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How automatic budget cuts could affect Georgia

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The White House was ready Sunday with state-by-state reports on the automatic budget cuts set to take effect Friday.


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The numbers were compiled from federal agencies and the White House’s own budget office. The numbers reflect the impact of the cuts this year. Unless Congress acts by Friday, $85 billion in cuts are set to take effect from March-September.

As to whether states could move money around to cover shortfalls, the White House said that depends on state budget structures and the specific programs.

It did not have a list of which states or programs might have flexibility.

In Georgia, the White House said the biggest impact would be on the military.


MILITARY: About 37,000 civilians working for the military would be furloughed and lose $190 million in pay. Funding for Army and Air Force operations would be cut by $238 million.

JOBS: About 33,160 fewer people would get assistance in finding jobs as a result of the loss of $873,000.

TEACHERS AND SCHOOLS: Geor­gia would lose about $28.6 million in funding for primary and secondary schools. About 390 teacher and aide jobs would be at risk.

SENIORS: Funding for meals for seniors would be cut by about $1.3 million.

CHILD CARE: As many as 1,100 children would lose access to child care.

ENVIRONMENT: Georgia would lose $3.5 million to ensure clean water and air and nearly $1 million in grants for fish and wildlife protection.

HEAD START: Services would be eliminated for about 1,700 children.

VACCINES: About 4,180 fewer children would get vaccinations for measles, mumps and other illnesses because of a funding cut of $286,000.

PUBLIC HEALTH: About 2,400 fewer people would be admitted to substance abuse programs and 14,300 fewer HIV tests would be performed because of a $4 million cut in public health funding.

WORK-STUDY JOBS: About 2,490 fewer low-income students would receive financial aid and 890 fewer would get work-study jobs to help pay for college.

In South Carolina

Examples of how the automatic cuts could affect South Carolina, as stated in a White House report:


- About $12.5 million lost in funding for primary and secondary education, putting around 170 teacher and aide jobs at risk

- About $8.6 million in funding lost for 100 teachers, aides and staff who help teach children with disabilities

- Head Start and Early Head Start services would be eliminated for about 900 children.


- About $1.8 million lost in environmental funding

- About $650,000 lost in grants for fish and wildlife protection


- About 11,000 civilian Department of Defense employees would be furloughed, reducing gross pay by around $59.5 million.

- About $62 million cut for Army base operations

- About $19 million cut for Air Force operations


- About $127,000 lost in funding for vaccinations

- About $442,000 lost in funds meant to help upgrade the state’s ability to respond to public health threats

- About $1 million lost in grants to help prevent and treat substance abuse

- About $276,000 cut for the state Department of Health and Environmental Control

- Up to $99,000 in funding lost for services to victims of domestic violence

- About $791,000 cut in funds to provide meals to seniors

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deestafford 02/25/13 - 02:38 pm
What I think is being missed in this discussion is

what a crying shame it is that the states have become so dependant on the federal government that is being portrayed that a 2% cut in government spending is goint to devastate the states!!! This is ridiculous. We have got to take some of the power from DC. Who am I kidding? The states have become junkies to the federal government acting like santa claus.

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