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I WATCHED THE final round of the PGA tournament on national TV. The city of Augusta was mentioned so many times in reference to the Masters Golf Tournament and Augusta National. Georgia Regents University does not incorporate any of Augusta’s identity. The president of GHSU needs to return to California, and perhaps he needs to take the Board of Regents with him.


MAKE IT A ‘TWO-FER,’ get rid of the idiotic new name and Azziz.


IF GRU NEEDS A new mascot, my dog speaks perfect GRR.


AZZIZ NEEDS TO GO. He doesn’t have the right attitude to live in the South. He just doesn’t understand that things mean a lot to us. We don’t just brush things or people off.


FREE THIS, FREE THAT. When will it end? I never took anything free in my life. I was off my butt earning what I and my family needed.


OBAMA’S UNELECTED WIFE puts out her own “rules” for schools and diets. They call it a “meal pattern.” What the heck is a meal pattern and who gave the federal government authority over what Americans eat?


AUGUSTA POLICE get a big rant from this out-of-towner. I went one block on Jones Street, from one store to another, without a seat belt and was given a $15 ticket by a motorcycle cop sitting on the corner behind a tree. You would think with all the shootings, drug problems and all the crime in downtown Augusta, the police could find better use of their officers. Maybe it is time for a new sheriff in town.


STALLONE WAS NEVER a handsome man, but he has not aged well.


HOW MANY CAPTAINS and lieutenants does one sheriff’s department need? Enough is enough already; put them back on the street.


HAVE YOU SEEN Usain Bolt’s quote from the Olympics? “I’m now a legend. I’m also the greatest athlete to live.” Ha-ha. What a maroon.


RAVES FOR Ed Turner and Number 9. The show was great, and they played for almost five hours. We really got our money’s worth. See you next time.


MY WIFE IS A SCHOOL secretary, and because of the furloughs she is making just about minimum wage as a main secretary in a school. And that is after being there for almost 30 years.



Mon, 01/15/2018 - 19:32

Rants and raves

Mon, 01/15/2018 - 19:32

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