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Woman hurt by limb awarded $12 million


SAVANNAH, GA. — A state court awarded a woman $12 million from the city of Savannah on Thursday for injuries she suffered when a tree limb impaled her.

A Chatham County jury said the city should pay 31-year-old Shanta Greene for injuries she suffered in July 2010 when a tree limb fell on a truck and impaled her as she sat in the passenger seat. She lost her right leg and pelvis and suffered a brain injury.

The jury also awarded $20,000 to Greene’s cousin, who was driving the truck, and $10,000 to the man’s son, Xavier. Both suffered less serious injuries.

“I want to see the city get these trees in order. I want to see the city look like the downtown area. It’s a beautiful city and I love the trees but I love the safe trees, the ones that don’t hurt anybody,” Greene told WTOC-TV after the verdict.

The city’s attorney said it was clear the woman’s injuries were accidental but that a jury shouldn’t award her millions in taxpayer money out of sympathy.

Carjacking suspect accidentally killed

CANTON, GA. — Police in Cherokee County say a man involved in a carjacking was killed shortly after taking off with the vehicle.

Sheriff’s Lt. Jay Baker said a group of men carjacked a white Dodge on Thurs­day afternoon and crashed about a mile later.

Police say one of the carjackers was pistol-whipping the victim when the gun went off and wounded the getaway driver. One suspect was taken to the hospital for head injuries, and another is believed to have ran from the scene.



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