “Pops” Phalin and Beth “Mimi” Phalin $50

George T. Richard $25

In memory of Eben Beasley and Edwin Coursey from Blue and Darlene $100

In memory of my son Ronnie McNew $25

Merry Christmas from Anne Garris $25

Ebernezer Scrooge $20

Woodman Of The World $200

In memory of Walter & Ruby Patrick $100

Calvin Jones $25

In loving memory of my father and brother - Bill and Marty McIntosh - We love and miss you very much $20

Anonymous $35

In memory of Catherine (Kitty) Hopkins $25

Wilson and Cook Family $106

Dana M. Wilhelmi $50

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Bill and Judy Lillis $40

Lorraine Seeby $20

In memory of David Stokely $25

Gracie and Michael Joyce $25

Ruth Camarote $10

From the staff of Pine Hill Cafeteria $50

“In memory of Col K.B. Facey” from Ms. Faye Y. Facey $25

Dr. and Mrs. James Puryear $50

Alpha Delta Kappa Omicron Chapter Teachers Sorority $100

In memory of Bill Brunkow, Hugh Inglett, Tony Ivey, Rick Montgomery and Wes Hutto $50

In honor of Ellie Kate and Tripp Jones $100

In memory of Eugene Grove $25

Roosevelt and Juanita Walker $100

Anonymous $50

In honor of Hadden, Mary Lorie K, Charlie, Harper and Grace from NeNe $100

N Bell $20

Atlas and Abel $40

In memory of Joe R. Owens, Cynthia F. Owens and Sammie L. Owens $20

Outreach Inc. $491

Hiru Patel $35

Goodfellas Sunglass Discounts $50

In memory of Jimmie Dyess and Donald Holleder $250

Alan Busby $50

Terence Egan $100

We Believe! Raley, Anne Sutton and Scout $50

Jennie Randrup $100

James Thorpe $100

Lauren Erramuzpe $75

In honor of Karen and Phillip Morgan $150

In loving memory of Jamie Bartley $50

Michael Small $75


Previously reported in error:


In honor of all Veterans of foreign wars from T.R. Reddy 1000.00

From Leon LeBlanc In memory of Stephanie LeBlanc and Donna LeBlanc 300.00


Total Monday, December 23, 2013 $7,369.46

Total this year $96,739.27


Previously acknowledged $85,819.81

William, Gray, Lee, Mary Ellis, Alden and Benjamin $300

In memory of Tommy Winters $50

In loving memory of Paul, Patricia, Joe, Loretta and Jim $100

In honor of Jay Johnson $150

In honor of all my Children and Grandchildren from MURF $500

In loving memory of Martha Patricia Dunaway Murphy $100

Alpha Delta Kappa-Alpha Rho Chapter $125

In memory of Stephanie LeBlanc and Donna LeBlanc $300

Anonymous $25

In honor and memory of my wife of 42 years Carole C. Bailey by Richard E. Bailey $500

Patrick and Monique Catalini $50

Bret, Bart, Troy and Tony $100

In memory of George and Dot Whigham from the Gastons $500

In honor of Sonny and Julia Gaston from Sam and Elizabeth Gaston $500

In memory of Everett $100

In memory of Christopher $100

Louis and Becky Mateka $50

Total Sunday, December 22, 2013 $3,550

Total this year $89,369.81


Previously acknowledged $82,274.81


Jane and Victor Moore $100

From Linda and Tommy Williams $100

In memory of Grandpa, We love you and miss you. Miss Haley, Jonathon, Sarah, David, Bryan and Jessica $60

In memory of Ed Baker & Kathleen Arthur Rosling from Anne and Larry Baker $50

From Mittie Connors and Marie Nicholson $50

“Thanks for the memories” from Bonnieventuris $100

Mr. & Mrs. MD. Rouch $100

“In memory of Earl Scruggs” $100

In memory of: G.G., Bumba, Axie, Grandmother Gibbons, Grandaddy Gibbons, Granny An, Pa, Mena, Allen $100

In loving memory of our departed parents Dora Villemain and William and Mary Martin, From Dale and Melanie $100

In memory of my wife Karen Hayes $100

In memory of Baily and Louise Martin and Recie Shaw $50

In memory of Lonnie and Evelyn Mallard $50

In loving memory of our fathers, Earl Clampitt and Jack Miles from Harry and Carolynn Clampitt $40

In memory of: Minnie and Robert Rinker and Carolyn Rinker Tate $50

Layton, Tzarn, Mobley, Brittany, Carlee, Megan $50

Madison, Marc, B.B., Daniel, Lucas, Ash, Adam, John Patten, Hampton $50

In honor of my cousin Catherine Madox 90th Birthday $20

Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Bence $50

In loving memory of Mr. & Mrs. W.L. Story $15

In loving memory of Bud McKee $15

George & Barbara Rozelle $30

In memory of Keith and Justin Cavender $25

“In loving memory of Camille Martin” $50

Jackie D. Sims $50

In loving memory of Rosemary G. Lester, died in Augusta, Ga. June 1960 $50

In loving memory of Michael Williams born Dec. 10, 1953. Died 2-25-82 $50

Merry Christmas Bob, Lina and Caitlin Herring $30

In loving memory of Jennifer Simless $100

In honor of my son-in-law Leon Ray $200

In memory of Salley Bussey $200

Merry Christmas Bill Cobb & Lawanna Mercer-Cobb $150

Carolyn & Harold Moon $100

From Barrett, Sara Beth, Ellie, Mary Dennis, Wiley and Bridges $250

Ed & Noreen $100

In memory of Deister, Caesar, Boop, Poppee, and Panky $25

In memory of Ralph and Wedge $10

In memory of Irene and Mike $25

“In Thanks For My Blessings” $50

Dale & Jean Bell $250

From Harold Westley and deceased sister Mattie Golphin – Merry Christmas $50

In memory of Kevin & in honor of our 5 grandchildren & 7 great grandchildren $100

In memory of Dr. Joe & Peggy Caldwell, W.E. & Ann Swann & B.I. Hillman, honor of Bella, Chase, Jack, Cheap, Oscar and all of Abbey & Callie friends $100

In memory of Lois Gettys Duggan $200


Total December 21, 2013: $3,545

Total this year: $85,819.81


Previously acknowledged $77,774.81


Tiffany Rapp $20

In loving memory of my wonderful father, Al Smith. Still miss you after all these years, Daddy $25

In loving memory of Lewis McCall and Norman “Kendall” McCall, we love and miss you both, Your loving Family $50

In loving memory of Herman, Lula, and Sky Allen $150

In loving memory of Herman, Lula, and Sky Allen $150

David and Marilyn Evans $25

Michelle Rhodes $40

In honor of Julie Kelly Maroney from the staff at Kelly Insurance Agency $60

Bill and Karen Field $100

In memory of Ann Gould, Aquinas High School Class of 1966 $100

In loving memory of Aunt Gert, Jessica, Fran, Raymond and Bruno $50

In memory of Mary Frances Gruber, from Tom and Becky Rogers $50

Robert Manz $100

In loving memory of Wade Ballue, III from his great grandparents Wandon and Lorene McDowell $20

Ruth Caldwell $100

In loving memory of Laura and Colbie Reeves. Al, Stephanie, Rodney, Cayden and Asa Reeves $100

In loving memory of Ryan Lariscy $25

Campbell Elizabeth Harrison Merry Christmas $25

Merry Christmas from Mary Catherine and Carson $100

In memory of Luther, Lois, Junior, and Joey Wombles, Bessie Pritchard, Johnnie Smith-Graham and Bruce Smith. Love Debbie $35

For Beverly, Debbie, Joe, Brittany, Matt, Ashley, Pam, Nicole, Taylor, and Bryan $200

In loving memory of Carolyn Smith $50

Wilmer McGee $100

In memory of Michelle Manning Durden $20

In memory of Honey Bear, Gizmo and Miss Angel $25

Gary Jackson $100

May your Christmas be joyous and full of God’s love From: Tony and Myra Ruffino $100

In honor of our grandsons, Blake Parrish, Dale and Tyler Price and Preston Grice with love from Nana and Poppa Price $50

Dr. Geri Harmon $70

In memory of Andy and Stewart Capers $50

In memory of Grandmothers Woodward and Sanders $50

In loving memory of our parents John and Jeanette Haupert and Bill and Dot Burckhardt $100

Montague Miller $250

In memory of Mattie P. Williams $150

Elwood Read $200

The Sidley Family $100

From Julie and Mike Newman $25

In honor of the La-La’s $50

Hourihan Family $200

Nancy Raines $50

In memory of our loved ones $100

Dick and Gerri Seif $100

In memory of Marion White Linder $200

Bonita Riczko $25

For David, Melissa, Madison, Megan, Denise, Jason, Riley, Skyler $160

In honor of Dr.’s Eaker, Speese, Kline, Joseph, Joiner Susie, Denise and Gina of Women’s Health of Augusta Love, The Girls!! $400

Perry Hall $50

In memory of Tran T Tu $25

In memory of John and Lois St. John $25

In memory of our loved ones. Carol and Bill Heuer $100

In honor of John and Edie $25

In honor of Fred and Meghan Mossler $25


Total December 20, 2013 $4,500

Total this year $82,274.81


Previously acknowledged: $70,074.81


In memory and honor of all our Veterans who sacrifice so much for our Country $30

In memory of my parents Deacon and Mrs. Albert Lee Bivines, my grandparents, and Mr. Walter S. Williams by Emily Ann 
Bivines $100

A small token of the many ways Dr. Jake Malone touched so many lives for Christ in our area and beyond $50

In memory of my wife Becky Herrity by 
Joe $100

“In loving memory of my mom, Hazel 
Patton” $35

In memory of Ernest, Ann North and 
Mary $150

In honor of Dr. Virginia Winburne and her sidekick Kathy Randall $1,000

In loving memory of Irene and Roger $150

Team Rojito wishes all a Feliz 
Navidad $30

David and Carole Spinks $100

“Merry Christmas” $500

Jack and Marceline Bennett $20

Clint and Kim Smith $50

Andrea Adams $25

In loving memory of my husband, Tom McGee, by Carole McGee $25

Thanksgiving for our 9 grands $25

Remembering Buddie $20

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year, The Scott Family, Augusta, Ga $50

Given in honor of our Granddaughters; Ashtyn, Taryn and Ryleigh $30

Bernie and Louis Silverstein $100

ET Industrial Supply Co., Inc. $150

In honor of a dear friend, Jean Everett from June and Bill Rooks $75

Raymond and Marian Lundquist $30

Anonymous $500

In memory of my Son, Michael and my brother, Charles. Merry Christmas Bobbie 
Ziccarelli $10

Patsy Battle $100

Richard and Barbara Abraham $200

Anonymous $25

In loving memory of Wallace, Barmans, Sopers, and Ungers $50

Dorothy Ashe $50

Sam and Joe $50

In memory of Jewell Barnes Menger $75

Carroll and Gardner Families, Remembering Loved Ones $100

In loving memory of Robert L. Hayden $25

For wonderful memories of my daughter Judy and husband Bill $50

Celia and Joseph Nalley $25

Sara Delaughter $15

Daphne Pittman and Dianna Chitty $15

Catherine Liu Hsu $25

In loving memory of my sister Ramona 
Carroll $100

Larry and Susan Sprowls $25

Cylde and Cornellia Wells $100

In loving memory of our parents, from Bob and Marion Hill $100

In memory of Marvin and Margie 
Coursey $225

John and Dorothy Rissmiller $25

In memory of Catherine L. Blanchard $100

In memory of Donnie Black $100

“Happy Birthday Jesus” from Donna 
Conrad $100

In memory of sisters, Haven Haddox and Traci McNabb $1,000

AANC Garden Group $55

The Angels from German Friendship Club $55

In memory of our Sisters and Family Carole Christian Bailey, Jackie Jennings Mims, Anne Jennings Payne, Archie Allen Morris and Larry Wayne Mims From Carmen and Judi 
Jennings $50

With unlimited appreciation for Bradberry Bowman from a grateful friend $40

In loving memory of Lauren Cauthen by Roxanne and Uncle Jim $25

In honor of Stephanie LeBlanc, Donna LeBlanc and Leon LeBlanc $100

Lewis A Vann Jr. $50

In honor of my Family $100

In memory of Janie and Bubber from the “Monks” $100

In memory of Jerry White from George Shivers, Jr. $50

David and Shirley Arens $50

“In memory of Ida and Paul Bennett and Carmela and Andrew Wagner” $200

Creel-Harison Foundation $465

In honor of our fathers, James Washington and Jim Finley $25

Anonymous $200

Nice Guys Family $50

Nice Guy’s Parent $50


Total December 19, 2013: $7,700


Total this year: $77,774.81


*Reported previously in error: In memory of Monty and Else $100


Previously acknowledged 62,709.81


T.H. And Teresa Horne $100

Ronald Crawford $30

Bath Presbyterian Church $500

Arthur and Dorothy Biggs $50

In memory of Jeff Weeks. We miss you Love your Family $50

In memory of “Biggie” $25

In honor of Brennan Simkins $100

Edward and Gabrielle Eno $50

John and Kendra Gogick $100

David and Ann Keller $150

In memory of Louise K. Dickson $1,000

Vivian and David Kinder $25

In memory of Mr. And Mrs. O.B. Washington, Sr. $25

Shirley Hermitage $35

Jane and Michael Webb $60

Anne Cato $25

In memory of loved ones $25

David Clark $25

In loving memory of Wenoma Mercer Carter $100

Danny Aycock $35

Anonymous $25

A.E. and Mrs. A.E. Swetman $10

In memory of Martha McCray $250

Jim and Deana Spangler $100

Go Big A $100

Edward and Barbara Stapleton $20

In memory of Mary and Max, Rachel and Fred $50

Roy and Karen Davis $50

Russell and Mary Ellen Jacobs $100

Gordon and Carole Meek $100

Debbie Vincent $20

Lillie Bynes $25

Thomas Schumacker $25

In memory of Robert Todd $25

Kathleen Cook $100

Annibee and Mdly $100

Elizabeth Frank $25

In honor of our grandkids Nicholas, Jonathan, Anna, Will, and Sammy $50

“In loving memory of Ivie and Jimmy Lee” $20

In memory of Davis and Florrie Toole $30

In memory of “Buster” and “Daisy” $30

Keith and Mary Blevins $50

Summerville Business SVCS $50

Jack and Jackie $25

John and Megan Mask $100

In memory of Steven Boileau $25

In loving memory of Libby York, Ruth Taylor Gay, Clarence Hayden Gay, and Howard Hayden Gay $500

In memory of Ryan Lariscy $100

In loving memory of my husband, Thomas Wingard Anderson from his wife, Rosalyn E. Anderson $50

In memory of Ed Occhipinti from wife Barbara grandchildren Samuel, Elaine, Annalaura, Will, Heather, Ethan and Conner $100

Kelley Appliance Center, Inc $300

In loving memory of my husband, George Kelley by Joyce Kelley $200

Richard and Anne Marie Lamb $100

In loving memory of Ann Chafee Turbyfill $25

Mike Rucker $50

Daniel and Linda Severance $50

In memory of Betty and Dick $100

P & P Sales, Inc $100

Pat and Steve Hungerpiller $100

In memory of Abby $100

In loving memory of Raymond E. Dufrense $20

Precious $100

Fred Lachman $10

In memory of Margaret Holley and my Sister Elaine $10

David and Melinda Carter $50

From Brandy, Louie, and Ludwig $60

In memory of Allen Tudor from Martha Tudor $100

In memory of my wife Mary Catherine Sullivan $25

Jack and Becki $50

The Gilmore Family $50

Gold Mech Serv $500

American Concrete Employees $500


Total Wednesday, December 18 $7,365

Total this year $70,074.81


Previously acknowledged $58,357.81

 Anonymous $50

In memory of April Renee Nichols from Dad, Mom, Kyle, Allison, Jeff, Drayton and Swayer $50

In memory of Edwin Tinkle and Mickey Brunson $100

Jeanette and Jesse Cummings $100

Larry and Karen Stein $25

Anonymous $50

Frances Bagley $25

In memory of Shirley Clark $100

In memory of James and Ann Blanchard from Becky Miller $50

In memory of Jane Stallworth Stillwell $50

Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio $100

In memory of Chip Metts $50

Neita and Doyle Buck $25

Rebecca Skinner $25

In honor of our grandchildren Gage and Zoe $25

Anonymous $25

Elizabeth Lavender $25

In memory of Pa and in honor of Olivia and 
Anderson $250

Keenan and Lisa Templeton $20

Barry and Sherri Fuller $50

Helen and Arthur Brown $25

Lenora Bacon $10

Staci and Ed Deketeleare $25

Alpha and Omega Farm $25

Anonymous $50

Virginia Drake $25

Charles and Joeann Williams $20

Henry and Annie Williams $25

In honor of All Veterans $1,000

Thaddeus McKinnie $10

In memory of Monby and Else $100

Holloway Family $25

In honor of my grandchildren: Parker, Claudia and Leila Eastmead $60

In memory of Katherine Norvell Marks $200

In loving memory of my husband, Dewell Rushing, by Ginny Rushing $50

Faith Discussion Sunday School Class $200

In loving memory of our son Kevin Stamper from Bob and Peggy Stamper $25

In memory of Sou. RR Augusta Special #32 $32

Harry and Carolyn Elam $50

In memory of David Scharff, Ruth Scharff and Annabelle Holman $200

Slick McNeil $100

In memory of Daisy McDonald $500

In loving memory of Dr. Herbert S. Harper $300

Gene and Laura Rollins $100

 *In loving memory Christa and Jerry Stevenson from their children $20

Total Tuesday, December 17, 2013 $4,352

Total this year $62,709.81

 *Reported previously in error


Previously acknowledged $55,607.81

 Anonymous $50

Hope Bible Class Pierce UMC $25

Scott Sommers $25

In honor of Mary Sydney and Peyton $100

Nnamdi Aniedobe $100

From Ervin and Carolyn Parker in honor of our daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren $100

In memory of Jos. A. Schneider $175

In memory of Cora and Jack Hoover from Christy Hoover $100

In memory of Mother and Brother, Jerone and Jerry Thompson $50

In memory of L.T. and Marie Graves $50

Teresa and Thomas Thirkell Jr. $100

In memory of Bob and Gerry Monroe $100

In honor of our grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren $25

In memory of Edna Pierce from Charles Pierce Family $50

Ann and Neil Myers $50

In loving memory of my Parents Marvin and Betty Hall $25

Ben and Anna $100

In loving memory of our Son Robbie 
Gay $100

Ed and Dee Wilkes Templeton $50

Anonymous $50

Don and Joan Pullum $25

In memory of Mr. Ernest Taylor $25

In memory of Cam Loper from Mr. and Mrs. James Keel $25

Anonymous $100

Bill and Kathy Ekre $50

“Merry Christmas” Employees and Staff of Scale South, Inc. $500

In honor and memory of our Mother Carole C. Bailey by Children Keith, Kim and Ken $300

In loving memory of my Son Tony Schweitzer birthday $100

Employee of Insurance Services of Augusta $200


Total Monday, December 16, 2013 $2,750

Total this year $58,357.81


Previously acknowledged $54,507.81


Grace and Arthur Humphries $100

In memory of John Peebles Jr., Tony Peebles and Juanita Ivey $100

In loving memory of Wesley and Juanita Widner $100

“In loving memory of Douglas” $25

Charles Henry $25

In memory of Kathyrn Burdette $100

Ronald and Barbara Lewis $100

In memory of Dianne M. Harper $100

Russell and Janet Meadows $50

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Brand $100

In loving memory of Edward J. Layman III and Andrew L.J. Layman $25

McMichael Land and Timber $100

Augusta Chinese Women’s Club of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association $100

In loving memory of my husband John “Copper” Gillespie $50

For My Blessings Sarah, Michael and Gage $25


Total Sunday, December 15, 2013 $1,100

Total this year $55,607.81


Previously acknowledged $51,672.81

In loving memory of our parents by Reed and Jeri Wakeley $50

William Kanto Jr. $100

In memory of  Jayne Anchor $100

Darryl Tom $100

In memory of Alice Miles Barbee $100

Merry Christmas from McNeill, Jack, Jim, Walker, Kelly, Anne Marshall and Harris $100

Robert Straughan $25

Sue Herries $100

In memory of our PaPa. The Rushing Family $50

James Crimmins and Phoebe Crimmins $100

In memory of J.E. Johnston $50

Peter and Leonie Buckley $200

Albert and Lina Vosefski $20

Raymond and Ann Washington $200

Merry Christmas Jimmy and Joanne $50

In memory of Paul Colohan Sr., Karen Courter, Alexis Colohan Cannon, Adam Colohan and Nathan Colohan $30

Earnest, Gloria, Dawn, Kendra and Naya $50

In memory of Dickie Grice $50

From Thomas Collingsworth (Pine Hills Middle School) and Shelby Keefer (Hephzibah High School) $250

Lloyd and Linda Young $100

In loving memory of my brothers Theodore, Bill, Bob and Tom from George and Carole Balk $50

In loving memory of Grandmama Wenona Averette and Grandmother Alene Morrison and In honor of Brayden, Carter and Ashton Goff from Uncle Robby $50

In loving memory of Marsden and Wenona Averette and Nicholas Erneston $150

In honor of Brayden, Carter and Ashton Goff from Grandmama $50

Mary Lown $50

Anonymous $10

In memory of Carolyn $100

By Mary Frances Richards and Family In memory of Bob Richards $50

James Griffin $50

Joyce and Lawton James Jr. $200

From the Uniparts USA team Rick, Steve, Tim, Andrea, Milton and Ricky $250


Total Saturday, December 14, 2013 $2,835

Total this year $54,507.81


Previously acknowledged $45,997.81

Marino and Mary Ann Pelosi $50

Anonymous $25

Tsutomu Taira $50

Anonymous $10

In memory of George and Juanita Jackson and Vere Daugherty $50

In memory of Art and Andy Jacobson $25

Jason and Sherry Hayes $20

Kacy, Kriston, Kellie, Big Man-Shane, Pa Holt $15

In memory of Kayla Nicole Swearingen Holt $15

Elizabeth Steadman $25

In memory of Doris Smith Canady $25

James and Cathy Fitzgerald $40

In memory of Anthony and Helen Donati, Wilma Scheller and Vicki Baker $75

Michael and Brenda Moles $25

Mildred Peskin $100

In memory of Pam Gantt $50

Susan and Jon Simowitz $250

Anonymous $100

In memory of Terry Barwick $100

In memory of Michael Brown $100

In the name of Jeff, Elizabeth and Will $50

In honor of Joe, Cooper, Menger, McKenzie, Max and Mallory $200

In memory of Owen Smitherman $100

Anonymous $75

Janet and Don Geckeler $20

Anonymous $25

In memory of Barbara Mulherin $25

Susan and Stuart Marks $100

In loving memory of our dear friends, Jim Wiley, Harry Glass, Victor Johnson and our dear departed brother Buzz (Wayman) Hill $35

In memory of Olive, Mary and Mildred Miles, Mae Bell King Phillips and Charles Gorse $25

In memory of our Papa Art Delmerico from Mia and Sam Delmerico $25

John and Renee Bryant $25

In honor of our grandchildren Ben, Hunter, Mackenzie and Morgan $100

Starling Funeral Home $250

Sindi and Robert Azar Jr. $25

Anonymous $500

In honor of Salley and Thomas Wilson and John, Ben and Charlie Salley $250

In loving memory of Marie D. Clement $25

In memory of Leahman, Marvin and Bob $100

In loving memory of my wonderful wife of 57 years of Marriage Edna Rast Knight $200

Helen Marine $40

The Lunch Bunch $30

In memory of Delores Robinson from Mary Lee $100

Mac and Lynn Reeves $100

In loving memory of Sam Bradley, Milledge Peterson Jr., Marian and Milledge Peterson Sr., Lonnie Wilder and Dianne Harper $150

In honor of my precious grandchildren Sam and Kate Peterson and Caroline, Julia, and Sarah Schmidt $50

“Shadow the Kat” $100

Mr. and Mrs. Nealy Clark Jr. $100

In memory of Frank Hebbard Jr. from his children and grandchildren $200

Karnig and Mary Kurkjian $100

William Lawless $100

Our grandchildren Susan, James, Eva, Emma Lucille $50

J.R. Cadieux $250

Ramona Penn $50

J. David Penn $50

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Lodge $50

“Rocky” $50

Prather Construction Co. Inc. $500

David and Joy Amerman $125

William and Darlene Blosser $100

Jane Enyeart $50

Reba and Kris Hardy $25

Total from December 13, 2013 $5,675

Total this year $51,672.81


Previously acknowledged $43,357.81


Reena Chudgar $200

Tina and Bipin Chudgar $200

To honor grandaughter Ellie from  Mama Kaye $25

James and Judy Kicklighter $75

Nancy and Robert Frey $20

Mr. and Mrs. Louie Griffin, Jr. $250

Robert and Luana Grimley $50

In memory of my husband Neill Commins $25

Chet and Carol Howard $25

Gary and Pam Berg $200

In memory of Benton Bridges $50

Leo Barnes $50

Kristin Lucas $25

In loving memory of my Husband, our Daddy and our Opa and Great Opa MSG James L. Wiley, Sr. from Monika, Dana Marie, James Jr. Adam, Gregory and Izabelle $60

In memory of Dan Morgan $50

“In honor of my caring friend Larry Key” $50

In memory of Harold Bush $25

Frank and Betty Givens $100

Anne Sterling $20

In memory of my two wonderful husbands Bruce Chuck Fornes and Don E. Albrecht and my beloved son Donald A. Fornes $150

Roger and Judith Anderson $100

Margaret Collier $25

In memory of J.T. Sanders Sr. and Elaine Faye Pepper $100

In memory of Horace, Helen, Harold and Pat Foss $100

John and Shirlene Van Orden $25

In loving memory of our son, Heath Moore $100

In honor of our grandchildren Addison and Annie Rae Reeves by Mae and Pop $50 

Joseph and Joyce Bugg $20

Anonymous $100

In memory of Bill and Helen Bufford and Betty Jean Hunt $50

Regina Stevenson $20

William and Louise Ashby $50

In loving memory of my wonderful parents Cora and Jess Davis from Barbara Davis $100

Deborah Harris and Tom Smothers $50

In memory of Ronald Lotz $100


Total Thursday, December 12, 2013 $2,640


Total this year $45,997.81


Previously acknowledged $37,267.81

In loving memory of Lester Durham from Margaret Durham $100

Ronnie and Mary Knox $50

Robert and Joellyn Rabias $40

Allen and Diane Strunk $25

Wayne and Ashley Matthews $145

Merry Christmas, Gil and Penny $25

In loving memory of Ron Lindsey $20

Bella Cooke for her friends Abby, Callie, Pandy, Jack, Chase and In memory of Duke Swann $150

Robert and Susan Patrick $20

Paul and Carol Gage $25

In memory of James Ayers, Sr. $50

In loving memory of Clara Rivers and Richie Regan $50

Anonymous $20

In loving memory of my friend Florence Catchings $100

Susan Schafer $100

Linda and Jimmy Spradley $20

In memory of Nelson Mandela, PS11814 $200

In memory of Lady $20

The Alalof Family $250

Paul and Margaret Franks $100

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. William Roscoe Brigham and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Weather $500

Lester and Patricia Godfrey $100

In memory of Mrs. Sally Wallace from Patti $20

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Readdy, Sr. from Gene $20

In memory of Cocoa, L.B., Molly, Brandy, Wendy, Misty, and Glenda from Gene and Patti $20

Merry Christmas to all and God bless us all on this, Christ’s Birthday all our friends and love one from Gene and Patti $20

In honor and memory of my Mother-Annie Bailey by Richard E. Bailey $100

In honor and memory of my Father-Artice Bailey by Richard E. Bailey $100

G. Lionel Zumbro, Jr. MD $200

In memory of our brothers, Harold Smith and Larry Turbeville from Jimmy and Beth Smith $50

Hugh and Diane Beckwith $100

Anonymous $1,000

John and Revonda Hall $250

In memory of my Brother-Wayne Bailey by Richard E. Bailey $100

J.C. and Ellen Douglas $25

“In loving memory of our son and Erika’s brother, Robert Timothy Toole, Jr. by Tim and Jayne Toole” $100

In memory of Gloria Holley $50

In memory of Charlie Minor and Jay Owens $100

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hooks $50

Beverly Johnson $40

In loving memory of Dora Villemain $50

Ronald and Jessye Corona $100

Robert and Valerie $100

Anonymous $1,000

Frank Martin for Grandchildren $50

Cathy Green $25

Bill and Georgia Kozel $100

Anonymous $25

John and Jeanette Kozel $100

In loving memory of my Daddy, Milton Saggus, and my second Daddy, Leon LeBlanc $60

In loving memory of our precious Granddaughter-McClay Powell- Love Papa and Grany Payne $15

Anonymous $10

Total for December 11, 2013 $6,090

Total this year $43,357.81


Previously acknowledged $32,957.81


In Loving Memory of my husband, Joe Wheeler by Doris $100

Mr. and Mrs. Wade Gordy $25

Anonymous $100

Donald and Joan Wanner $25

Hal and Doris $100

Conner Ray Parrish $20

Miriam Atkins $100

Joseph Knight, Jr. $50

Paige Waller $25

Anonymous $100

David and Kathy Huskey $25

In Honor of Great Grandchildren Evan, Addi, Liam, and Mobley Jane $100

Anonymous $25

In Honor of Meg Byar’s Birthday and In Loving Memory of Claudi and Taddy from A Friend $25

Deavidene Mays $20

Fred and Margaret Williams $100

Peter Crawford $20

Raymond Richards $100

Marian Harelik $20

John Biddlecome $10

Nathaniel and Elaine Kruskol $25

In Loving Memory of our grandparents, Hattie and Harry Pund and Lelia and Erby Carlton $100

In Honor of the staff at Publix on Washington Rd $100

In Honor of our Grandsons Matthew, Thomas and Palmer $200

In Loving Memory of our Opa from Brandon, Lauren, Ryan, Michael and Courtney $25

Merry Christmas! Ron and Carolyn Snider $30

In Memory of Dr. Albert Ayers Carr from Nancy Carr $100

Karlette Butler $20

James Menger $50

James Bell $20

“In Memory of Mary Ellen Bryan” $10

Ann Adams $10

In Memory of Debbie Peabody Huntress given by Alex and Joyce Fillingim $100

Robert and Sue Caldwell $25

Robert and Katherine Coull $25

Anonymous $50

Kathryne Lee Pessa $150

Dr. and Mrs. James Hawk $25

Jean Bowles $50

Ingrid King $10

William and Yvonne Hollingsworth $30

Anonymous $60

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Everett $20

In Memory of John Pierce Blanchard $35

Gene and Barbara Frazier $50

In Memory of my Sister-Vera Whitener by Richard E. Bailey $100

In Memory of Fred Kennedy, Jr. $50

In Memory of my lovely grandmother Nancy Curtis Shields Trowbridge and Mother Mabel T. Blount $25

In Loving Memory of my parents Mamie and Calvin Fowler from Mamie Dye $100

In Memory of my husband Samuel Campbell, Sr. and my son Richard Davidson $15

Fred and Barbara Rucker $25

In Memory of Sheba and Rowdy $100

In Memory of Herman T. O’Tyson $25

In Honor of Sander and In Memory of Truffle $150

Joan and Michael Boos $100

Roy and Barbara Keller $100

Mildred Wheat $100

Blanche Riley $10

In Honor of Tommy Dozier from the employees at Silver Sheet Metal $400

In Honor of Tom Dozier from Gold Mech, Inc $400

In Honor of Tom Dozier, Tim Brown and Rick Pinnell from the employees of Gold Mech Services $200

Total today $4,310

Total this year $37,267.81


Previously acknowledged $31,937.81

 Merry Christmas from Landon, William and Courtney $25

“Ponce, Puerto Rico” $60

Kathryn Seyberth $25

In Memory of Wiley and Frances Smith $25

In Memory of Kenneth Wheatley $25

Jerry Pearson $25

Merry Christmas! Christiane Mitchum $20

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 63 $25

Linda Jurney $25

Merry Christmas! $100

In loving memory of my husband Raymond and my sister Doris Kappes from Josephine Tuero $25

Barbara Murphy $25

Robert and Donna Hardwick $30

Laura Purtz $25

Barbara Cronic $20

Gloria and Stanford Crouch $5

Charles and Janice Coleman $20

Given in memory of Mrs. Cecil Waller Dempsey $25

Mary Pileggi $20

In Memory of my dad, William A. Garrett $20

Thomas Severynse $40

In loving memory of my husband A.J. Lewis Sr. and my beloved son Ray Dixon from Mrs. Mary Lewis $50

Michael and Barbara Downes $25

In honor of our Grandchildren Jan and Paul Griffin $25

Suburban Garden Club $200

Wesley and Rita Brinkman $100

In Memory of Robert Osborne and Timmer Bradley $10

 Total December 10, 2013 $1,020

 Total this year $32,957.81


Previously acknowledged $31,212.81

In Memory of Mildred Kitchings $100

In Memory of my husband, William T. McDaniel $50

Anonymous $50

In Loving Memory of George Holley $25

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Goldberg $100

In Honor of our grandchildren Elizabeth and Sam Gaston. From Julia and Sonny Gaston $50

Thomas and Ursula Anderson $25

Warren and Joetta Church $25

Barbara McCutcheon $100

Raymond and Jeanne Keller $50

William and Judy Schoonover $50

Victor and Mary Johnson $100

Total December 9, 2013 $725

Total this year $31,937.81


Previously acknowledged $30,087.81

In Loving Memory of Deputy J.D. Paugh $25

Doris Bounds $10

Kris and Susan Hardy $50

Sharon Greaves $25

In Memory of Madeline and William Wade Shiver III, Grover Smith, Helen Laws and Samuel and Mattie Cooper $200

Jessie Burke $50

Anonymous $10

In Memory of Marcus Sterling Dement $100

David and Diana Ward $25

James Adams Jr. $25

Lola Ryan $5

Frederick Fidler $200

Lacy and Ava Bartee $50

In Memory of an Angel “Kat Kat” $50

Anonymous $100

Anonymous $100

“The Boerner Family” $100

Total Sunday, December 8, 2013 $1,125

Total this year $31,212.81


Previously acknowledged $26,939.81

Eleanor Hanson $100

Isabel Wheeler $25

Anonymous $50

Joe and Missouri Scott $100

In Memory of Bob Russell $25

In Memory of David Wunder from Chuck and Anne $50

Anna and Ronald Osborne $50

In Loving Memory of my Husband Christian Adolf and my 
friend Karen Hayes by 
Brigitte Adolf $100

In Memory of Camelle B. Batson $25

In Loving Memory of our Dad and PaPa from Nat and Traci $50

In Honor of the Grace Girls 
Sunday School Class 
at First Baptist Church 
Augusta, Ga. $20

Willie and Suzanne Green $20

The Snyder Family $25

Rodney and Lois Wurst $10

In Loving Memory of my Husband Donald “Duck” Newsome $10

In Memory of my loving dogs 
Boots, Baby, and Missy $15

Anonymous $75

Arlene Washington $10

Eldon and Beatrice Ensz $25

Mildred Holmes $50

Linda and Jerry Flanders $100

Geoffrey and Nancy Wells $200

Mary Lou and Earl Helmly $40

Edward and Genell Smith $50

Dorothy Jens $25

In Memory of Leland Zeigler $50

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Hiers $50

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Harrell $20

Joseph Whetstone $150

William Logan $250

Carolyn McManus $50

In loving memory of our son 
Robert Ware Jr. $20

Thelma Clark $50

In Memory of Our Parents $50

In Loving Memory of Thomas F. Dubois from his Family $50

Glenn Moody $25

In Loving Memory of Nancy H. Farr and Mike Farr from Peggy and Gene Floyd $50

On Behalf of our grandsons, Manav and Devam. Just to bring smile on someone’s face $30

In Memory of my husband $100

Doris and Nickolas Sexton $50

Joyce Rollins $20

Pamela Oblanc $50

In Memory of Harry C. 
Anderson $50

In Loving Memory of My Father Robert E. Lee Michael $100

Ralph and 
Barbara Hauenstein $25

John Nikander $100

Kenneth and Dana Jenkins $40

Carl and Becky Coulson $200

Jordel and Robert Rihl $50

In Memory of Mattie Hardman 
and Prezzie Johnson $50

Susan Bischoff $10

Miguel and Ofelia Muniz $8

Edmund and Mary Booth $150

Carlton J. Burke and 
Takisha L. Burke $50

 Total for Saturday, December 7, 2013 $3,148

Total this year $30,087.81


Merry Christmas from Allie, Abbie, Anders and Zoey $25

In Honor of Mollie Sealey Evans $30

Ricki and Piney Hamilton $50

Cynthia Capps $25

Robert Kirkwood $1,000

Lula Collier $10

In Loving Memory of my husband SFC James W. Mckenzie III $25

In Loving Memory of Uncle Kevin and Aunt Rose Marie from Katie $25

In Loving Memory of our son Richard Anderson $25

H&D $10

In Memory of Dorothy and Linton Pruitt by Linda Pruitt Carstarphen $50

Remember the Reason for the Season $50

Eulala Weddle $25

Clifford and Janet Foster $50

Rem Remsen II $25

Anonymous $25

In Loving Memory of Glenn M. Grandin $250

Harold and MaryAnne Bourne $200

Linda Feffer $75

“Grateful for healthy grandchildren” $15

In Memory of Inez and Edward McLeroy $20

Tom and Claire Willis $30

Roberta Barbadora $50

James and Brenda Findlay $50

Mary and Edward Nisbet $25

Mary Wells $50

In Memory of Goldie, Natalie, Midnight $50

In Honor of our grandsons Alexander 13, Rowan 3 and Milan 2 $100

Betty Eubanks $15

Jack Ellenberg $30

Willie Seal $20

In Honor of Will and Daphne $100

In Memory of Barbara C. Blissit $100

In Memory of Catherine Mealing Burns, Gilbert Epps King, and Furman Asbury Taylor $320

In Memory of our Son Jose Albino $25

“The Potocik Family” $50

Gene and Nancy Casto $25

Hand Jives Inc. Car Wash and Detail Ctr. $100

William Yarborough Jr. $25

Stephen and Suu Postelnick $200

The Matsons $75

In Memory of  Mr. and Mrs. F. Stuhler and  Mr. and Mrs. S. Tomber $25

In Memory of  Kristen Weber Glenn $100

Chester Gibson $30

Anonymous $25

George and Carolyn Ogles $25

In Honor of Cal and Hayes $200

Andy and Alice Reese $100

Pamela Johnson $10

David Ansley $50

Lani Luciano $100

Anonymous $50

Lincoln and Marjorie Adams $50

Merry Christmas Marjorie and George Milne $25

Robert and Barbara Rowe $50

Ronald and Irene Jones $20

Bill Wagner $25

Clifford and Erna Hull $50

Brenda Creswell $50

Nancy Brown $100

Anonymous $200

David and Laverne $50

Anonymous $100

Henry Hicks, III $25

In Loving Memory of Robert W. Gay $200

Dennis Ellis $100

Donald and Janet Reynolds, Sr. $100

George and LeAnna Arndt $20

Victor and Emma Vakoc $25

Frank and Maureen Maurer $25

William and Anita McKie $15

Shirley and Guilford Corley $20

In Honor of Aiden Weir from Damma, Bobbie $25

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Thomas. Given by Mr. and Mrs. James O. Brady $200

Charles McClure $50

Anonymous $100

Winfred and Harold Johnston $25

In Memory of my son Michael Hall $25

Jay and Janis Hutchison $50

Earl and Helen Cason $25

Dorothy White $10

In Memory of George and Martha Shiveler $15

Mrs. A. Nonnymouse $15

Russell Smith $20

John Harpring, Jr. $20

Kathy Jackson $20

In Memory of Tony McClellan $25

Anonymous $25

Gene and Joan Dalton $10

Anonymous $100

Larry and Cathy Lingle $100

In Loving Memory of Harry and Earllene Smith $100

Nicole and Paul McDonough $50

In Memory of John S. Tyson, III $50

In Memory of Elliott Horton $50

“The Tudor Family” $25

Michael Taylor $100

Patrick and Myra Corcoran $25

In Honor of all Gods Furry Companions from Dwight and Joanie Williford $20

In Memory of Janie Branch from Leonard and Marilyn Syphrit $100

In Loving Memory of J. Robert Scott $50

Michael Oglesby $20

Ash, Brittany, Carlee and John Patten Moss $100

Hannelore and Clifton Srygley $50

J.M. Nelson $75

Anonymous $25

Jon Winters $50

Phyllis Thompson $200

Lee Deason $50

Norma and Elige Hickman $30

Michael and Rochelle Sullivan $50

Barbara Craker $20

Alma and William Campbell $10

J.C. Bowen $25

Robert and Cynthia Rickman $25

Jimmy Carson $100

Phillip and Leigh Cupp $30

Constan Magoulas $40

Constance and R.M. Read $10

Charles and Edith Mayer $50

Robert Bishop $25

In Loving Memory of Jim and Edna Bowen and Grant and Pat Kinner. Love and miss all of you so much! Bob and Cathy Kinner $20

Arthur Graves $40

Dorothy Goodwin $20

Bellmina Watton $20

Dennis and Carol Murphy $25

The Knox Foundation $5,000

Ronnie Helmly $5

Bernard Hendrix $25

Walter and Marilyn Moore $200

Kay and Bobby Bryant $50

In Memory of Matthew B. Aitken $50

In Memory of Eino A. and Lempi Sarja $30

Anonymous $10

Anonymous $5

Total today $10,305

Total this year $23,914.81


Grovetown Lions Club $250

Bargeron Realty Co. $100

Seth Benson $100

Bruce and Patty Cameron, Jr. $10

Donna Barlett $20

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hootman $100

Whitney Pickett $50

Anonymous $35

Jesse Stone $100

Margaret Devore and Dannie Walker $100

Janet and Robert Gray $25

Roney and Helen McCord $25

William and Jacqueline Dulworth $50

Lyle and Shirley Glascock $100

Martha and Gene Tanner $100

In Memory of our Parents $50

Memory Johnson $50

Sylvia and Joe Cheek $100

In Memory of Richard Sconyers $100

Charles and Jung Wirsing $250

In Honor of my Grand-Children Chase and Ben Prather, Love Grandmother $50

Anonymous $25

Daniel Graham $500

Glenn and Nathalie Krenz $20

“Helping Others-Pass it on” $25

Anonymous $1,000

Chong and James Reynolds $50

Nell and Larry $100

John and Noel Brittingham $25

AJ and Maria Alsup $10

McFarland Family $20

In Honor of our grandchildren Billy, Lily, Brenton, Ellie and Mary Elizabeth $500

Frank and Nancy Rollins $100

Betty and Darrell Estep $25

In Memory of Harriet P. Memel $100

From Carrie Garrett in loving memory of William A. Garrett and Boone A. Knox $50

John and Tamara Rutt $100

Louis Cook, Jr. $25

Lida Rich $20

B.D. and Suzanne Payton $50

Barbara Nurnberger $50

Charles and Georgia Hafey $25

Mabel Dawson $50

John Holsomback $20

Ann Cooper $50

In memory of LTC Roy Barrios. Rest in Peace, Roy!!!!! $25

Joe and Paulette $20

Virendra and Raj Sharma $10

Richard and Barbara Woodring $50

Anonymous $35

Nancy and Greg Karlberg $100

R.E. and Betty Daniel $25

Sam Templeton $25

Alexander Mura, Jr. $30

In Loving Memory of My Brother, Dewey F Terry $50

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Elliott, Jr. $200

Mary Robertson $75

In Memory of J.O. Bennett and John E. Thorstad $100

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nesbit, Jr. $100

Richard Martin $25

Tami Cassaro $50

ACBB $100

David and Jacquelyn Hogan $100

Frederick and Julianne Klippert $100

Anonymous $100

Joe and Shirley Monogold $50

Robert and Peggy Medlin $50

Marlow and Patsy Severin $100

Dennis and Pamela Rascon $100

Mattie and Arthur Conners $25

In Memory of our Grandparents $100

Suzanne and Mark Pritchett $50

James and Kelley O’Quinn $100

Frederick and Jo Ann House $50

Elizabeth Pendergrast $25

John Hawley $50

Cyndia and Robert Beattie, Jr. $50

Marlyn Niedling $50

In Memory of Charlie Godbee by Gary and Brenda Hardy $100

In Memory of Howard Hardy by Gary and Brenda Hardy $100

In Memory of Mozelle Hardy by Gary and Brenda Hardy $100

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sylvester $50

Richard and Ann O’Shea $100

Ann and Carey Hembree $50

In Loving Memory of my grandson Ryan Howell by Dagmar Howell $100

John and Jean Chase $100

Patricia Pirnie $30

Carroll Ellis $15

In Memory of LT. Col and Mrs. T.J. Wheelin $25

Gerald and Marilou Jilbert $25

Lloyd and Carol Lewis $50

Joyce and Robert Humphries $25

In Memory of Rita and Joe $100

Terri and Derek Snead $10

Bennett and Mary Howell $25

James Wilson $50

Kevin Winters $50

Ronald and Teresa Emory $25

Marita and Dennis Moberg $200

Barbara and John Patrick $100

In Memory of John $100

Elizabeth Blanchard $100

William McCorkle $10

Mary Anne Bagwell $10

Mary Ruppert $50

Terry Peardon $250

Stanley and Margaret Schrader $50

Jack and Jean Leone $50

In Memory of Katie Ridenour, Love from your Family $100

In Memory of Robby $20

Anonymous $5

George Walton Lodge $100

In Memory of Mr. Chapman $50

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scaggs $50

Hal Herrington, Jr. $10

Betty Jones $25

In Memory of Elsie and “Pepper” Martin, Edna and Dudley Bowen, and Dianne Martin Harper $100

Anonymous $25

In memory of Allan and Elaine Gates. Love, Pam and Tim Punch $50

Ed and Joan Groover $100

Obed and Doris Cramer $25

In loving memory of my mother, Helly Gebhard, and my husband, Horst Michael, from Christa Michael $100

Mary Quinn $10

In honor of our four grandchildren $100

Carolyn Garner $100

To my friends from Peggy Lovelace $100

Charles and Shirley Weiksner $15

Robert and Helen Baisden $100

Anonymous $25

Virginia Allen $20

Donna and Joseph Monroe $25

Nelson and Maureen Wright Jr. $25

James and Georgia Hedges $25

M.R.and Wendy Buckner $25

Ann Fetters $25

Pamela and Raymond Baird $5

Gwen and Robert Young $50

R.B. Buckner $100

In memory of grandson Cal Lovett $25

Dorothy and Robert Gleason $50

In memory of Steven Cox $30

Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Pittman $20

In Memory of Paul Swift $10

Julia Hendrich $100

Irvin and Lore Ingraham $40

Connie Edwards $25

Unicetine Lewis $10

Delores and Roy Entrekin $25

George and Marthe Odell $25

Charles and Karen Sabo $50

Ryan Griffin $20

Pamela Givens $50

Rosemarie Sedberry $10

Helen Hall $10

Jane Hawes $100

Kenneth and Ellie McGahee $50

Travis and Shannon Bateman $250

In Memory of Ralph Wong $200

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moyer $25

James and Teri Ferrell $75

Richard and Valerie Hawkins $50

In Memory of Jimmy McHair and Buddy Metcalf $25

Cheryl Newman $50

Iva Williamson $25

David and Janet Haburchak $25

Judithanne Donahue $25

Gail Winkley $10

Billy and Karen Rucker $10

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gunther Jr. $25

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Perry $10

Zenzel Lewis $25

Tammie Austin $25

Evelyn and Orion Kujala $20

Donald and Dolores Randolph $25

Joe and Lynne Entrekin $50

Cash donated at the Empty Stocking Concert held Nov. 24 $1,624.81



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