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Haley ethics case appeal to be heard


COLUMBIA — The South Carolina Supreme Court will hear an appeal from a Republican activist who accused Gov. Nikki Haley of ethics violations.

The court decided Monday it would consider whether a circuit court judge was right when he dismissed John Rainey’s lawsuit over the matter earlier this year, sending it to the House Ethics Committee.

Rainey says Haley illegally lobbied for an engineering firm and a hospital while a member of the House.

The House Ethics Committee cleared the Republican governor in June in hearings that Rainey called a shameful farce.

Haley has dismissed the allegations as part of a political vendetta and called Rainey a racist, sexist bigot during the ethics hearings.

Rainey was subpoenaed, but never testified at the hearing.

Adoptive parents ask for rehearing

COLUMBIA — The South Carolina parents who adopted an American Indian girl have asked a high court to reconsider its decision to send her back to Oklahoma.

Court officials confirm that the adoptive parents on Friday asked the South Carolina Supreme Court to rehear their case.

Last month, the court voted 3-2 to return the now-2-year-old girl to her biological father in Oklahoma. In its first decision weighing state adoption law against the federal Indian Child Welfare Act, the court wrote the adoptive family likely bonded in their time together but that the federal law gives custodial preference to the girl’s father, a member of the Cherokee tribe.

No further details about the request were immediately available, and it wasn’t clear when the court would decide if it would rehear the case.

Greenville deputies kill armed suspects

GREENVILLE — Two armed suspects were killed by Greenville County deputies Monday in separate incidents, and one officer is recovering from a gunshot wound.

Deputies were called to a Greenville home about 7 a.m. Monday after a report that a man inside was threatening to shoot himself.

Authorities say 50-year-old Patrick Starks pointed a gun at three deputies went inside to bring a woman out, and was shot twice. Later Monday, a scuffle started after deputies responded to a sexual assault call at a motel. The suspect knocked a stun gun from one deputy’s hand and was able to pull the trigger of another officer’s gun. That weapon went off, hitting a deputy in the leg.

The suspect was then shot and killed.

Authorities said Monday the deputy had undergone surgery and was expected to recover.

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