Governor vetoes 6 bills passed by Georgia lawmakers this year

ATLANTA — Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed a handful of bills passed by lawmakers, including one that would have made it easier to enroll in Georgia’s voucher program for special-needs students, his office said Friday.

Deal also struck down a bill that would have created a special committee to review and dissolve state agencies deemed unnecessary. Spokesman Brian Robinson said the bill and would have cost taxpayers between $3 million and $7 million.

The voucher legislation would have let parents know whether they qualify for the program and given families more dates to enroll, but it also would have clipped the stipends based on the cuts made to public school districts. The program is designed for special-needs students to be able to attend private schools with taxpayer money.

Other measures that were vetoed by Deal include a bill that would have allowed the state school superintendent to hire some staff members without the approval of the state Board of Education. Robinson said the board approval creates an “important check and balance” in the education department.

More vetoes are expected next week. The governor has not yet signed the state budget for 2013, which can include line-item vetoes.



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