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College hasn’t paid workers for months


ATLANTA — Morris Brown College, which has filed for bankruptcy protection and faces possible foreclosure, has not paid some of its employees for three months, court records show.

The historically black Atlanta college owes workers hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay from an even longer period.

Chemistry professor Gloria L. Anderson, for instance, is owed $204,585, according to recently filed court documents.

Toledo Riley, the director of recruitment and admissions, is owed $171,000, the records show. Hector Butts, who chairs the business administration department, is due $163,000. Vice president of student affairs Vivian El-Amin is awaiting $142,000.

Bomb threat shuts DeKalb County jail

DECATUR, GA. — The DeKalb County Jail on lockdown for several hours Thursday after a bomb threat.

Sewona Ketegou was taken into custody a woman called to say she parked her car outside the jail, near the prisoner transport area, and there were explosives inside the vehicle. No bomb was found.