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DON’T BELIEVE ALL you hear from the politicians about combining ASU with GHSU. Keep your eyes on the Medical College of Georgia in Athens.


RAVES TO THE Augusta Chronicle for the large picture of the Morehouse College Men’s Glee Club on the front page of Metro. The caption stated they were singing a work by J.S. Bach. Wish I could have heard it. So good to see uplifting, positive news.


WE KNOW ALL about the Illuminati. We know all about the New World Order. When Jesus Christ comes back, it is going to be hell.


THIS IS A RANT for Columbia County school system for not protecting our children at Lakeside Middle. And thank you for Judge Flanagan, who will stand up for our kids and protect us. No child should have to go to school and live in fear.


IF BIRTH CONTROL pills are not health care, then Viagra pills should not be health care, either.


SPECIAL THANKS to Officer Williams of the Harlem Police Department and the emergency rescue squad for the care they gave me when I was sick the other week.


THE MIGHTY DOLLAR has won again. Instead of life, these people have chosen to be drunk and to put my life in jeopardy. Why should the citizens who respect Sunday, which is the Lord’s day, be subjected to all kind of drunken driving. It is all about the mighty dollar. No one has any morals or values any more in this society. It is all about me, myself and I.


WHAT HAS HAPPENED to the pride in our generation? Why would anyone want to breast-feed their child in public. That is beyond belief.


IF YOUR CHILDREN are unruly at school, it starts at home. You have to teach them the proper way to speak and behave. It is not the teacher’s job to do that. Their job is to teach. If they don’t behave, send them home.


THIS IS A RANT for The Chronicle. It is quite obvious you are Romney fans. The headline should have read “Georgia goes to Gingrich.” This is a Georgia paper. We are not in Ohio.


IT IS GOOD TO SEE Rush Limbaugh squirming in his seat, begging for apologies. He has offended people for so long, it is about time someone stood up to him. Maybe he will keep his thoughts to himself now.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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