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Benefits to stop for state’s unemployed


COLUMBIA — Almost 79,000 unemployed South Carolinians will stop receiving weekly jobless benefits by year’s end, state unemployment officials said Wednesday, because the state’s jobless rate is improving and a new federal law is phasing out emergency benefits.

The officials told senators Wednesday their agency is offering job coaching services to the 6,500 residents affected by the jobless rate improving to 9.3 percent, down incrementally from 10.5 percent last July.

That improvement means those without a job for between 62 and 78 weeks are ineligible for 16 weeks of federally paid extensions. Those residents will stop getting checks the week ending April 7, said Laura Robinson, assistant executive director at the Department of Employment and Workforce.

4 soldiers charged under military law

SAVANNAH, GA. — The Army has filed murder charges against four soldiers in the shooting deaths of an ex-soldier who had been part of their brigade and his girlfriend, a spokesman for Fort Stewart in Georgia said Wednesday.

Kevin Larson said the four were charged with premeditated murder under military law Tuesday. The four were already facing charges in civilian court.

Fishermen found the bodies of 19-year-old Michael Roark and 17-year-old Tiffany York nearly four months ago.

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AFTER EIGHT YEARS of fighting, proponents of helping parents send their children to private schools won approval Wednesday in the South Carolina House.

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