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MR. TURNER’S EXCELLENT LETTER favoring existing gun laws is an A-plus. We also should consider that the Constitution gives governments no authority for even those gun laws. It says we have a God-given “right to bear arms.” It never mentions a governmental power to not allow bearing arms. Governments just marched in and took those illegal rights.


FIVE THINGS YOU REALLY need to survive in the South:

1. A truck or car with enough fog lights on it so you can land a plane in an emergency. Not to mention some with green, blue or even pink lights!

2. A very loud motor so you can wake up the whole neighborhood so they’re not late for work (especially on Sat./Sun.)

3. Blaring boom boxes and radios so everyone within a mile radius can count down the top 10 rap songs.

4. A truck “lifted” enough so when it rolls over you have a few more seconds to say your last prayer.

5. Suspenders … we’ll just leave it at that.


AUGUSTA NEEDS TO PUT the Green Jacket and a Swartz deli back into the area, like on Washington Road for the Masters. Forget all the stupid parking decks and wanna-be restaurants that call themselves making the green jacket salad.


RANT TO RCBOE: The reason tribunal offenses have gone down is because principals have intimidated teachers into not writing students up. Principals do not have the courage or moral fiber to allow teachers to do their jobs.


SOME GEORGIA POLITICIANS want to give more tax money to veterans who are leaving the service. They say the vets need help with “their transition back into civilian life.” How does one “transition” back into civilian life? One takes off his uniform and leaves the military base. I did it 40 years ago and it was very easy. Really! It’s called taking responsibility for yourself.


WGAC NEEDS TO stop saying they have “Augusta’s only local traffic” on their station. WNRR has traffic morning and afternoon from WGAC’s former traffic reporter, who is local.


SHAME ON NORTH AUGUSTA for cracking down on the Liberty Tax statues who stand on the side of the road. They aren’t bothering anyone, and they’re gainfully employed! This just makes North Augusta look even more elitist.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

Rants and raves