Residents upset about floating garbage in Lake Lanier

OAKWOOD, Ga. — People living along a stretch of Lake Lanier’s shoreline say something needs to be done about floating garbage they say is overtaking part of the lake after it rains.


Garbage near Flat Creek, which empties into Lake Lanier, includes everything from cans and bottles to television sets and furniture, residents said.

The floating debris is like a giant island of garbage, resident Jerry Guhl told CBS Atlanta .

“It is gross and nasty and frustrating, even if we did our part and cleaned up our area around our shoreline and our lake it is always going to be there,” Guhl said. “We like to canoe and kayak and enjoy the nature aspect of it and it is very difficult when you are trying to paddle through all of this stuff.”

Homeowners this week were using poles to pull bags of trash from the water.

The homeowners believe the garbage comes from storm drains that accumulate litter from people who throw their trash on the ground. They say when the drains are washed out during storms, the litter ends up in the lake.

“I have been here for 13 years, and pay astronomical property taxes to live on this lake, we have to deal with this,” Marguerite Jones said.



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