Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.



TO ALL THE PEOPLE who lived in the trailer park on Deans Bridge Road: You left a bunch of cats and dogs to fend for themselves and put the burden on an old man who can barely feed himself.


SCOTT DEAN’S sentence of 20 years is extreme. Rapists get less of a sentence and are not convicted for possible future rapes. Dean needs to appeal. Serving up to 10 years seems more reasonable. The media shouldn’t attack his wife. How do you think she feels?


RAVES TO THE DEAN family. May God bless them. We all do wrong. I’m so glad God will have the final say. My heart is heavy tonight as I think about Mr. Dean. I don’t know what happened. Keep praying.


IF ALL PEOPLE conducted themselves properly, there wouldn’t be any difference in race, color or creed.


A RAVE TO Jim Blan­chard for protecting our children. I hope others take note.


THE COMING SUMMER in Augusta is going to be horrible. Is anyone planning ahead?


WHY DO JURIES keep putting murderers and other criminals back on the street with a not-guilty verdict? How is Augusta (or any other city) ever going to be a safe place to live? Do we need better prosecutors or should we scratch the jury system because of blind incompetence?


A RANT TO THE person who has a concession stand in the street in the Glenn Hills area. That is an accident waiting to happen.


THIS IS FOR ALL the greeters at the Walmart on Deans Bridge Road. Thank you for making me feel welcome each time I came into your store, and thank you for all the times you found a wheelchair for me to use while I shop. I will miss all of you very much. I am sorry to see you go.


A RAVE TO Doctors Hospital for the staff, doctors and personnel there. This was my first and, hopefully, my last cancer treatments I ever have to experience. These people went out of their way to explain each procedure. Thanks to you, Dr. Hall, and my two techs, Don and Miles.


SOMEONE BEATS his girlfriend enough to send her to the hospital. He’s not in jail?


I AM A POOR person. I am legally crazy in the eyes of the law, but I know better than to shoot a policeman.