No charges in Sumter County middle school fight video



COLUMBIA — Sumter County deputies will not file criminal charges against a teen seen on a video attacking a fellow student in the bathroom of a middle school.

The mother of the teen who appears to be assaulted posted the video on her Facebook page, authorities said Monday.

But the posted video showed just 38 seconds of the fight last Thursday. Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis released one taken from a second camera, which was more than a minute long. The eighth-grade boys can be seen talking and slapping hands before they squared off. The boy who was slammed to the bathroom floor takes off his glasses and calmly gives them to someone else, then appears to throw the first punch.

Both boys cooperated with deputies, saying they were friends before the fight. One boy helped the other off the bathroom floor after the video was cut off, Dennis said.

Sumter County School District officials said both boys will be disciplined for fighting on school grounds.

The mother of the boy thrown to the floor held an anti-bullying protest along with her son and about 10 other people outside the school Monday. Yolanda Windham didn’t return a phone message or several messages left on Facebook from The Associated Press, but posted on her page that she will protest again Monday night at the county courthouse.

When she posted the video, Windham wrote her 13-year-old son has a disease that weakens his muscles and a steel bar in his chest. She said the attack was planned.

“They even stated that my son agreed to be involved when they were confronted,” Windham wrote. “He was taken advantage of due to his condition.”



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