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Last week’s photo showed the 2012 Infiniti EX, a small sport utility vehicle from Nissan’s luxury brand.For a better photo and information, read this week’s road test.


Chosen randomly from the correct entries was Jerry Paul, of Evans, who told us:

“This week I had to look at the picture numerous times before I made my final guess. First look, I was certain it was a Chrysler product, but a closer look I will guess it is a Inifiniti EX.”

He wins a prize from The Augusta Chronicle.

Several readers guessed other models of Infiniti, but the others who correctly claimed it as the EX were:

AIKEN: Kip Hooks

AUGUSTA: Carolyn Ogles wrote that the EX is a “luxury compact SUV.”

CANTON, GA.: David Anderson wrote: “This was instantly recognizable as an Infiniti; the only question was which one. The blackened lower front valance and the shape of the lower grille opening identify it as the EX35, while the split spoke wheels mean this example is outfitted with loads of technology because one must first check the option box for the Premium Package with the Navigation system, upgraded Bose stereo and automatic climate control before the Deluxe Touring Package can be checked that includes those split spoke wheels.

“I must admit to not being too familiar with Infiniti, because it is the high-end line from Nissan, to which I also do not give much thought. I don’t mean anything derogatory to either lineup; it’s just that aside from the Datsun 1500/1600 sport cars of the 1960s and the 240/260Z, Nissan has never produced anything that excites me.

“I lived off U.S. Highway 25 when I was a teenager and within walking distance of the old Southside Imports dealership, so those 1500 two-seaters struck a chord with me that still lingers to this day. I was so jealous of that cousin who was handed the keys to a 5fivespeed 280Z when she started driving.

“One thing I did notice about the Infiniti lineup that I really like is that with one exception, the JX crossover, the entire lineup is rear-wheel drive in standard form with the availability of all-wheel-drive. This tells me that Infiniti views their entire lineup as a ‘driver’s car’ to be experienced, not just used as a mode of transportation from point A to point B.

“I am all about the driving experience! Maybe I need to give the Infiniti G Coupe with available six-speed manual transmission a closer look.”

EVANS: Wayne Wilke wrote: “The leading consumer magazine says: ‘This pseudo-SUV is cramped inside, the rear seat is very snug, and the cargo area is tiny.’ It has a 3.5-liter V-6 with 297 horsepower and a seven-speed automatic transmission. Infiniti offers a bevy of four SUVs: EX (smallest) FX, JX and QX (biggest) and as you move down the alphabet, the price ranges from $35, 600 to $61,800 and the gas mileage ranges from 17 city/24 highway to 14 city/20 highway.

“All require premium gas, which in our town is now more than $4 a gallon and experts say will soon reach $5 a gallon.

“With folks now thinking about more fuel efficient vehicles, Infiniti seems to be going the wrong way. It kind of reminds me of a saying that a marketing director that I used to work with had: ‘They’re growin’ peas when corn is sellin.’ ”

MARTINEZ: Jim Muraski and Jeff Miller.


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– Glynn Moore,

staff writer



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